Friday, July 10, 2015

A New Addition

Hi Dolly Friends!

Not much time to type today as baby is getting ready to eat! But for a few minutes he is content with Daddy and I get a free moment to show you my newest addition to my growing Ever After High collection. 

I recently purchased something from Amazon and if you spend $35, you get free shipping. So I had to tack a little more onto the purchase and a naturally new dolly seemed like a great choice.

The only problem was, which EAH doll to purchase? They had 5 out that I do not have but I could only get one.

The most beautiful...Darling Charming!

As I looked over the 5 I have yet to get, she caught my eye from the get-go. And I love her story. 

Darling is the twin sister of brother Dexter and younger sister of Daring. She comes from a long line of Royals but this girl is a Rebel! Why? Because instead of being the damsel in distress, she wants to be the knight in shining armor!

She has a pretty face with a beauty mark and her makeup is in blue and purple tones. 

Sticking to the knight theme, she has accents of silver shown by her tiara. It also has a pink feather, bow and heart design. Again, we have a headpiece that is mostly pink. I may have to doctor this one up like I did with Duchess.

I love the silver/blue theme she has going on. Her dress is really pretty but the focal point is the fact that she wears a breastplate of armor that comes around her waist. The armor does have a dainty feel with the jewels and flower design. Her dress seems to resemble Ashlynn's so you don't get much leg movement with Darling. 

Her armor also has shoulder plates sticking true to the fact that she is determined to be the knight! I do love the detail on it. 

She has a simple non-functioning silver purse with filigree designs. The edge resembles her shoulder plates. 

Darling wears a bracelet/ring combo with a flower on the ring part. 


Oh my goodness, love these!

They have that element of armor in them but also a little girly with the ruffles. You can see gems in the front of them, I may have to paint them as sapphires.

Like the armor and purse, awesome detail. They have studs and the heel is tiered like the shoulder plates. Don't you love them?

Darling has blue accents in her hair which I love with the blonde. It's in a very simple but elegant design. Her hair is going to take some more fixing up as it was very squished in the box. 

So there you have it. Miss Darling Charming! I will have to say she is definitely one of the prettiest EAH dolls I have. And I just love her!

Mattel has been coming out with a bunch of new 1st wave EAH dolls. Yet to add to my collection:

Alistair Wonderland
Bunny Blanc
Rosabella Beauty
Faybelle Thorn
And the newest: Justine Dancer! (Daughter of the 12th Dancing Princess)

Don't you love her (and her peep-toe shoes?)

So friends, do you have Darling Charming in your collection? Plan on getting her? Or maybe Justine Dancer or the others? Let me know in the comments!

Not sure when I'll have a new post. I do have some more fabulous Dad garage sale finds. I'll get them up soon!

Until next time!


BlackKitty said...

I love Darling's plastic accessories! They would definitely gain from a little paint, you should go for it. Congrats on your purchase!

Teresa Brown said...

Thanks BlackKitty! I think i'm going to. I love dolls in their "true" form. I doubt little miss Darling would have just a plain PINK hair accessory! ha!

barbiebeauties said...

Hi :) I didn't know that Darling had a knight theme, how fun! She's very pretty, I really like the silver and blue colour scheme. Wouldn't it be great if she was released all in armour, like Alice at the end of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland? I hope they do it sometime.