Thursday, April 7, 2016

What's New in Barbie Land?

Hello again!

This past week I took a cruise through the Barbie aisle (because who doesent EVERY time they go to the store!) I usually am looking for any good deals on Ever After High but this time something caught my eye and I took a closer look at what was for sale on the Barbie wall. 

First it was these little cuties!

We have a new playline! It's called "Endless Hair Kingdom" and these little Kelly's are so adorable! And you know how I am with the pink hair! They have just the sweetest faces but molded on tops. There is also a blonde Kelly as well. 

So now for the "Endless Hair Kingdom" Barbie doll!

Honestly, not my favorite doll in the world. She's got the pink hair but that's about it. I don't really like her face mold and she's got the permanent clothes. There is also a purple hair doll with a Lea mold. (I think...)

She's not really grabbing me either. Something about the face. Now for the blonde doll.

To me this is the best one of the three. 

Now, with a line called "Endless Hair" you would think that these dolls would have, like, Rapunzel-esque hair, right? Nope. You can see that the hair for these dolls come right to the end of her dress. The hair is longer than usual but not long enough! I also just noticed that all of the dolls have charms tied in the end of their hair.

They also have Pets for the line too! These are cute! The pets included a real hair tail.

There are always some specialty dolls that come out with the less expensive "budget" dolls. This is the one for the line that comes with some fun hair accessories. 

This is the Snap 'n Style Princess doll but still has the molded on top. Hair is no longer than the other dolls but she has some fun accessories you can clip in her hair!

I also saw a doll that boasted "Extra Long Hair" on the box!

How long is her hair? 

That's it. Right there. Just to the end of her wrist. How is that extra long? The Endless Hair Kingdom dolls had longer hair than that. What I'm waiting for is a hair length that is a blast to the past. Like, Totally Hair Barbie style where the hair is down to her ankles. I have Jewel Hair Mermaid Teresa where her hair drags the floor! So to me this is not extra long hair. 

Next we have the ultimate posable Barbie!

This is the Made to Move doll which has a little more articulation than a Fashionista. These dolls have flat feet and ankle joints. Their elbow joints are also a little different looking. I think they also rotate at the elbows and not just bend. They look cute. If you are looking for a rebody for a doll these would be a good choice. Again, they do have flat feet!

I liked this one titled "Pink and Fabulous."

This is a cute doll. I liked the dress and she has a pretty sweet face. Not a fan of the one bended arm but that's so she can put her hand on her hip right? :)

And lastly, the new Fashionistas have arrived! This is the long awaited "curvy" doll.

Now I don't know what your stance is on the curvy doll being added to the mix. My thoughts are that Barbie is a doll, she is a play thing that doesn't need to have every body type associated with it. (Would you see a curvy MH or EAH doll?) But that's just what I think. With all the body shaming going around maybe this is a good move for Barbie. 

But more importantly is the lack of fashion for this doll. There are no fashion packs out (yet) for this body type and her outfit is not really doing it for me. If this exact doll was not made in a curvy type, I still would not buy it. Maybe a part of it is because her sunglasses are on crooked but again, just not a fan of the outfit. The blue hair looks pretty and shiny and I like the color. 

But part of the fun of Barbie is her clothes. Dress her extravagant or in sweats for a night at home. And clothes are interchangeable! I had fun putting my Wet and Wild Teresa in the dress from my 1990 Happy Holiday's Barbie when I was a kid. Curvy Barbie is, at this time, forever stuck in this tank and denim skirt ensemble. Sad!

There was also a "tall" doll that was added to the Fashionistas but I was not able to find her. 

As I was looking I found this brunette and pink hair doll with a fabulous ice cream romper! How adorable is that? I almost picked her up. Maybe next time I go back I'll look at the price and see how much she is. Love it!

Behind this doll you can see the smaller packaging of the fashion packs. In addition to a dress or shirt being in these, there are also accessory ones. There are ones for flat feet and ones for heeled feet so maybe we'll see the addition of curvy and tall fashions soon!

We'll, that's it for today. I'm sick at home so maybe I'll work on the post that I've been wanting to write for a while. All the fashions I got way back in October! I also have some exciting things coming in the mail so stay tuned!

Until next time!


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I don't remember seeing that Curvy doll coming with sunglasses. I'm working on making clothes to fit the Curvy doll, and I know there are Etsy stores out there that already have things. Plus, at least one Curvy doll will be produced later with an extra outfit and I think a separate pair of shoes.

Teresa Brown said...

Oh, that is good to know! It will be exciting to see what other outfits Mattel makes for her! Although Etsy sellers make some pretty awesome OOAK outfits. I'd probably go that route for curvy fashions :)

Oly said...

We don't have those Extra Long Hair once yet in Manila so I have yet to see them (same as the new body type dolls). But wow, what a joke, the doll hair is much shorter than Rapunzel, ha!

I'm a new follower of your blog! Great posts! Keep them coming

Teresa Brown said...

Thank you Oly! I guess Barbie designers don't have a concept of longer hair these days, haha. Thanks for stopping by and being a follower!

Andrea said...

I hope you're getting well soon, Teresa.

I make a stop at the Barbie isle too when I'm shopping, but lately there is not much that tempts me. Usually I would be tempted by a Lea face, but this one, as well as the Agent doll will only move in, when they are deeply reduced, due to their bodies and permanent clothes. Fashion doll implies to me, that the fashions should be changeable.

Even the few fashions they make nowadays are, let's say suboptimal. I bought one with a long skirt of ruffled tiers, but when I unpacked it the backside of the skirt was just a cheap, flat satiny fabric. So I'm not even tempted to buy the fashions anymore. I do like the accessory packs with the shoes though.

Even if the extra long hair doll, insert hilarious laughter here, has just a regular hair length, I might be tempted to buy her on sale for the head. I like the dark streaked hair.

Pink & Fabulous looks cute, but I think her dress will be just another "half"-dress, so I will have to see her in person to decide.

Personally I don't care much for the new body types, but they do add diversity and storytellers will probably be thrilled, except for the stiffness. I usually decide to get a doll when the face appeals to me and from her promo shots, I thought I'd get her and rebody. Your picture of her made me laugh. Doesn't she look like she is unhappy and asking "Why me, why do I have to wear this?"? If they all look like this, she is off my list.

The icecream romper doll is beautiful and I bought her right away.

Teresa Brown said...

Wow Andrea, I had no idea that clothes were "halved." Wow, that's terrible! It would seem like it would take longer to make (meaning more labor costs) associated with a skirt that has two different fabrics rather than just cutting the thing out of the same fabric. That is a bad move. I'm going to have to be very careful when buying new Barbies now.

You know, I didn't even notice that the curvy doll was a stiffie! UGH, even more not to love about her. They could have at least gave her some joints for being stuck in such a dreadful outfit. ha!

Ah, you got the ice cream romper doll! She is beautiful, congrats! I'm liking her more and more every time I see her.

Eve said...

Don't worry about the made-to-move barbie having flat feet. They have an ankle joint that enables them to wear both heels and sneakers. I love mine, personally. I really wish that they'd come out with articulated bodies in the new barbie body types (curvy, tall, petite, etc). Once you've had the articulation, it's tough to go back.

Teresa Brown said...

Good to know Eve! I subscribe to a youtube channel of a woman who frequently does head swaps with Made to Move dolls. I may have to get some. I just love the level of movement they can get! You are right, it is hard to go back. :)