Friday, December 4, 2015

I'm Back!

Welcome Dolly Friends!

I know I have been scarce as of late. Life kind of crept up on me. At this point in mine and my families life, I might be a little sporadic but I will never abandon blogging! I love blogging and dollys too much to let it go. Who else will I get to share my obsession with? I love all of you who come to visit me here and share my enthusiasm. :)

Thankful to say that we are finally over the crud. We had a rough go of it for a while. I had a sore throat for SEVEN days. Brutal! We are all healthy again and now that the babes is asleep, I can get the time to blog. A 9 month old demands a LOT of attention!

I have a few posts in the works and I was trying to decide what to post first. Fashion? Or Dollys?

Dollys won out. The fashions will have to wait.

My dad was cleaning out the house and he found some things that he picked up at a garage sale for me. He was also going through some of my mom's things that she left behind (she moved out) so I'm not sure if this was hers or if it was a garage sale find. Either way, this is definitely a one of a kind that will make a great addition to my small contingent of vintage dolls. 

Meet The Lovely Mary Jean Doll! America's Famous Character Doll. She is very patriotic in her red, white and blue.

She has been well taken care of and I don't blame whoever had her to not take her off the cardboard backing. Her dress splayed out like this makes it very photogenic! She is wrapped in cellophane that is not original. There was no clear cover on the box cut out so someone wanted to keep her nice and dust free. 

She is pretty with blonde hair and sleepy eyes.

The side of the box shows that it was made my Midwestern Manufacturing in St. Louis, MO. On another side of the box it had a product code and then said "Betty Ann" so I'm guessing that different dolls had different names.

The problem is that there is next to no information on her at all on the web! I found a few completed eBay auctions and these dolls go for next to nothing. Does anyone here or know anyone who might have some information on these dolls? 

Also in the box, three lovely ladies who will be good candidates for wardrobe modeling. Especially the one on the right!

So friends, what do you think of The Lovely Mary Jean doll? Know anything about her or have one of your own? Let me know in the comments!

And next up will be a mega post of some fabulous clothing that I got for Barbie!

Until then!


Linda - Darkroom Dolls said...

Glad to read you and your family are all feeling better now! I'm afraid I can't help you on the doll, but she is really nice, and the box is too!

Andrea said...

I'm glad you all are well again. I bet Jacob is quite a handfull now. Enjoy the precious moments you have with him now, they grow so fast.

What a find! Thanks to her former owner she is well preserved. This is what dollreference comes up with, when searching for the manufacturer:

The first nude might be School Cool Barbie, she was sold in a clear plastic backpack, I'm not sure what year, but it might have been around 2003.

The second one is Princess Annika from the movie "The Magic of Pegasus", she came in a reversible dress:

Number three might be 1988, Garden Party Barbie.

All4 Barbie said...

Hello from Spain: welcome back. I really like this Mary Jean. I had not seen before. Your father made great purchases. Keep in touch

discodiva1979 said...

Mary Jean is perfect for the Fourth of July Decorating=I love her dress & how she is still displayed in her window box after all these years-Nice!

Teresa Brown said...

Hooray! My email notifications are working again!

Thanks Linda! I am amazed that some of the dolls I get have really nice boxes. After my own heart; I took care of the boxes too!

Andrea - he is growing way too quickly. I want him to slow down a bit but he's not listening to me ;) Thanks for the help on the ID's! I'm glad you showed me that link to the Doll Reference site. Funny how they were called dress-up dolls. But now I know a little more about them. Thanks so much!!

Hello All4 Barbie! Thanks for stopping by, my dad always finds some real treasures!

Hi discodiva! I am so glad she was kept nice. Makes it easy for me! I've had some where I've had to glue hair back on (or remove hair altogether and use a wig!) but she is just perfect. And I love being patriotic so she is just the best!