Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fashions Galore Part 2

Well thanks to my awesome blog followers I have gotten the ID's of most of these super cute clothes! The ones on the dolls are most likely part of fashion packs and here are the other pieces.

HOWEVER! There are a few more that I have absolutely NO IDEA where they are from. And everyone is a much better ID-er than I am. I'll let you know where I'll need help!

This one I am going to need major help on!

Very big dress and shoes! Definitely not for a Barbie.

There is a little logo on the side. Any ideas? Not that I have a doll to put it on anyway, kind of wish I did. It's pretty.

I think this one comes from Barbie in A Mermaid Tale Beach Teresa.
From the Pink-B Fashion Pack. One of the Cutie Fashionista Closets.
Help! I know this is from a doll, just not sure which one!

I've soon found out where these are from. The top vest from the Sporty Fashionista closet and the other is from the Moxie Girlz doll I got Magic Snow Sophina. I actually got two of the top vest.
Help! So where are these dresses from? I'm thinking another fashion pack.

With these dresses, I know the pink one on the right is from one of the dolls at the Ladies Night.

She is an Artsy Fashionista.
These cute numbers are from the sporty fashion pack shown above. I have two of the skirt.

Help! A cute collection of jeans and some other colored pants. The pink and black are from the Sporty Fashionista Closet. Not sure about the rest!

I'm sure this is a Jasmine outfit. It can't possibly be anything else! ;)

Help! Just like the jeans, this is a very cute collection of shorts. The pink (top right) are from the Magic Snow Sophina.

Again, more from the Cutie Fashionistas closet. But what about the asymmetrical top?

Help! Cute tops, no clue.

The one skirt is from the following Sassy Fashionista Closet (and badly needs a wash.) Where are the other skirts from? I like the glittery one at the top left :)
Speaking of this closet, I have the pink bodysuit, the fur jacket and the dress (it was on my Stacie doll.) I don't have that shirt that goes with the plaid skirt though! Boo! I think that I do have the complete set of the boots though which is awesome!

And these skirts too. The yellow is a top.

Dress in the middle from the Cutie Fashionista Closet. Help! with the other dresses!

This dress is from the Glam Fashionista Closet.
 I have the other two dresses to this closet too. They were on dolls in the last couple of posts.

Help! with this top and jacket!

A Belle dress for sure!

Help! Cute tops and leggings.

I believe the fur boa is from the Glam Fashionista Closet above. The pink hat is from Magic Snow Sophina. Not sure about the blue hat. The scarf has a tag that says "Spin Master" so it might be from a Liv doll?

And the last piece of clothing. The little Barbie nightgown for your dollie!

Also included in the lot of dolls and clothes are a doggie and a monkey. Where from?

The doggie's head and tail goes down.

This girl had a ton of fun with Fashionista clothes it seems like! I believe that I will have a ton of fun too. I have a fabulous Swappin' Styles head with pink hair that would go perfect with some of the Sassy closet.

I'll have a post with some of these clothes on dolls and of course, a post about my new additions including the Vespa scooter!

Until then!


Andrea said...

That larger than Barbie dress looks nice, but I have no idea what doll it might be made for.

May it is from a Christmas Ballerina, the leaves on the skirt remind me of holly leaves.

The first dress is the original dress of 2010 Fashionista Cutie 1st edition:

The second one is from 2011 Barbie Glam Hair Stylin' Salon giftset:

No idea on the pink dress. The one with the "Love" print was from a simple 2009 hair play Barbie, that came with two kid sized barettes and a few hairstyling accessories.
Icouldn find a pic though.

The dress on top is from the My Scene Getting Ready in My Room Barbie Giftset:

The pink one with the black tulle looks not like a Barbie fashion to me. Probably some clone dress.

The distressed Jeans with the belt is a Bratz fashion.

The grey capri pants with the red belt belongs to this Fashion Fever closet:

The red shorts belong to this Fashion Fever closet, as well as the green skirt and the red jacket further down in your post:

No idea on the other pants though.

The jeans shorts with the pink seams go with the asymetrical pink Top. It was the original outfit of a Barbie from around 2009, but since I can't remember her name, if she even was named, I couldn't provide a pic.

No clue on the other shorts, sorry.

The long slevve shirt goes with the skirt with the butterfly sequin. A Fashion Fever outfit from 2008 or 2009.

No clue on the other two tops, sorry.

The blue-gold skirt is from this Fashion Fever closet:$T2eC16dHJHoFGlwNwRnNBRwiOfPcrw~~60_57.JPG

On the red one my best guess is some fairy doll, the pink one totally escapes me.

The star pattern dress is a 2011 carded Barbie fashion. The gold one is the 2010 Barbie Zoo Doctor Fashion R7597:

The blue leggings looks like Teen Talk Barbie, the outfits of these dolls were all the same cut and only varied in color.

The two tops belong to a Barbie and Fashions giftset, around 2008/2009. The b/w skirt from your last clothing post also belongs to this set. I couldn't find a pic, but I have this set somewhere, so I could take one.

The monkey is Tulabelle from the Island Princess movie.

The Doggie is Tika from this playset:$T2eC16ZHJFsFFSSYQD0VBRqmcF%29Miw~~60_57.JPG

So this is also where the yellow striped pants we both found belong to.

Anonymous said...

Lol! I meant to reply to this earlier but I knew Andrea would smash it! All I have to add - the pink dress that is with the dress saying "love" is a single-boxed Fashionista fashion from about 2009 - I have it. I think that the pink hippie-looking top in the group of three (where Andrea identified the long sleeve shirt) might be Nicki's outfit from the Fashionista wave with the little dogs, but I'm not sure.

Forestminuet said...

You two are both awesome! :) I love that you like to help people like me, someone that is terrible at fashion ID :)

I have realized that I like these Fashionista Closets. I think they are really cute! I am beginning to accumulate more and more newer dolls so it would be fun to create "sets" of cutie, artsy, sporty, etc.

Yeah Andrea, nice catch on those yellow striped pants! ha! Unfortunately I don't think I have a top that matches but I can see if there is one in the stockpile. I'll have to see if the dog changes color in icy/warm water.