Saturday, April 25, 2015

After My Heart

Well, here it is. I am going to go bankrupt. I wanted to share some new Ever After High lines. They are seriously stealing my heart!

Remember "Just Sweet" Blondie Lockes? Well, I was incorrect in that post. There is not a "Just Sweet" line. The correct term is "Sugar Coated." And it comes with a new Holly O'Hair, Cedar Wood, and Madeline Hatter. 

LOVE. And the shoes. Oh my goodness. They come with accessory treats.
The oven mitt! I can't even.....

Cedar has a....I can't tell what it is. Anyone know?

Maddie. Super cute with her frosting dispenser!

I love these. They are so cute. And it's about time we got a new Maddie! I wasn't too impressed with the Mirror Beach dolls. 

Also, Ginger Breadhouse has her Bakery Class playset. How cute is this! The bench is those wafers and gingerbread men chair! So adorable.

Okay! So we have the Sugar Coated line. But this line I want even more. 

Get ready for the dolls of.....Way Too Wonderland!

Oh my goodness. lovelovelovelovelovelovelove

Apple White. Check that bow in her hair. And that DRESS!!! 

Madeline Hatter. I love the hat. So fitting!

Kitty Cheshire. Okay, this has got to be the most creative thing ever. The clock hanging off the tail? The fur around the neck? And the yellow color? Simply amazing!

Now for the best one of all. Lizzie Hearts! Check out that collar! And the swan in the crown? SO SO SO AWESOME.

FRIENDS. I am going to go broke. However I do love the Way Too Wonderland line better than the Sugar Coated line. 

Remember what I said in the beginning of my Ever After High collecting? I fell in love with Ashlynn Ella and found her on a super sale at Target so I bought her. It was just going to be her. Then it expanded into the basic first wave dolls. Then you know i'm a sucker for ball gowns so I had to get the Thronecoming line. And I just LOVE the Wonderlandians so now I have another line to get. Gah! But what can I say. I just collect what I love and that's the fun of it right?

And while I was searching for pictures I found this and I could not stop laughing. 

Monster High Freak du Chic Gooliope Jellington.

Gooliope? That's hilarious! I guess she's the daughter of The Blob? I love the radioactive symbols in her eyes!
What do you think of these two lines? And if you collect Monster High, thinking of getting Gooliope Jellington? Love her, hate her? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


Andrea said...

Both lines are cute, but Wonderland is my favorite too. I love the Maddies from both lines.

Goolipoe Jellington, what a name. She looks great. Her elbow joints look a little weird. I'd have to see her in person, before I decide on adding her to my monster crew.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying with the doll ban :( but I love the Wonderland dolls, especially Kitty. I'd get her in a second. Gooliope? I dunno. She's pretty good but as she's going to be super big (17"? 18"? I can't remember) I think she'll be pricey. They are apparently going to release a supersize version if the first-wave characters too, though, and if they do do that I will have to get Frankie ...

Andrea said...

OMG, I didn't know about her size. I'm not sure if I am interested to get her if she is that tall.

Anonymous said...

It looks like cedar wood is holding a spatula

Teresa Brown said...

WOW, Gooliope is 17"? That's pretty big! I think some of the MH dolls could be cute as larger dolls especially given who they are children of (Like Abbey for instance) but then there can be no clothes sharing which is part of the fun. Although MH and EAH dolls don't have any fashion packs which is still on my gripe list ;) Have you seen the little all plastic MH dolls that came out? They are so cute!

Also cute is my niece was telling me that she had 5 MH dolls at her mom's house. Then proceeded to tell me that her friend had 500 of them, LOL!

Oh, good call on Cedar holding a spatula! Hard to tell from the angle but i'm sure that's it! Thanks much!