Thursday, October 7, 2021

I Saw It!

Hi Friends,

It has been a hot minute since I have posted. Why? MY COMPUTER DIED. It will boot up fine but when it hits the desktop, the picture appears but nothing else. Ugh. So I finally just started bringing my work computer home with me so I can at least do things while mine is out of commission. So I apologize!

Can you all believe that it's October already? Me neither. Maybe because I wanted to have this post up mid-September. But the same weekend I saw "it" was the same weekend my PC died.

At the time I didn't care. Because I got to see THE BARBIE TOTALLY THROWBACK MALIBU TOUR TRUCK!

I drove 4 hours to see the truck. Well, 4 hours to pick up my mom then we took an hour to backtrack to see the truck. It was a beautiful day and I was not going to miss it!

I made sure to wear my brightest Barbie shirt. (I only own two Barbie shirts, the other is white with a Haute Couture Robert Best Barbie on it.)

Two little girls were skipping around chanting "Bar-bie Truck! Bar-bie Truck!" So cute. I felt like joining in with them.


So (naturally) things were a wee bit pricy. But I did have to get a few things to mark the momentous occasion. 

One of the things I got (from my mom as a birthday present) came in this box.

The Malibu Barbie steel water bottle! Totally using this. 

I also got this surfboard keychain! Since I love surfing (and Barbie) it was perfect.

And these. Christie, Barbie and Ken Lapel pins. The Barbie logo is also a pin. I'm guessing these are to be pinned on the (overpriced) denim jacket that was also sold at the truck.

I love that the pin backs are Barbie heads.

And if you spend more than $35 (not hard to do) then you got a couple of stickers. 

The last Barbie truck tour in my area was cancelled due to the pandemic. They then brought it back at the end of 2020 and I got the email for the location date change AFTER they were already there. So I wasn't going to miss it this time. 

Friends, has the Barbie Totally Throwback Tour been around to your area? Get any cool goodies? Let me know in the comments!

And now that I have a working PC to use I will be posting regularly again. Above was my awesome birthday present from my mom. In the next post will be the awesome present from my dad! 

See you then!

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Barbie's Equine Beauties

Welcome Friends!

It seems that the weather has turned quickly hasn't it? We have been over 100 degrees F (38 C.) and then at the snap of a finger the temp dropped to the low 70's F. (21 C.) Brr! Not cold to some but after you have been sweltering all summer then the 70's feels like the Arctic. 

So while I was in the house chillin' out in the air conditioning I realized that there was two items that I had never ID'd. A couple of Barbie Horses!

I got these horses so long ago from my awesome dad (I like to affectionately call him my Barbie obsession enabler) lol! When I got them from him there was a lot of life changes going on. I was working full time, taking care of a 1 year old alone while my husband was working on our new house. I was also trying to pack up non-essentials for our move while trying to take care of all house duties as well. I was a sad, tired and stressed momma and the horses kind of got lost in the shuffle. I had them in the cabinet where I keep my dolly goodies and just never did anything with them. 

Until today!

I was never really a horse collector. I didn't have any Breyer horse models but I was HEAVILY into My Little Pony. 

Yeah, I was just a WEE bit obsessed with them when I was little. About 95% of them I got brand new except the odd handful from random garage sales. So I have all the accessories and they have been kept in pristine condition. They are a part of me like my Barbies. I don't think I could part with any of them!

So because of all this I was never really into Barbie horses growing up. So I am pleased to say that these are my first two Barbie horses EVER!

Let's see who they are!

First is a pretty white horse with purple accessories.

This is the 1999 Brushable Beauties Willow Horse. She came with a lot of accessories for her hair which I don't have any of. 

There is a small yellow spot on her forehead and some paint that has rubbed off her muzzle.

Some of her paint has been scuffed but overall in great condition.

I love all the details on the saddle.

 And our second beauty is this pegasus.

Such a beautiful horse! This is the 2000 Rainbow Horse and Sprinkles Gift Set. Sprinkles was the little mini horse fairy that you could carry with this horse on her saddle. Sprinkles could spread her glittery fairy dust everywhere! (I'm sure parents loved that.)

I love the pink reins with dangle diamond hearts on them.

This horse was made for Princess Barbie and there is a place she can ride on the side of the saddle (since she's wearing a long skirt.)

The wings are in excellent condition with no snags or tears in them. And the box states that the wings really fly! They do, just push the horse toward and away from yourself and they move.

And this is the dress for the Princess Barbie that goes with the horse. So if I wanted to I could have the doll that was made for the horse!

And that's all for today! Next post coming up in a couple weeks. Until then!

Monday, August 23, 2021


Welcome Friends!

I hope you all have been well! I am in denial that school is ready to start up again and the weather might (unfortunately) be changing. I'm a summer girl for sure. 
This post has been a while coming because I was waiting on the delivery of some special items.

First, I had to wait for these peeps to arrive.

My dad teased me with this picture back in mid July. And I could NOT WAIT to get my hands on them! Because.......VINTAGE SKIPPER! So he brought them to me at the end of last month when they came down for a visit.

She is a true vintage, easy to tell by how dirty she is and the hair does not have rooting in the crown of her head (and by the body markings too of course.) And oh my she is in BAD need of a spa day.

Now the question is what to dress her in. I have lots of Vintage Skipper "pieces" like, just the top to Jeepers Creepers and Fancy Pants and didn't feel like dressing her in Masquerade or Platter Party. So I thought this one was cute and it looks perfect on her. Lots of Lace from 1970!

She turned out SO CUTE! I love this little dress on her. I even gave her original swimsuit a soak in the Oxy Clean and it turned out really nice too. Not pristine but definitely much better than it was. LOVE HER!

Next was this Ken!

Such a lovely Ken, nice dark hair. The orange vest doesn't really go with the tuxedo, haha!

I searched and searched for this grey tuxedo and found out he is the 1983 Perfume Giving Ken! I do have a Perfume Pretty Barbie somewhere around here. :) Need to get poor Ken a nice tuxedo jacket rather than the OOAK orange vest.

And now, Barbie!

A sport jacket with a long dress. It's funny what kids will dress their dolls in, isn't it?

And that hair. Yes, a spa day will do her some good.

As I was taking off her jacket, I saw it had an older Genuine Barbie tag.

A search yielded me that this was the 1983 Twice as Nice Reversible Fashion In and Outfitted! Such a cute outfit. Going for high dollars on eBay so it may be a while before I can get the complete outfit. Mules & Ponies

And as I was taking her dress off her (no tags, must be a clone fashion) I saw that she has tan lines!

So she is none other than the 1978 Sun Lovin' Malibu Barbie! I also have another NIB.

The tan lines are just so so cute so she needed to have an outfit that showed them off! I remembered that Mattel came out recently with some Roxy (by Quiksilver) fashion packs. Some beach wear would be perfect for this lovely. So while I was waiting for those fashion packs to come in the mail, I took her to the spa. This was her quick spa outfit. A fun clone hooded shirt and some pink plaid shorts. Fun lazy outfit.

Since the hair was in a high ponytail for so long, it was still bumpy and showing her rooting holes after a wash and super hot water rinse. So in a momentary lapse of judgement I thought that I would flat iron her hair straight. And I had the flat iron too hot. And you can probably guess what happened next.

Yep. Her hair melted and stuck to my flat iron. I'M SO SORRY BARBIE!!

I don't think it's too bad honestly. I can maybe get those ends to smooth down so they don't stick straight up. Gosh I was so mad at myself! Lesson learned.

So the fashion packs came in the mail. I chose this floral outfit first

And then this wetsuit second. I knew this one would cover up the tan lines but I liked the colors and the accessories. Also are you loving the reusable fashion packaging? I totally am!

So first outfit. I put all the accessories on her.

Definitely shows off the tan lines! I kind of like the floral choker but not sold on it. The sunglasses are okay but the headband doesn't really stay in her hair all that well.

The pineapple purse is definitely cute and I like the bracelet. The beach bag does not open (boo!) but won't stay on her wrist so it won't be used. Pants so cute! The waistband is super small on these pants. I don't see how they would fit on a newer Barbie body or even a curvy doll. They were hard enough to get on this old body style!

It came with two necklaces. The other was orange stars. It matches but nah, not doing it for me either.

What about the wetsuit?

Yeah, super tight in the bust. And it is kind of giving her a perma wedgie. So we'll have to save this one for the next doll.

I am glad I have another pair of flip flops for those dolls with beach feet. Honestly, they don't look too bad on Malibu Barbie!

So I decided to go with the other outfit with minimal accessories. Kept the bracelet and flip flops and she's holding her sunglasses.

Her hair still doesn't lie flat from being in that ponytail all these years so I smoothed it over to the side and used a little of my elastic shaping paste to keep down those singed ends from the flat iron. She's beautiful.

And I did not know this, but Barbie clothes are coming tagged again! Hooray!

And one last friend. I saw her at Goodwill and I couldn't pass her up.

I saw the purple hair, the totally cute kawaii outfit and the big eyes and I thought for sure she was a Shibajuku Girl doll. But after searching for her online I realized she wasn't a Shibajuku girl but a 2020 Fail Fix doll @Kawaii.Qtee.

Fail Fix dolls are a cute concept but I can see how they can lose their luster after one play through. They have a plastic "face" and you can put their mask on and it snaps in place, remove the first face to reveal the beauty underneath. The hair comes all askew with all their accessories embedded in the hair. You are supposed to help them transform from fail to fabulous. But after their hair is all brushed out and they're all accessorized, what's the point to going back to the "fail" face? Their hair is also FULL of product. I would say almost as much as my Rainbow High doll hair after she came out of the box. Like, Holiday Barbie hard. (MyFroggyStuff on YouTube has a wonderful unboxing video of Fail Fix dolls, check it out!)

So she went to the spa and came out better looking than before.

Her hair is soft and shiny and didn't have any pull out. So pretty!

The character on her dress is eating a blue ice cream cone so I gave her these blue ice cream shoes I had from the Monster High Ice Scream set. They don't fit perfectly but until I can find something else, they will do fine.

And that's all for today! Like the outfit on Malibu Barbie? Get any Roxy fashions for your dolls? Have any of the other Fail Fix dolls in your collection? Let me know in the comments!

I have one more post coming up and then at the end of September I have a very exciting post. I almost can't wait for September to get here! I hope you'll all be back for those.

Until then!