Tuesday, March 2, 2021

On The Fifth Day Of Christmas...

Welcome Friends!

Well, this is the end of the fabulous Christmas posts. And we've come to the end of an era.

You may remember me telling you about how I keep getting vintage Barbie every Christmas. My dad purchased someones entire collection as she was liquidating so she could buy a cello. She got tired of people coming and picking and choosing little bits and pieces so when she heard my dad was a serious buyer, she was open to taking an offer for her entire collection. I'll tell you, the price she gave him does not even come CLOSE to the price of a cello.

Well, he broke out this Barbie collection over....I think....6 Christmas's? I'm almost sad that there are no more goodies! I've gotten a treasure trove of Vintage dolls and wardrobe, OOAK clothes, accessories, trunks and cases, books...everything you can think of.

But, as all of us collectors do, have a wish list for future purchases. :)

On the fifth day of Christmas my awesome dad gave to me...

A 1970's Trunk with Barbie!

Now as we saw in the last post, vintage Allan was in the trunk! Naked! So I showed him with his new digs. Check the previous post for what he's wearing if you can't recognize it right off the bat. (Hint: Vintage Ken)

Now for the rest of the goodies, I know you can't wait.

Included was this little baby! I never was into Cabbage Patch Kids. I never had one but this little miniature was too cute to not put on my shelf with my other miniatures. She is currently standing by my vintage Midge who is wearing Barbie Baby-Sits. Since, you know, she is looking after the kids and babies. :)

Next we have this stunner. Magic Moves Barbie from 1985!

And I do have that stole (cape?) she came with but forgot to photograph her with it. She is missing the dangly part of one earring but she is the actual Magic Moves Barbie! She has the lever in her back to move her arm up and down. I'm going to have to download some directions so I can figure out how to move her properly. Her dress and stole/cape/shawl is in mint condition!

Remind me of this face mold. I probably could identify her if I could search by it but I forget.

She's super cute with that orange necklace and green earrings! Need to fix that hair though. She needs a rubber band. Can anyone ID her?

While I wasn't able to identify the girl shown above, I was able to find this girl on a whim! This is Vacation Sensation Barbie from 1986!

Vacation Sensation Barbie came with an assortment of luggage and bags and a couple of outfits for vacation fun! What a treasure! And I do have her right pocket. They are stuck on with a type of glue and it fell off in the trunk.

Someone did her hair in a beautiful braid. I liked it so I kept her hair as is!

I didn't take a picture of this girl before I prettied her up. She was wearing some kind of tattered dress and her hair was in a heinous braid. So she got a shake out, a brush and a change of clothes!

This might be a OOAK outfit but it was really well made and sharp looking so I put her in it. I like it! Better than...whatever she was wearing before.

Beautiful full 90's Barbie hair. After my heart!

And lastly, this girl.

The dress I'm sure is some kind of clone fashion but there is no sort of a tag anywhere. So if someone knows, let me know!

Her hair was wrapped really tightly in this piece of fabric.

Looky what came in the trunk! Crystal Barbie!

The Crystal Barbie dress was MINT. It was like it wasn't even on a doll at one point. It was too pretty to keep in a bag so the last doll shown above was the proud recipient of this new dress. She got a spa day because her hair was so tightly wrapped that it stayed in a no-so nice side swept wave. Looks like she just spent a windy day on the coast.

Don't you love her?

Now, the fun! Clothes! But first, accessories! We have an assortment of brushes, some hangers, shoes (I think all except a couple pairs had mates!) and a fun little hair dryer in the upper right, a tennis racquet and a camera. (Maybe for Vacation Sensation Barbie?)

Now, you will be happy to know that I am getting pretty good at clothing ID's! All it takes is pouring and pouring and pouring over photos of dolls and clothes and finding the right one that matches what you have. Then once you have the exact name of it you can search by that keyword for better pictures. It takes time. (And the hardest are clone fashions.) So I will list the ones I have identified!
Here it is, just not on the doll. The cape, whatever it's called, for Magic Moves Barbie.

Here is a top but I really wasn't sure if the red cape went with it.

Then I noticed that this skirt matched the top and found that this is a Barbie Twice as Nice Reversible Fashion.

Upper left hand corner. Unfortunately I don't have the fabulous belt!

And looky here! Another Twice as Nice Reversible Fashion! Lower right hand corner on the picture above. The magenta polka dotted dress is a Barbie Fashion Fun called Everyday Outing from 1983.

Speaking of Twice as Nice, I have this one still in the package! I got it quite a few years ago.

This dress is from a 3 Fashion Gift Pack from 1995-1998. I wasn't able to find the exact year. 

This is a handmade fashion. Navy pants and jacket.

Another well made OOAK fashion. Dots skirt and blouse.

This is a Barbie Fashion Favorites dress from 1992.

Not sure if this is a clone dress or OOAK. No tags.

A pair of thick OOAK slacks.

LOVE! Fashion Jeans Barbie from 1981! The Barbie logo is missing from her shirt but the rest is there! In fact, I think those pink boots from the accessories picture is to this outfit!

No tags on these two little summer dresses. I'm liking that gingham one!

A strapless red gingham dress. The darker long dress is the dress for Steffie from The Sunshine Family. I have her!

I'm not sure if this dress is OOAK or clone. Cute though!

Okay friends. You've GOT to help me with this one! The pants are from Workin' Out Barbie from 1996. I cannot for the life of me place these shorts! The colors and print are an exact match on the outfit on Rollerblade Kira. There is even a Rollerblade Barbie Fashion that matches the prints and colors too. But none have these shorts! HELP! It's driving me crazy!

Can anyone place this robe? It's really well made!

Same with this robe. Either someone was an amazing seamstress (which is possible, my MIL is!) or these are clone fashions. They look a little TOO nice for factory if you know what I mean.

A pair of blue OOAK pants.

Another fabulous OOAK suit. Skirt and blouse.

OOAK (or maybe not?) felt jacket

THIS was the dress that the doll was wearing (before I changed her into the navy blue top and striped skirt.) An unfinished dress. There is no hems or anything. So yeah, she needed a little love and fabulous clothes.

I want to say I've seen this jumper before but I can't place it. Anyone know? No tags.

These two items are clone fashions. They have that Made in Hong Kong tag. They are already being problematic to place!

A cute little sundress and a shirt that says "Hiking" on it. I couldn't figure out if it was for Barbie or Ken. Well I finally found it. It is for Barbie and it's a 1993 Great Weekend Fashion.

OOAK turtleneck and vest. Nicely made!

OOAK dresses.

Oh. I had no trouble with this one. She's been on my wish list ever since she came out in 1989.

Dance Club Barbie

OOAK vest and slacks. I think the grey slacks above are the ones that really go to this vest.

Another OOAK turtleneck and jacket.

Two dresses. One strapless with tulle around the waist and another simple brown and white dress. Not sure if OOAK.

This has no tags but I'm positive it's not OOAK. It's that pleather material that likes to deteriorate after time. Anyone know where it's from? Contains skirt, dress, cape, coat and hood.

Ah look! Recognize anything? :) The swimsuit is from 1985 Tropical Barbie. The yellow flower in the original dolls hair is actually holding the braid for Vacation Sensation Barbie above. The white shirt with the rainbow border I can't place. It's missing the Barbie logo from the front but I don't know where it's from. Does anyone know? There is also a striped halter top and some shorts with an orange bow on the legs.

There is a green tank with blue trim, maybe for those shorts that I can't place? Some misc. purses and a striped bib. The green tube top I put with Hawaiian Fun Jazzie.

And....that's it! Hope you enjoyed looking through this box of goodies. And if you happen to know anything about some of the clothing items, please do let me know! :) Any help is very appreciated.

Do you have any of the dolls shown at the beginning? Or maybe you have this trunk in your collection? Do any of the OOAK clothes strike your fancy? Let me know in the comments!

I have a fun doll to feature for you next time. I hope you like it as much as I do. Until then!