Saturday, November 5, 2016

Teresa's Terrific Throwback - Post 7

Can you believe it's November already? Only 7 more weeks till Christmas? OMG, I need to get busy! :) I've also had the plague. UGH. Out of work for 3 days for this one. Bummer. 

Also, can you believe that this is the LAST throwback post? We've talked about all the fun treasures that came out of my fabulous strawberry toy chest. I found my son like this a few weeks ago. 

So not only does he love his toy chest, he also loves to use it as a fun place to sit. :)

It's been a great journey. We've talked about vintage dolls, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite and Cupcakes. We have one post left which is about a few items (not just dolls) from my childhood that I thought you would find enjoyable. 

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So, without further ado, here are some fun animals that I absolutely LOVED as a child. 

Remember the Get Along Gang? I had a roller skating Montgomery Moose! 

His name is actually Montgomery "Good News" Moose. Remember some of the other characters? Such as Bingo "Bet it All" Beaver and Flora "Forget Me Not" Fox. Their clubhouse was a caboose with a pot bellied stove and a loft. I actually have the mini figures stashed away somewhere. I'll get those up on the blog too. :)

Funny story - we actually have a picture when my brother was an infant where we put the roller skates on him and held him up. It is too cute!

How about Care Bears! Cheer Bear was my favorite. She just had a bath so she is nice and pink again.

Alvin and the Chipmunks! Simon and Theodore's shirts just got a wash. I actually got Alvin first and then my parents went and got me Simon and Theodore. Alvin has been much loved and unfortunately didn't get that clean when I threw him in the wash. His shirt is sewn on at the sleeves. His sleeves kept coming down over his hands and it annoyed me so my mom put a small stitch in the sleeves through the arms to keep them where they needed to be. Ah, the things we do for our kids. :)

And lastly, Raggedy Ann. My aunt made this for me. But no Andy. :( She sat in my room for a long time until she went into storage. She stayed relatively clean but could use a clean up too. 

Well, that's all for now! I do have a backlog of things to post so I'll get those up in the meantime too!

What was your favorite throwback post? I know a lot of us had a Raggedy Ann (and Andy too!) Had any Care Bears or Get Along Gang? Let me know in the comments!

Love this pic from a past post. :)

I'll have some fun Ever After High, coming soon!

Until then!