Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dolly Finds!


Unfortunately my Barbie Shrinky Dinks are still sitting here next to me. They are all colored, ready to be baked however, every night last week and this week the oven has been used for something so I have not been able to run them in. (LOTS of zucchini bread is the culprit....) So before I bring you the post about them, I have some fabulous dolly finds where you get to participate and help me ID them! 

I honestly am NO good at ID, have you realized that? :)

While I was at the thrift store picking up some maternity clothes (because I'm cheap frugal thrifty) I found this little (big!) gem sitting naked in the toy bin. 

Um, yes please! Steffie head mold anyone?

I rummaged around in the bin and luckily I found a dress to put on her. Kind of looks like it matches her jewelry but not sure if it's the right dress as it doesn't stay up that well.

I'm thinking that this is a collector doll. She has the twist in her torso which pushes out one hip and the one bent arm which matches up perfectly with her head and/or hip. 

Toenail polish is all intact.

Fingernail polish could use a little touching up. But overall not in bad shape. 

Maybe a close up of her hair would give a little more of a better ID. It's mostly still there but would need some curl redo. And the reason why I have her arm the way I do is because this one curl kept falling down over her face. 

The dress does state "Barbie Collector" so friends, who is she? 

I also picked up this adorable little Kelly. 

Poor thing. I tried to look for her bottoms but no avail. I have mega tons of naked Kelly dolls, I need to score some clothes for them on Ebay. ;)

And this little McDonalds toy. A little ratted, but nothing a shampoo and boil dip can't fix up!

And then my mom and dad picked me up some other dolls! I won't post them all. A lot of them were generic playline and Fashionista most with jointed legs, arms or both. But here are some dollys and fashions that I need some help with!

I love this one, it reminds me of a superstar or hollywood hair fashion. Gotta love the orange boots! (kids) :)

The jacket is a multi-color sparkle velvet flocked type and the "dress" is actually a halter bodysuit/swimsuit with a skirt that is a separate piece. None say Genuine Barbie. 

And a classic ponytail with Totally Hair Barbie's scrunchie. 

This newer body type cutie has some adorable pajamas. No tags.

But maybe we can ID her from her earrings! Anyone know?

Next we have a beautiful old body ballerina. 

And parts of her hair are "holiday Barbie" hard. Most of the curls are intact except the little piece in the back. I'd like to restore her hair if anyone knows who she is.

Next we have this fabulous Teresa bride doll with a long sleeve lace wedding dress. This dress does have a Genuine Barbie tag. 

Jointed arm Barbie with also some cute jammies! Both the shorts and tank are sewed together into one bodysuit and it has trouble velcroing all the way in the back. Maybe it's for a Skipper? 

But this Barbie is unique. She has the cutest freckles! 

Lastly we have this beautiful doll wearing a purple and pink princess style dress. No tags but it fits her good so I'm guessing this is the dress that she came with. 

She is not a Mattel doll but she has just a genuine pretty face and her hair is in good condition. I'm thinking she may have to go on the shelf!

Well friends, are you able to help me ID? Or maybe you have these dolls in your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Next up, Shrinky Dinks, Barbie feature from my personal collection, and the Ever After High comic! (I didn't win by the way but oh well, it was fun to do!)

Until next time!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New Barbie Craft, part 1

Hi Friends!

It's been a while, I know! I had planned on posting this Sunday but when you're pregnant and get a burst of energy, it's time to go out to town and get things done! Like:

Shopping (food)
Shopping (non-edibles at a different store)
Wash the car


So while I was out a week ago looking at A-DOR-ABLE baby clothes I found something I could NOT live without!

Oh my goodness, does anyone ever remember doing these when they were a kid? I remember when my brother and I did them with his "Ghostbusters" shrinky dinks. They were tons of fun! This kit is unique because it includes all the fix-ins to make your own Barbie charm bracelets. Cool!

And, the kit is complete!

This was such an amazing score! And I will blog the process. I plan to get them all colored this weekend and am prepared to bring back my childhood and watch them shrink in the oven!

This store also had a few dolls for sale which I thought was totally awesome. I have to watch though as I have eliminated my purchases of the newer body type. I've been buying any old Barbie body types that I find so I can fit them in all the old clothes that I have. Unfortunately all the dolls they had there were the newer body type. I do have plans to go back, maybe I can find another score at that time!

It's just a few more short days till the Ever After High comic contest will be over and I can post my fun comic on my blog for all to see. In a couple of posts down the line I'll also be featuring some awesome Barbies from my personal collection that I've been wanting to feature for a while. I hope you'll like them!

Until then!