Sunday, April 15, 2018

Can't Pass It Up!



Remember in my last post how I talked about how I had nothing new to throw up in a blog post?


*squee* omgomgomgomgomgomgomg

So, I was browsing through Facebook the other day and I saw someone who was selling this doll. Not JUST this doll but a few others too. And I had to inquire.


She is a fellow collector and she had a total of 7 dolls that she gave me a killer deal on. 7 dolls for $55! 

This is the 50th Anniversary Barbie "Generations of Dreams." Designed by the master of Barbie Haute Couture, Robert Best!

The box didn't look 'boxed but deboxed' friendly but then I spotted this on the side. 

Uh-Oh. Now I need to take her out to make sure that there is no damage to the dress by silverfish.

Here she is!

There is no damage to the dress thank goodness. But just LOOK at her!

She does not have a face I particularly care for but I like her hair style. (They could have at least given her rooted eyelashes, am I right?)

But I love this pink sparkly part of her dress! Beautiful!

And there are pictures that are outlined in sequins. Look there at the bottom. There is Red Flare right at the bottom!

This dress is just so amazing! All the pictures of Barbie through the years.

I had this one on one of those posters to color that you get with the markers. One of my favorite images of Barbie!

Here is the other side of the dress.

She wears pastel pink open toe heels.

I didn't get a picture of the back of the box but has the Robert Best drawing and it reads: "50 Years of trends and fashion, couture and dreams for the girl in all of us-and for the woman we might become! Barbie doll remains always stylish, always evolving, always reflecting the beauty that i within very one ofus, radiating for all to see! Generations of Dreams Barbie doll captures our favorite doll, dressed in an exquisite gown embellished with the illustrations of the Barbie heritage. Decorate with silvery sequins, the gown is as bright as our hopes and wishes. Generations of Dreams Barbie doll commemorates 50 years of inspired dreams!"

There is also a little 50th Anniversary tag up at the top of the box.

And the back.

I wish I had two so I could take her out and display her dress in all its glory. But, no. I told the seller that I was a collector and would keep them nice and pristine. She was happy. And happy they were going to a good home! And I am happy because I have one of the dolls on my wish list. 

Friends, do you have Generations of Dreams Barbie in your collection? Love or hate her dress? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Ever After High Collection Finale Part 4

Hello lovers of all things dolly!

Well, I went ahead and did it. I bought the final girl needed to finish out my Ever After High Collection. At $11 I figured there was no time like the present!

Presenting Nina Thumbell!

She's a cutie! She is the daughter of Thumbelina and is shorter than the rest of the dolls although the same size as the Wonderlandians. She has the ability to shrink and grow whenever she wants to. 

She has a darker skin tone and a crown of flowers. Her necklace is also flowers.

Her dress is absolutely adorable, the skirt is shaped like a flower. I love the glittery yellow color! She also has a belt made of various flowers. 

She has the most adorable tulip purse!

Her hair was smashed coming out of the box (naturally) and is a pretty simple design. I might take this out to give her hair a little more "oomph" (like I did with Darling's hair.) 


These are cool.

A gladiator-esque sandal with flowers and vines!

The heel is a tuilip!

I see some repainting I could do with this doll. Her outfit is pretty spot on with the webisodes. I'm glad they didn't make her bodice one solid color. However, her belt is supposed to be green and her necklace has some magenta accents. Her shoes need the tulip on the heel painted pink. 

That's all for today. I'm getting posts up when I can and with garage sale season not in full swing yet, no new stuff! I do have some dolls that I haven't showcased yet so maybe that will be forthcoming!

Until next time!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ever After High Collection Finale Part 3

Greetings Friends!

Thanks for being patient with me as I work through life with two kids! It's been a challenge for sure but my mom has been here helping me for the past week. It's going to be hard to see her leave for home tomorrow! But with her here and now that the kiddos are in bed, I get a short chance to throw up a post for you all!

Where I left off before I had my little Dean was I was finishing my Ever After High Collection. Since there are no more dolls coming out, I'm purchasing the last few girls before their prices sky rocket. The next one I had to get was this one. 

Meeshell Mermaid!

On Amazon they have her listed as Meeshell L'Mer. Not sure why. 

I liked Meeshell but at first sight, wasn't too thrilled with her outfit. Even in these photos that I took it doesn't look great but in person it does look better, trust me on this one! 

She does come with a little seashell crown and I love the stars and glitter on her face!

She has pink and purple hair. YES! Pink hair! It was very ratty coming out of the box so it got a good brush.

Her bodice is actually true to the webisode version. It's all gold with a little red coral at the top. If I wasn't such a stickler for having my dolls exactly like the webisode characters, I would totally give this one a repaint. She also comes with a cute blue seashell purse.  

She also wears a gauntlet of seashells.

Her skirt is unique and has the appearance of scales and fins. The fins are glittery but her skirt is exactly like the one she wears in the webisode. Even with the solid fabric on the back of the skirt!


Now these are cool!

These shoes are a pearly white with a seashell on the inside of the heel and a starfish with a string of pearls on the outside. The heel itself is a fish fin and there is a cluster of shells on the inside side of the shoe.

The promo photos show that the fish fin heel is painted blue so I might do that someday. I could also have a lot of fun painting those shells. So much painting potential with this one!

I also got another doll today from my dad. This is the Barbie Careers Pop Star!

This is my first ever curvy Barbie!

I like her face mold and the freckles!

She comes with a pink guitar with a clear purple strap and a shiny aqua dress. The dress is the same fabric all the way around!

She also wears silver heels. 

Her hair has really nice curls. It was obviously matted as it came out of the box but because of the hardness of the curls, it seemed easy to shake it out a little and make it look decent. And I love that pink streak!

So friends, what do you think of Meeshell Mermaid and Barbie Pop Star? Do you have these in your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

We have a baby!

Little Mr. Dean was born 2/15! What a cutie! Both Mommy and baby are happy and healthy!

Posts will be scarce for a while until we get the hang of our new normal. I do have another dolly to show but will be a few until I get around to taking some photos. But I had to share the good news with you all!

See you soon!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Ever After High Collection Finale part 2

Hello again!

It's hard to write about this one when we've been having absolutely gorgeous weather outside! I love how it's in the 60's in February! I am a summer girl but if this is winter, I'll take it! 

Last time I mentioned that there were four more dolls that I needed to get to finish off my Ever After High collection. Well here is one more that I needed to get! 

Unfortunately I waited too long to get her and she went up in price. So I paid a little more than I wanted to but because of this, I couldn't wait to get her any longer. 

Presenting the fabulous Crystal Winter!

I hate how they changed their slogan from "Are you a royal or a rebel?" to "Where princesses are powerful!" It just doesn't sit well with me. The entire premise of Ever After High was centered around the royal or rebel theme. Did you want to follow in the footsteps of your parents and their fairy-tale stories or create your own path? Not powerful princesses. Anyway.....

I think this is cute. Read the caption for "What about your least favorite subject?"

It says "Cooking class. Why do people insist on defrosting frozen food? It royally ruins the texture!" Now THAT is too funny!

Here is the beautiful Crystal!

I love her color scheme and am glad that they did not design her too much like Elsa. There has been enough Elsa in the past few years, am I right?

Crystal identifies as a royal as she wants to follow in her parents footsteps and rule the Snow Kingdom someday. 

She has a pretty face and shimmery pink-toned skin.

She also has an ice crown.

Crystal differs a little from her webisode form. Her crown is more elaborate, she has a necklace and a separate crystal waistband in addition to the crystals that surround the waist of her skirt. She also does not have fur around the arms of her shirt. Other than that the colors and design of her dress are spot on. I love the crystals and snowflakes and glitter!

She has a magic wand that is teal in color. I like this prop but to get it to stay on, you have to squeeze her four fingers in it when it's only supposed to be made for three.

This was a huge beef with a lot of people, the molded on tights. I'm not too particularly fond of them either (I like the knee joints to be hidden) but they are not a deal breaker. At least they got them the correct color! And to be accurate, in some of the webisode pictures I've seen, it looks like Crystal has thigh-high socks, not full on tights. But I like the texture of them honestly.


Crystal naturally wears boots. She is unable to stand on her own. There is nothing too fancy about them. They are iridescent in color and have white fur on the top. The fur around the tops of the boots are supposed to match her collar. They also have little hangy-balls that are supposed to match her tights color.

Her boots are perfect with the design so there is no need for them to have a repaint (except for the hangy-balls.)

Now I think her hair is the best part! It was pretty waxy and needed some trimming but the colors are fabulous!

And it's not only on the top of her hair. She also has some pretty teal color underneath.

There was also a ring for you! It is blue and has a silver rose in the center.

Again, there was not a doll stand with this doll! And no hairbrush but I have PLENTY of those. So I'll have to make a stand for her. There are lots of tutorials online. :)

I know Crystal comes from the Epic Winter collection but I'm not collecting the other dolls. Crystal is a special one and a first issue so that's why I got her. Same with the teenage evil queen that came out during Dragon Games. I didn't get the line but got her. 

Did you pick up Crystal for your collection? Let me know in the comments! 

Another one coming soon! It will be a race to see what gets here first. Amazon shipping is taking FOREVER so baby might be here before my purchases!

Until then!