Sunday, July 12, 2020

The Great Clothing Organization

Greetings Friends!

So I started a "little" project. 

Out of the big pink bin came ALL. THE. CLOTHES. 

I had the clothes sorted by pants/capris, short dresses, long dresses, tops, jackets, Disney Princess, etc. But I needed a much better organization method. I knew I had lots of pieces from Fashion Packs/Closets over the years but how would I know now (or in the future) what pieces go with what pack? 

I tend to have a pretty photographic memory when it comes to doll clothing. I can see a picture on the net and could tell you if I have it or not. 

So I devised this method

For example, in this fashion pack, I only have the striped pants on the right. But if I happen to get other pieces from this set, I can see at a glance what is included in this collection. Just slide the new piece in the bag and we're all good to go! 

I had seen other organization methods like putting the clothes in binders (in the pages with pockets) but that didn't really appeal to me. If it works for you, awesome! But I think with dolly organization, we have to do what works best for each individual. Because we ALL have a TON OF DOLLY STUFF. Am I right? :)

For now, these bags are in this tub. They are all mixed together but I will soon separate them by Barbie, Ken, Disney Princess, etc. And then by year. 

It has been a couple of days researching clothing and their corresponding year to find out which pieces go where. I still have a lot to go but I've done so much already.

But can I just say one thing? I did not realize that I had so many Fashion Fever pieces. I now have a great appreciation for that line. Can Mattel bring back the Fashion Fever? So many cool outfits that are just beautiful and modern and so so awesome. I'm loving all of the dolls and fashions from that line!

I also had a falling out with dolls (age 16-mid twenties) so there were some doll lines that I had never heard of in my life. Pom Pom Divas? Candy Glam? Yep. Now I know they are there. 

Going though all of the clothes has also given me a chance to clean some of the more dirty ones with a thorough soak in Oxy Clean! Man, it is the miracle cleaner for doll clothes. Except this one. 

OH, I hate red! The sweater was so dingy and I didn't even think twice. And then part of the 'E' fell off. ugh. This is the shirt from Disney High School Musical School Spirit Gabriella doll. If you have her outfit, don't wash it! Find a different way to clean it. The red is attached to the sweater so there is no way to separate them. Luckily I saw the bleeding before I transferred to other items in the soak but this outfit is a lost cause unfortunately.

And I know I have a lot of the shoes that go with the fashion packs but I'm not adding those to the bags. They will all stay nice and tucked away in the tackle boxes that I have. I HIGHLY recommend this method for shoes!

I have two of these for Barbie Shoes, two for accessories and one for Ken shoes.  

If I have the exact doll itself for a fashion, it will be dressed in that specifically. But if a generic doll is wearing a random fashion, then I'll undress it and put the clothes in a bag. Then I'll work on cataloguing the original dolls wearing original fashions. 

So friends, what organization methods do you have for your clothing? Let me know in the comments!

Another super special doll coming up soon! Until then!

Saturday, July 4, 2020

Star Wars x Barbie #2

Welcome Friends!

Hope you all have been well! Just a few things I wanted to mention before I get this post underway.
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Okay, now onto the best part of the post. You may (or may not, no worries if you didn't) have noticed that the title of the last post featured the word "girl(s)." Heavily implying that I may have added more than one doll.

Yes, there is more than one. After all, Princess Leia had to have a friend right?

And no better doll to feature on post #2 than the R2D2 x Barbie doll!

That Blue Hair! That makeup!

That blue hair just got me. You all know I love dolls with pink hair but this blue is just stunning. And that makeup just fits the theme so well.

The top is great too. Sheer with geometric shapes, just like R2! And that puffa vest? That is one of the best parts I think.

The skirt is sheer like the top and has rectangles all the way around. She also has a plastic belt with blue details.

She wears elbow length fingerless gloves and holds a purse that has a gold circular design on it.

Those boots! Thigh high white boots with different size rectangles printed on them.

The side has a silver stud at the ankle, the bottom is plastic and they have a wedge heel. One of the best parts, the shoes and with these dolls, Mattel and Robert Best didn't mess around!

Stand included with the Star Wars Logo.

On the inside of the box is the concept art of R2D2 on the left

And concept art of the doll on the right.

Just like the Princess Leia doll, this box also features a quote from R2D2. It reads "Beep, boop, beep." This is a direct quote from R2 in "A New Hope" (and every other movie R2 is in.)

The back of the box is identical to Princess Leia's and features the Rebel Alliance logo (which has since been corrected as I originally called it the Galactic Empire logo.) Huge sorry to all the Star Wars fans! I tend to be a little more of a Star Trek fan but should have caught myself on that one!

I have since found an interview about these dolls with Robert Best and here are some of his comments.

Inspired by original concept art from Star Wars: A New Hope, the Star Wars™ X Barbie® Collection puts a high-fashion twist on iconic characters! In this exclusive interview, Robert Best talks about his love for Star Wars, design challenges, and shares his experience in bringing this new collection to life.
What was particularly exciting or unique about this collaboration for you?
The unique aspects of this come from the collaboration of two unique icons that truly stand alone. Barbie and Star Wars are cultural phenomena like no others and so it’s exciting to bring these two worlds together. I also think it might be an unexpected collaboration and I love that.

The character of R2-D2 is instantly recognizable. What are some of the more subtle ways you integrated elements of the droid's design into the doll’s fashion?
Barbie doll’s hair and make-up firstly are a fun, subtle nod to the signature shapes and colors that fans of R2-D2 will recognize. Her belt is a very specific R2-D2 element that immediately stands out. The silver lining of the puffer vest is also a nice detail.

What do you think fans of Star Wars and Barbie will be most excited about?
As a fan of both myself – my hope is that fans will share the excitement and joy that I had when creating these dolls from this unique and amazing collaboration. For me personally – this was definitely a dream collaboration and I hope that comes through to the fans.

Here are some pictures of the doll from the Mattel Website.
The pictures do her no justice. She is much more beautiful in person.

And I did forget to show off this nice detail on the puffer vest. The red gem! So perfect!
R2D2 is another Gold Label collector Barbie with only 20,000 made worldwide.
So dolly lovers? Want or have the R2D2 x Barbie doll? Or have any other ones in the collection? Let me know in the comments!

Another very extra special post coming up soon. Until then!

Saturday, June 27, 2020

What Girl(s) Have I Added This Time? (EDITED 7/4/20)

Greetings Barbie Lovers!

Have I got the post for you. Just wait for it. :)

First, my sweet Aunt lost her battle with cancer at the end of March. And she LOVED this doll she called "The Pink Lady."

I don't know where she got it but she always loved this doll. Unfortunately I have no place for it and I would hate for it to be stored away. So I told my mom to find someone who would love her and I would take some nice photographs of her to remember it by. 

She had a pretty sizeable inheritance that she willed to my brother and I through my mother as custodian. While the money is still in probate and we don't have it yet, my mom wanted to tell me how to use some of the money. She said she wanted me to buy something where I could tell everyone "This is from my sweet Aunt. She got this for me." I honestly couldn't think of anything. And usually when I get money for me, it goes to either the husband or the boys, just how us mom's are! But she said that this is for me and me only and if I needed a 'loan' to buy something substantial, she would loan it to me until her money was liquid again. 

I thought, and thought some more and of course, dolls popped up in my mind (because why wouldn't they!) And because dolls are and have always been a huge part of my life, I wanted to get something that I wouldn't otherwise have gotten because of funds. We are a single income family so I need to be careful when making doll purchases so I chose something that would be treasured for many years to come.

What?!?! Oh yes I did!

I was glad that this came in the original box from Mattel. I was hoping it would. And I'm glad it did because it still came in the tissue wrap to protect the box. If only all dolls could come this way!

Have you taken a look at the Star Wars x Barbie dolls? They are absolutely STUNNING. I took a solid good look at the dolls on the Mattel website and I will tell you that they are even more stunning in person than in the photographs. I was taken aback at how gorgeous this Princess Leia doll was. 

The box is a most peculiar shape. Kind of a weird pentagon.

The transparent band slides off the top to reveal some concept art and the full beauty of this doll. And while you can take her out of the box for some boxed but deboxed photos, I have read reviews where people had trouble getting them out. So we are just going to take pictures in the box. (And please excuse the background. It's in the bedroom, the perfect place to take pictures with absolutely no sunlight to glare off the plastic.)

So who designed this doll? None other than the master of Barbie Haute Couture, Robert Best! And you know that anything that comes from him is going to be GOOD. He wanted to design dolls based on the original concept art from Star Wars and give them a high fashion twist. Job well done for sure!

This Princess Leia Barbie comes with the iconic two buns hair style. And oh dear, how I wish I could take her out and fix that hair sticking out of her right bun! Necklace is very space age and she has neutral makeup and stars in her eyes.

You can see that around the buns there are braids and hair nets to keep it all in place. Great way to protect the style. 


But her head is still stuck to the box with hang tags. Please Mattel, if this is a collectors doll, we don't want to mess up her hair by the hang tags in her head! STAP please. 

Check out these SHOES! Gladiator type closed toe heels and I love how they positioned the dress so we could get a great look at those. Love!

The dress looks like a crepe material and has a belt that matches the necklace. 
She has bracelets on both wrists and a purse with the Galactic Empire Rebel Alliance symbol on it.

Her sleeves are long to the floor and the dress is fully lined. Such a beautiful touch that adds a lot of body and elegance to the dress. 

She comes with a doll stand that has the Star Wars Logo on the side. 

The left inside of the box has the Princess Leia concept art

The other side has the Barbie concept art

On the side of the box is an iconic Princess Leia quote "Someone has to save our skins." There is another sentence after this one that says "Into the garbage chute fly boy" said to Han Solo after him and Luke are there to rescue her. 

EDIT: I have also found an interview with designer Robert Best where he talks about the making of this doll!

Inspired by original concept art from Star Wars: A New Hope, the Star Wars™ X Barbie® Collection puts a high-fashion twist on iconic characters! In this exclusive interview, Robert Best talks about his love for Star Wars, design challenges, and shares his experience in bringing this new collection to life.
What was particularly exciting or unique about this collaboration for you?
The unique aspects of this come from the collaboration of two unique icons that truly stand alone. Barbie and Star Wars are cultural phenomena like no others and so it’s exciting to bring these two worlds together. I also think it might be an unexpected collaboration and I love that.

With the Leia-inspired doll, how did you approach the task of designing a look that’s fresh, yet honors the original, since the movie costume and hairstyle are so indelibly iconic?
With the look inspired by Princess Leia, I knew that keeping the signature elements would be important and the challenge was making them different enough where it didn’t feel like a costume or a strict recreation. I also wanted to make sure Leia's confidence shined through. I took the hairstyle (that might be one of the most recognizable of all time) and added braids and volume as well as lowering the placement. For the gown I really wanted to amp up the glamour but still keep it relatively clean & simple. We created a stunning white gown with dramatic cape-like sleeves, highlighted with the silver corset belt, necklace and cuffs adding a cool touch of shine and texture.

What do you think fans of Star Wars and Barbie will be most excited about?
As a fan of both myself – my hope is that fans will share the excitement and joy that I had when creating these dolls from this unique and amazing collaboration. For me personally – this was definitely a dream collaboration and I hope that comes through to the fans.

I believe that this is a gold label collector doll with no more than 20,000 worldwide. 

The back of the sleeve reads "The Star Wars x Barbie collaboration is an homage to Star Wars: A New Hope. This eponymous collection, inspired by the film's original concept art, re-imagines iconic characters through a distinctive Barbie high-fashion filter. 

High fashion indeed!

Here is the picture of Princess Leia from the Mattel website.
And as I said at the beginning, she is more stunning than any photograph could ever portray.

And that's all for this time! Have you seen any of the other Star Wars x Barbie dolls? Have them or want to get them? Let me know in the comments!

Next post coming up soon. Until then!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Adventures in Rerooting

Welcome Friends!

This post has been a long time coming for sure. 

I hope you all enjoyed the 2020 Fashion Show! It was super fun to put together and to show you all the new fashions for my vintage dolls (and some newcomers!)

Well, I got a wild hair. I've been seeing people doing yarn reroots on dolls and I got the itch to do one. OKAY, all the ways this could go wrong ran around in my head but I decided to take the plunge and do it anyway! 

So, here are my adventures on this project and how I made it overly cumbersome on myself in the process. HA! And it was an adventure let me tell you!

First, I needed a subject. I dug in the doll bin (again) and found this girl.

I have no idea who she is or what line she is from but she had pretty sparkly pink lips so I thought she would be a great doll for this reroot. She also had some hot glue around her bust. Not sure why.

Her hair was in not that great shape and she also had a dab of hot glue in the hair along with some more on her back.

I bought this yarn on closeout at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago. I used it to make doll beach bags and beach blankets (which turned out great by the way.) I have three bundles of it so I figured why not? Rainbow hair could be a really cool edgy look. Its super soft and called "crayon." 

I figured this would be a great chance to attempt my doll hair cutting skills. And by skills I mean none whatsoever. I attempted a bob. 


...and after. 

Midway through cutting, I realized that synthetic hair is THICK. So I had to do this little by little and it ended up looking chopped to the highest degree. (And here you can see the hot glue on her back.) Naturally, if I were to try cutting again I will take smaller pieces to cut.

I cut more off and honestly, the short look here doesn't look half bad! I actually kind of like it.

I got as much off as I could. 

Now it was head removal time. I've removed doll heads before (from newer dolls) so I know what they look like and how to get them off. However, this one was so stuck on and I almost broke the neck peg. Upon further inspection it seems that the head was HOT GLUED on. I'm not sure if it was because of the hot glue on the body but I know that normal doll heads are not glued on to the neck peg. 

So here it begins. The best way to do this is to grab the leftover hair through the neck with tweezers so you can remove the hair glue and get the head clean before the reroot. Well, the problem with tweezers is that the neck is too small and was squeezing the tweezers shut before I could grab anything with them. So I figured (in my infinite wisdom) to heat up the head and pull the plugs of hair and glue out the top with needlenose pliers. The result was a sticky, icky, gooey, hairy mess.  

AND, I still had a lot of hair to go. AND, there was still hair and glue inside the head.

Yeah, time consuming and irritating (and sticky)

So what do I do now? I watched another reroot video and they used forceps. So project got put on hold until my Amazon order came in with the forceps.
Now comes the needles! Oh this was a fun one. The first reroot video I watched, she used a really thick yarn, looked a lot thicker than the yarn I have. She used a #20 embroidery needle. I asked my mother in law if she had one and she did. Must not have been a #20 because the yarn wouldn't go through and I broke my needle threader trying to get it through. 

So down to the fabric store to look for needles (and another needle threader.) All they had was #24 embroidery (tapestry) needles and #16 yarn needles. And remember, the higher the number the smaller the eye. 

Well the eye of the 24 was too small. The 16 worked but the diameter of the needle was way too thick and wouldn't go through the existing root holes in the head. Back to Amazon.

Ordered the #20 tapestry needles and THE EYE WAS STILL TOO SMALL. The lady said she used a 20! With thick yarn! Grr. Back to Amazon.

I found a #18 chenille needle so I was sure that this would be the one. NOPE. I was almost able to get it through but no good. I can't be buying more needles. So this one had to work. I had to improvise. 

Back to the forceps. Forceps worked GREAT! I was pulling out large chunks of hair and glue that I wasn't able to pull out through the outside of the head with the needlenose pliers. 

It still seemed like there was A LOT of glue in this head and I'm not sure if that was because I had heated the head multiple times and the glue got soft or what. But this was a perfect remedy and worked better than tweezers ever could. 

It was very hard to get the last row of hair that was lowest on the head closest to the neck. I started to scrape with the end of the forceps and that pulled out all the remaining hair plugs in one fell swoop. I also shined a flashlight through the head to check for any remaining chunks of glue (like the one I pulled out above.) I was finally able to get most of it all out. Still had to pull some of the hairs out through the top but that was a non issue. 

Here is little miss baldie. 


Then I found out one of my childrens had played with the yarn I had wrapped around a card for this project. After untangling, in which I felt like I was playing the worlds largest game of Cat's Cradle, I got that all squared away, ready to cut for the hair.

Okay, now the needles. I was thinking I could just bend the eye open a little more, ever so slightly to allow the yarn more room to pass through. 

I guess I pulled a little too hard (which wasn't hard at all!) and it snapped the eye hole.  

Well, it was worth a try at least. Threaded the needle, and pushed it through the first root hole right at the part line. 

Use a pliers to pull the needle through the neck until the short yarn end comes through. Trust me, you need a pliers to do this. Tie a knot at the end through the neck. 

Pull the yarn back through until the knot stops it. First root success!

And then the second root, this happened. 

I have determined that this yarn is too soft and it frays and breaks easily. But that's the reason I wanted it in the first place. It's not too thick (it is apparently for all the needles I tried) and it is just so colorful and pretty! It had to work, I was determined.

I had some yarn pieces that came out of the eye altogether after pulling through the neck (since it's broken) but I started to get a rhythm down of how exactly I had to do this. 

I had to push the needle in as far as I could with a thimble, take the needle nose pliers and push the needle down even further (to the point where it squishes the head) and then reach my pliers as far up into the head as I could to grab the needle and pull it through. Sometimes I would just get the needle and no thread so I had to reach the forceps up in there to grab the yarn so I could get a hold of it. So the process is not too bad overall. 

I did a few more roots and went every other to every two holes trying to alternate the colors. You don't want every hole with a yarn reroot as the hair will be too thick. And the great thing about yarn. You don't need to hot glue the hair in because the knot stops it from pulling back through! So no more hot glue for this doll thank goodness. 

It was nearing midnight and I got this far. 

You can see that some are shorter than the others. As I mentioned some of the yarn frays so I had to cut the ends off after I threaded the needle so It wouldn't end up like the pink strand shown above. But i'm not too worried about the length as I'll fix it up at the end. But it's looking pretty good so far!

The next night I finished around the head. Looking better!

Getting there

And then finally, I finished her!

Not so bad if I do say so myself! 

So this was the result of two broken needles, many snagged pieces of yarn, countless finger pricks and tangled yarn (again.) However, I am very happy with how she turned out. Once I got my rhythm down I was able to finish it pretty quickly. 

So putting the head back on was not easy. The yarn in the head made the neck peg a little tight. I couldn't push the head on all the way. And because the peg was a little broken she ended up with somewhat of a bobble head. Just don't move her and she'll be fine. 

Outfit. I was thinking about the middle outfit from this Sporty Fashionista Closet.

I even have the silver boots! But somehow, the shirt was no where to be found. Probably on one of my dolls...way in the depths of my closet. And I wasn't going to be digging in there, at least not right now. 

So I found this sparkly little number.

The nice thing about yarn hair is you can style it in virtually anyway you can think of. Because it "sticks" to itself it makes it easy for some twisty hairdo's.

Not sure where this skirt and shirt are from but the skirt has a little butterfly on it. And it totally works with her beautiful rainbow hair. 

Her foot had some little chew marks in it so I hid it with these cute little pink numbers. I need to get some of those shoe fashion packs so I have more options like this! I have a lot of pumps, open toe and boots. 

I'm just so thrilled with how it turned out. 

The problem with this yarn is it snags super easy. Since it's super soft baby yarn it really stuck to each other when I was pulling the hair through the root holes. I haven't trimmed it yet, not sure about that yet. I kind of like the uneven lengths. I see a few I want to trim off but not sure about the rest of it. I kind of like it! 

And, I know you're not going to beleive this, I want to do it again! My son had the idea that I should do black and white hair. I really want to do it and I have the most perfect outfit in mind. I think if you would like to attempt a yarn reroot you should definitely do it but only if you have the correct tools to use. It makes it a lot easier.

So what do you think of miss Rainbow Hair? Like it? Not sure or not for you? Let me know in the comments! 

I think I'll work on some of my clothing organization. Seems like a good idea. However next up I have a super special post for you, I hope you'll tune in for that one. Until then!