Sunday, December 16, 2012

Day 16: Radient Rose - 2004 Holiday Barbie

 I know, it looks magenta or burgundy but they say it's rose so that's her color!

So as I mentioned in yesterdays post, the Winter Fantasy doll was the first and only in the series. So Mattel decided to put out another "Holiday" doll.

I am going to say something so please don't take this the wrong way as I LOVE all my dolls to death and am never ever ever going to give them up. But she is not my absolute favourite for a few reasons.

Here she is, the 2004 Holiday Barbie.


Why am I not that thrilled with her? She is named "Holiday" Barbie. No creativity. The dolls before 2003 were "Happy Holidays" or "Celebration" or even "Holiday Celebration." It makes it seem that someone was a little disgruntled that their idea of the "Winter Fantasy" series didn't fly. As in Fine. You want a holiday doll, you got a holiday doll. But that's just what I think.

Another reason. The dress is very similar to miss 2002 Holiday Celebration Barbie.


She also does not have a sweet Barbie face. And there have been too many burgundy/magenta dresses.

Okay, what is good about this doll? She does have a pretty dress I'll admit. And snowflakes on the bodice. That's a step in the right direction Mattel!


And the snowflakes in the box, very nice! And who can resist that awesome choker necklace!


Woah, hold the phone. No one said that this dress had a small train. My love for this doll just increased. Love it! And you get a nice look at the bolero jacket with bell sleeves. Cute!


The back of the box reads: "Join the tradition! For over a decade, Barbie doll has celebrated each holiday season with a Special Edition doll commemorating the year. In 2004, Holiday Barbie doll joins the proud tradition dressed in rich, rose velvet embellished with glittering sparkles. The year's end bring a beautiful world of shimmering frost and snowflakes. During this glorious holiday season, we receive the best gifts of all: family festivities, friendships renewed, and wonderful memories to last a lifetime. This keepsake is sure to be treasured by you and your family for generations to come."

Okay, I take back what I said at the beginning. You know I never read these little paragraphs on the back of the box until now? Maybe they were trying to take Barbie back to the roots and remind us of how special and wonderful the holidays really are. With the "Join the Tradition" line at the beginning, I'm almost positive that's what they were going for. Bravo.

See you tomorrow!


Andrea said...

Yes, even to this day Holiday Barbie sounds a little strange, after such a long line of Happy Holidays dolls.

Her face is nice, but not as beautiful as a Mackie mold. And her face paint reminds me a little of the Fairytopia Fairy Joybelle. What I love about her face is that they gave her real eyelashes.

Her dress is very lovely and even looks a little more Haute Couture than 2002 Holiday Celebration Barbie's. The bell sleeved shrug is adorable.

There is also a green version of her, I think she was a store exclusive.

Forestminuet said...

She does look like Joybelle! I can't remember, was 2004 about the time they came out with the Fairytopia dolls?

I honestly did not know that they gave her real eyelashes. Thanks for pointing that out to me! If you had not said anything I would have gone through this life not knowing that she had those eyelashes!

I read on the Fashion Doll Guide that the rose color was a special Sears edition and she came in both Caucasian and AA. I remember my mom buying my HH dolls at Sears for a few years. I kind of like the green dress better. Maybe it's time to get both! :)

Andrea said...

Oops, got the colors mixed up. The dreen dress is so lovely too, totally tempting to get that doll too.

Yes, I think Joybelle came out that year as well.

You got to be kidding on the lashes, lol. I am such a sucker for dolls with real lashes - may be because most of my childhood dolls had them.

Forestminuet said...

I am so not kidding on the lashes!. I usually notice them but I guess this one I just never really looked. I guess that's because the dolls from my childhood never had them unless it was a special doll. I should notice because I do have my mom's original TnT doll!