Saturday, October 15, 2022

Health Update

Just a quick message to you all. Cancer is hard. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. Stage II breast cancer. It's not a death sentence, chemotherapy is going well, tumor is shrinking. But not much time for blogging. I am so very tired. But I will be back once I am healthy. 

Love and dolly hugs!


Friday, June 17, 2022

The Great Accessories Haul of 2022

 Hi friends!

It's been quite busy around our household! I'm ready for summer break where things can slow down a little and I can get back to photographing and organizing and blogging and..and..and..... :)

So I finally got the free moment to photograph the myriad of accessories I got in the Great Clothing Lot and, yes, there are some great ones in here. I can't wait to show you. 

First things first, when I got them I had to sort them. They are sorted pretty well but I'll have to go though them again because I think I have some in the incorrect pile. So let's just dive in!

First, food.

I absolutely love tiny food (who doesn't!) so this definitely were my favorite items of the bunch. I was also surprised to see that some of the paperboard items were in good condition, like the Barbie Cereal box in the back. We also have some milk and a bottle of Quik next to the cereal.

I love the little plastic packages of Goldfish. There were some cakes and cupcakes and some Aim toothpaste. Also a bottle of Skintimate shave lotion in the back. Some of the food items were from Zuru 5 Surprise Mini-Brands (as was the Skintimate) so I left it with the food.

The wedding cake is from a Barbie Wedding Accessories giftset (which I have) but it was nice to see that the cake topper with a picture of Barbie and Ken was intact. Some frosting, salad dressing and some white balls in the center of the photo (which I have no idea what they are.)

A couple slices of bread, french fries and a rotisserie chicken!

Cakes, more fruits and veggies and some chicken stock.

These little appliances had some heft to them. They are metal and actually work! These are from the Tyco Kitchen Littles line, these come specifically from the Deluxe Appliance Set. (Now I know what those little white balls are in the picture up above, Ice Cream!) And I do have the lid for the blender, I found it after I took the picture.

 Well, now that we have looked at all the food, now it's time for kitchen utensils and dinnerware.

The little blender is a play-doh mold and makes an ice cream sundae. The pink tray has a P on it. (Disney Princess maybe?)

Lots of little baskets and buckets (i'm sure the bucket in the back is from a horse playset.) The orange tray off to the right is from the 1983 Barbie Bubbling Spa. It was marked 1981 Mattel on the back! Lots of little cups.

Silver flatware from the wedding cake set. Teapots, pans.

Plates, forks, ladles. Just a bit of everything!

I love the muffin tin in the front

Even some spilled milk.

The "tray" in the middle might actually be a pet bed.

After some searching the tray with a P is from a 2012 Mattel Disney Princess Royal Dining Set. I don't have all of the pieces but I DID actually have the Mrs. Potts!

Now, pets!

So many little puppies and kitties!

So adorable!

And we also have food, bowls, shovels, bones, even some horse saddlebags and some chickens!

Everything you need!

Beauty and fashion accessories!

Everything you could need. Hangers, sunglasses, purses

A scale, dumbbells (A monster high tote bag too!)

Brushes, presents, tiaras. (I spy a Polly Pocket!)

Visors, more tiaras and purses.

Even some frisbees!

This camera was so cute. It opens up and has a little roll of film inside!


A Hannah Montana guitar that plays a song. According to a search is also lights up. It probably is the one that plays "I've Got Nerve"

Not sure what all this is. The little seashell looks good in my ocean bathroom. There is a clear pouch that says Barbie on the front.

There were two Mrs. Potts!

Have no idea what this is!

Now for another fan favorite: shoes! You can see here that I have a few pairs here and there. Including a pair of rollerblades and flippers! The pink boot on the left is from Barbie and the Three Musketeers Corinne doll. So I'll have a pair, once I can find the doll. 

These ones have me guessing. Anyone know what doll they go to? They are not for a doll with a peg leg (like Bratz.)

I also got some larger accessories in the lot too! This is the Bratz Babyz Carriage Cruiser. Kelly doll for size reference!

I also got the main part of the Bratz Stylin' Hair Studio (and missing a drawer on the bottom.) I also got the dog Tanner (the one who poops) and the Barbie 2011 Strollin' Pups stroller (missing the pink canopy.)

I also got this adorable little bed! It took me a while to ID but it came from the 1995 Fisher-Price Once Upon A Dream Palace. The bed is just a smidge too short for my little Tommy but it could work!

More little miscellaneous. Not sure why I didn't put the record player and pink TV in with the other doll accessories. Like I said, I need to reorganize a little more!

This little blender (?) spins when you push the button on the top.

Also this little ceramic teeny teacup and saucer.

And that's it for today! So, did or do you have any of the Kitchen Littles in your collection? Love the food accessories as much as I do? See any pets that you have as well? Let me know in the comments! 

I'll have the last bit of the doll clothes up in a few days and then I can get onto some more VINTAGE goodies! I know you all are going to love it. 

Until next time!

Sunday, April 10, 2022

The Great Clothing (and doll) ID of 2022 + Others

Hey Friends!

Back again with post 4 of the huge clothing and doll lot I got late last year from my dad. I said in the beginning that this 4th post would be the dolls that I took to the spa and gave a bath. Well, I actually gave ALL of them a bath and only 2 went to the spa. So I'm going to show those and then some other dolls and odds and ends I've collected since then! Here we go!

I did not have a Cleo DeNile doll up in my small collection of Monster High so naturally she had to go up there. This is the Cleo from the Boo York Boo York Comet Crossed Couple Cleo and Deuce 2 pack. Here she is before...

...and after her spa treatment!

I didn't do anything with her hair for a while, I just put her headband over her hair and left it. But it always looked funny and knew I had to try to style it like the fresh out of the box doll. So I took my Elastic Shaping Paste (ESP) and tried my best to twist it around her headband. 

Overall, it looks pretty good! However there was not enough hair left over to put a rubber band in it. So I just had to stick it under the headband and call it good. As long as I never EVER take it off, it will look fine. The ESP holds really well but it will come out if I move it. So as you can see below, the ends are sticking straight out but you don't see the back of her.

She was missing a hand so I gave her a hand from Clawdeen. Not too noticeable, it was the only right hand I had that was in her skin tone.

Her wraps were in good condition to so I left them and got them positioned correctly (they are like little bracelets.) Now I had to find some shoes for her. I LOVE Cleo's shoes from her original doll but I don't have those and I had one shoe from another Cleo doll. So I pulled these from a Clawdeen fashion pack I had in my inventory. They are gold and they match good!

The other one I had to put up was the oh so cute Freak du Chic Twyla. Here is before...

...and after her spa day!

All. Those. Curls. I just had to fix them up! The curls were actually in fairly good shape, not as unruly as some curls can be. They brushed out nicely and bounced back with a tepid water wash and condition.

I had her outfit, a little dirty so it got a wash. She is missing her right hand but I just push her arm behind her and no one will know.

I didn't have any shoes that matched her well. Her original doll comes with stilts and I didn't have those. So I remembered that I had these black and white wedges which I thought matched. I don't think these are from a MH doll as they are a little big on her but they work!

I also ID'd a few more pieces of clothing. It's a never ending process!

This little kimono is from a Moxie Girlz Art-itude Lexa. I don't have the skirt that matches the corset bodice.

This top is from the Moxie Girlz First Issue Sophina.

This is from a 2003 Barbie Fairytopia Sparkle Fairy doll.

This adorable jumper is from a 2014 Moxie Girlz Friends Bryten doll. I might put this on a Stacie doll. It's super cute!

And lastly this outfit. I've had this in my inventory for a long time but have never been able to identify it. So I'm posting it here for all! This is from the 2010 My Scene Fashion Boutique Kennedy doll. She came with a whole lot of shoes. This outfit also had a silver belt. I'll have to see if I have it in my inventory. Finally I can lay this one to rest!

A little while ago the Dollar Tree store came out with new Barbie Mini Figures! This is the third set I've gotten. First was careers, second was Dreamtopia and this wave is sports. We have baseball, tennis, gymnastics, basketball and soccer. A couple of these were featured in the careers wave but these are different colors.

sorry about the blurry gymnast!

And lastly, I have some new dolls to add to my collection! My dad texted me and said that my mom bought some dolls for me and if I wanted them. I don't know why they even ask because the answer is always a resounding YES! But she thought I had one and wasn't sure so fair enough. Turns out, I do have one but it has been taken out of the box and the cardboard is smooshed. So now I have one that is NIB.

Sleeping Beauty Barbie from 1998!

Here is my other one. I had forgotten but apparently other dolls were shoved in the box too.

Her necklace was crooked so this was a good time to get boxed but deboxed photos!

I just love her. Such a sweet face.

And because it is NIB it had the instructions. It says that you can make her eyes automatically open and close by using a switch on the back of her and moving her arm up and down. I'll have to get my other doll and try that. I had no idea.

And of course, I also have her handsome prince! Also NIB because as shown above, the other Ken is not and had a buddy with him in the box. I will have to open him up and fix his shield.

There were two different Sleeping Beauties! This is the one from 1997 and is from the Childrens Collector Series. Box is pristine!

This is one of my favorite newer Barbie faces. So sweet. And those curls!

Such a beautiful dress.

This next doll has a pretty distressed box but it's a doll I've been wanting for a while. The 2000 Victorian Ice Skater Barbie! I've wanted her because I have a Hallmark ornament featuring this Barbie.


She is so gorgeous. Love that burgundy color.

The skirt is so pretty too. She has ice skates that match her dress. She sits on the doll stand which is on a base that rotates. It plays a Victorian era waltz. It is a music box and works perfectly.

Last but not least, this is a doll I DO have. This is the 2001 Ring in the New Year doll. I got mine brand new in 2001. This box is a little smooshed so I thought this would be one I would have to sell.

Until I saw that she is the Teresa version. Mine is the blonde doll! Now I have both!

I've always loved this doll. The blue and gold is stunning. She holds a globe that plays Auld Lang Syne but no longer works.

And that's it! But I have one last thing for you. A modification I've been wanting to do for a while. Little Miss Bunny Blanc from Ever After High. She has SUPER gelled hair. Holiday Barbie hard.

If the doll has a bunch of curls, I don't mind the gel. But if the doll has straight hair, there is no reason for it to be super hard like Bunny's. So she got a hair treatment.

Washed, brushed, got a hot water dip, uneven ends and loose hairs snipped, and she is better than ever! She looks so good now.

And that's it for today! Next time we will get into some fabulous ACCESSORIES that I got in the huge lot! And you are going to love some of them for sure. Until then!