Sunday, October 19, 2014

Birthday Gift to me #1


When will the craziness end? Ever feel like you are super busy then you get a weekend to relax and you still feel busy? 

This is me right now. Yikes!

One little thing first. I found this cutie in the toy bin at the thrift store. She had old body style, no chewed or mangled limbs, so she came home with me. Her short, up-straight-in-the-air hairstyle makes her good candidate for vintage clothing and one of my fabulous vintage wigs! She has a dress for a newer doll. The dress was on a doll that didn't have any feet (*gasp!*) so I took it for my doll. 

I love her simplistic face. She is a cutie. 

Now to the surprise! Last time I posted this pic. 

Obviously a dress of some sort, right? Well, I splurged and purchased this ABSOLUTELY BEA-UUUUU-TIFUL doll. 

Thronecoming Raven Queen

lovelovelovelovelovelove <3

Really, it was a toss up between Raven and Cupid for the prettiest of the Thronecoming Princesses. Raven won because had the right price tag :) Amazon has what's called "Warehouse Deals." Some box damage but no damage to the doll and contents. I paid a cheap $14 for little miss Raven. The only damage to the box was the back had a soap-like spill on it and a little minor denting. The soap came off easily with a rag and the box still holds it's storybook shape. SCORE!

Ball gowns are after my own heart and the hair with sparkles? I was sold. Had to have.

Each Thronecoming princess has a special characteristic and "theme" if you will. Raven chooses a dragon which gives her a wicked cool collar. 

She has pretty gloves and gauntlets and a cute purse. 

On her left wrist is a corsage that has a special power. It's from a special "friend" (who is a boy.) He is also a doll. And since Hunter is in love with Ashlynn that gives you only one other guess as to who it's from. ;)

She has super long hair that also is after my heart. Not as long as Holly's but still really long. She has a cute charm in her hair. Why is it teal? Because the glitter on the black parts of her dress is also teal. I think it's a good contrast. When I was a kid the purple/teal combo was IN. It's a good fit for Raven.

Her mask is modeled after a dragon as well. It's a one-eyed mask and is super pretty!
I would have put the mask in her right hand like this picture however, it doesn't fit real well in that hand. So she has it flipped. Plus, I want to be able to see her pretty face :) And my purse does not have spikes around it that are that prominent. Oh Mattel, how we love that you change dolls from the promo pics to packaging. 

Her dress is very unique as the hem is somewhat asymmetrical. It's shorter on the left than the right. I love it (and also it can show off the shoes better!) This pic shows how teal the sparkles are. 

Which brings me to THE SHOES!

How do you design shoes with a dragon theme in mind? None other than spikes! Am I also seeing some chains around the ankle/heel area? :)

More spikes and chains on the back. These shoes really help accentuate the outfit! I think it would have been cool to have the chains be silver also. Maybe I feel a project coming on.

So friends, what do you think of Thronecoming Raven Queen? Will she be coming to your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


Andrea said...

What a beautiful present. She looks awesome. If I'm already scanning the weekly offers for a good deal on her. She will so move in.

Teresa Brown said...

I just knew that she would come home with you someday Andrea! At least here, they are not coming down in price in the stores however, online has some good deals if you can find them. I can't wait till you have her! :)

Night Owl said...

A fabulous doll! She looks very mysterious and beautiful. I also like the Barbie!

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks Night Owl! Her mysterious look is what got me too. Besides, I love purple so she was the winner in my book. (I also love pink so I may have to get Cupid too!)

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks Night Owl! Her mysterious look is what got me too. Besides, I love purple so she was the winner in my book. (I also love pink so I may have to get Cupid too!)