Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas Treasures 2014 Post #2



I am pleased to announce my next Christmas Treasure. I am SO EXCITED for....


This is California Midge from 1988, also known as California Dream Midge. How come it doesn't say California Dream on the box? Anyone know? 

I just loved her little roller skates so my mommy picked her up and she was under the tree. 

But Midge needs a bang job bad!

She has a cute little outfit that has similar prints to Barbie's and "a hot bathing suit too!"

There's her little roller skates!

Oh what the heck, let's open up that box!

So first things first, I fixed her bangs. I would eventually like to get them back to the front as in her picture but they are a little long. I'll probably need to cut them a little so for now, we are going to push them to the side. 

I just love her freckles, don't you?

She has two different earrings (remember how cool that was in the 80's?) On her right ear is a peace sign with the word "love" above it.

On her left ear is a large record.

I'm not going to take her off of the background card just yet. She will be packaged for a while until I get my actual "Barbie" room at our new house. She will have to be stored until then to make way for the nursery. 

Unfortunately, even though she was boxed all these years, she still has a case of the "sticky vinyl legs." Other than that, I'm just loving her!

Midge comes with her own comic book titles "Midge's Scavenger Hunt." It's pretty cute to read.

She also comes with these cardboard punch-outs of her, Barbie and the rest of the gang!

Now California Dream Teresa has a buddy to hang out with!

Do you have California Dream Midge? Let me know in the comments!

Doll and post #3 is coming soon. Until then!


Saturday Sequins said...

She's gorgeous!!! Oh, those freckles.

I don't have this Midge, but I do have a Cool Times Midge. She's very cute -- but because her legs were sticky, I had to rebody her.

Andrea said...

She is gorgeous. I would love to find her eventually, so far she has been elusive.

A lot of the 80ies dolls have sticky leg syndrome and some are bound to develop those nasty cheesy spots on their legs. Try to store her in a well ventilated way, if you can.

Kewpie83 said...

California Barbie is one of my favorites!

Teresa Brown said...

Saturday Sequins - Rebody is definitely a possibility for me. I have a lot of donor bodies! However, I'm glad that she does not have the white spots on her legs too. I have one doll with those so she is definitely a candidate. Cool Times Midge is so cute too!

Andrea - Midge will be well ventilated. In a box but I'm hoping that the opening will allow air flow. Hopefully she will show up for you someday!

Kewpie - California Barbie was (is) on my dolly wish list. All of the dolls from this line are just super cute. I can't wait to see if there are possibilities of getting any of the others from this line!