Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Group Is Growing!


I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season so far.

I'm back again after an absence. I've been sick so I haven't had much time to blog. But here I am again with a backlog of wonderful friends to show you. While we were in the middle of the Throwback posts, I made some purchases and added to my wonderful collection of Ever After High.  

The first friend I would like to show you is the most beautiful Justine Dancer!

Justine is the first AA doll in the EAH line and she is just gorgeous! She is from the fairytale "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" and she is the 12 dancing princess. 

They did a good job of keeping her pretty true to her webisode form so for that I am happy. I can always add some amber details to her crown later. It also seems that the original promo pics of the doll there was black detailing on her corset but changed that to pink for the final release. We know how Mattel can change those details!
Her little crown is attached with rubber bands. I don't think I'll be taking this off as it doesn't look like it will stay well without them. But don't you love her gold eyeshadow?

She has wavy brown hair which didn't seem too matted after it came out of the box. 

As mentioned, her corset bodice stays true to her webisode form as does her sheer upper and sleeves. Her necklace is chandelier style.

Her skirt is yellow with pink bows and ribbons and some black with gold sparkle tulle underneath. 

She has a bracelet with a flower that covers the back of her hand.

Justine's purse has a wavy handle with some embellishments and is non-functional.


I love her shoes. She wears heels just made for dancing! They are silver and open-toe with buckles on the side. 

And they have a cute little bow on the front. Love that!

Well, that's it for Justine Dancer! What do you think of her? Will she make it to your collection?

I have another post in the works so stay tuned. Until then!


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I like Justine in general, but I'm not fond of the face mold. I saw someone post pictures online that supposedly showed new face molds for Justine and Farrah Goodfairy, so I've been waiting to see if those are actually produced, and if I like them better. I'll pick up Justine next year either way, just to have the doll.

Andrea said...

Me wants, her shoes are so adorable. I think I will focus a little more on EAH, now that Monster High faces have turned to sickening sweetness, so not approbiate for monsters. Justine will be on my list for sure.

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Barb! I have not seen those pictures yet! It would be interesting to see if it's better than this one. I actually have the same reservations about Meeshell Mermaid. I don't particularly care for her but will get her just to keep with my collection of first wave dolls!

Hi Andrea! Ever After High have changed their faces to more sweetness too. Perma-grins anyone? Yes, I agree about the MH faces. Why do they change what works? Especially with MH! Justine is such a great addition. I hope they come out with more AA dolls!