Sunday, January 19, 2020

Little Box of Treats

Welcome and Happy New Year!

I hope that this new decade is shaping up to become a great year for you. And today looks like a great day. The sun is shining and I can finally take some great photos of the dolly goodies that I received for Christmas this year. 

Christmas seems like it was so long ago even though it was less than a month. My kids are already asking when Christmas is going to come again. So funny! 

But before I get into the really big posts I have one little item that I forgot to post up here. 

This tiny box. I don't remember if my dad paid the whopping $2 for this. :)

But inside are some tiny accessories. We love those!

First the shoes. These definitely look like they are from Dawn dolls. The one on the left, I'm sure I have a mate for that one!

Some little purses. Maybe also for Dawn? The green purse looks like it could be Barbie sized. 

I heard something rattling around in there and I opened it up to realize it was not a purse but a lunchbox...with a tiny banana inside! This is adorable.

Lastly we have a pink thing (I have no idea what it is) and a pearl choker. Now, which doll to put it on? 

There we go, that will do nicely. 

Just a short and sweet post for today! I'll take photos today and have something up in a couple of weeks. I'm heading out for vacation in a few days so when I get back I'll have the post up! 

Until next time!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Happy Haute Couture - January 2020

Greetings Friends!

I hope you had a happy and healthy holiday season and are ready for a fresh start with this new year. 

In the 2019 Barbie Haute Couture Calendar we had one extra doll that was featured. There is a final page with the first four months of 2020 in the calendar. 

Tea Time With The Girls

Beautiful floral dresses just scream "Tea Time." I have a few dolls in my collection with the title "Tea" in them and they all have a pretty floral dress. Love. 

I could not find this exact dress anywhere but I found one that was similar called Garden Party.
This dress is so simply elegant. And while not exactly like the dress above, this one still has the hat and the delicate bow around the waist. I love it. And I guess this one was just for purchase as a fashion pack so there is no picture of it on a doll. 

But I did find this!
Here it is on a doll but it was sold as a fashion pack. Robert Best says in the lower right hand corner "Beautiful elegant fashions sold separately. It was the perfect way to add fun and flair to the collection."

I agree! Want to spice things up a bit with your silkstone collection? Here you go!

Here is the excerpt from the Mattel website:

"A pretty daytime ensemble, featuring a rose print organza dress, pink chiffon cardigan, straw hat, and straw handbag."

Ok, not much of an excerpt.   

Well, that is it for the Haute Couture calendar! I hope you had as much fun as I did reading about some of our beautiful silkstone dolls. 

Before I close this series of posts, I did hear a few months ago that they (Mattel) is discontinuing the Barbie Fashion Model Collection (BFMC)/Silkstone line of dolls. Which is truly a sad time for collectors as these are beautiful dolls! In a statement I read by Robert Best himself, he did say that he is excited to see what is coming for collector dolls and excited to be a part of it. So maybe we will have more Haute Couture in the future? We can only hope!  

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Dolls, Clothes, and Accessories Galore!

Greetings dolly lovers! 

My house is all decorated and my Christmas shopping is all done. I just made some origami flowers for my son's teachers and I feel like I am ahead of the game. Just need to wrap the presents. Sometime when I can get the kids out of the house for a while. So I feel like I am ahead of the game and can take a little time to post!

My awesome dad got me a box of dolly goodness a couple of months ago. Dolls and clothes and accessories! Accessories are the best so let's leave those for last. Let's first check out these beauties!

I have forgotten who this doll is. Not by Mattel, I think by Totsy? 

EDIT: Not Totsy but Hasbro and she is Maxie thanks to one of my readers!

I like her unique face and she could be real pretty when all cleaned up. 

Classic Ken!

Check out that initial sweatshirt! This is Sun Sensation Ken. I recognize the shorts and the shirt will be shown in the fashions later in the post. 

A My First Barbie!

Not sure what fashion this is though. Any ideas?

I love this one. 

That classic late 70's early 80's face. Have to style her hair to cover up that imperfection by her hairline. 


I actually have this exact Stacie doll NIB. She was advertised that she could share her clothes with big sister Barbie! I love Stacie dolls and now I have another one!

Unfortunately the jacket she is wearing is that weird pleather/leather material and is starting to flake off.  

Now for the clothing!

The bag for the Stacie doll shown above. 

This is the dress for the fabulous Dream Glow Barbie. Maybe the Barbie doll in that floral dress is actually Dream Glow?

Two identical velour suits however the pants have a little different cut. 

A one shoulder jumpsuit. 

Here's that shirt for Sun Sensation Ken. 

This is a pretty outfit. A black jumpsuit with a cape. It even has puffy sleeves!

Simple red dress

A couple of dresses, pink party dress and red strapless dress. 

Striped strapless jumpsuit

Some cute shirts but I have no idea if these are homemade or not. A "Super Smurf" sweater and a Mickey Mouse Sweater. These are after my 80's lovin' heart!

A few swimsuits/leotards. The one on the right is from Wet 'N Wild Barbie (swimsuit changes color!) The middle ones I think are from Twirly Curls Barbie. I wasn't sure what the one from the left is from. I had to put it on a doll because I was unsure how it looked on. 

I know I've seen this before. Where's it from?

A couple of tops

Some more shirts

 A skirt and.....i'm not sure what that is on the right. Skirt? Shorts? Shirt? :)

Some lingerie. A sheer shirt, purple daybra and some panties. 

Some nighties

An interesting selection of pants

Here are some miscellaneous. A summer outfit (not sure if the shirt and shorts go together) a sheer top and swimsuit. 

When I saw this jacket I knew it had to be from Barbie and the Rockers. This is from the Rock Stars Derek doll.

The outfit from FunTime Barbie.

Pink and Yellow shiny pants and jacket

A small assortment of shirts

Floral shirt and brown pants

A My First Barbie dress. I know because I got this one in another lot of clothes. I like the rainbow collar!

Some miscellaneous skirts

Here are some jackets and sweaters. The black is from Rappin' Rockin' Barbie. The letter jacket is from Moxie Girlz but I couldn't find which one. And I was super excited to see this LA Gear sweater. 

This is the most awesome sweater ever! There was a line of clothing called LA Gear Physical Wear. (There was also City Wear and Sportswear.) 

By looking at this picture it looks like that mesh top shown with the shiny teal swimsuit goes with this shirt. I don't have those mesh pants though! (How can that be comfortable for working out?)
Some bibs and pants and shirts and jackets and a bunch of misc! Those black pants might be a good substitute for pants for the LA Gear sweater!

Hats and a pair of leggings, a headscarf and a sleeve from Perfume Pretty Barbie. And the hair tie from Totally Hair Barbie!

AND....the item of the year. 

This is the Barbie Western Fun Camping Playset Tent! Unfortunately I do not know how to put it together. All the poles are numbered but I still can't figure it out. If anyone knows how to put it together, please let me know! 

I contacted Mattel to see if they had the instructions in the depths of their archive but after 2 months I have not heard back. I'm thinking they don't.  

This would be cute to go with the Barbie Magical Motorhome and Camp Teresa but if I can't get it together than I can't use it. But it also came with the cute sleeping bag! 

Now...for the super fun accessories! And some of these are awesome. 

I'm thinking at one point they had the California Dream Barbie Surf 'n Shop because that is where the surfboard is from. But the soda machine comes from the Barbie snack shop. Oh how I would love those two playsets!

The Surf 'n Shop
The Snack Shop
And this. THIS! This is the Magic Moves Popcorn Maker. You wind it up and the little balls in the top move to make it look like popcorn is popping!

There is an entire line of Magic Moves accessories that are just as cute as this one!
More accessories from the Barbie Snack Shop

A collection of purses. The red and pink in the back come with the Snack Shop as you can see from the picture of it above. 

I am not sure what this little sliver thing is. Too small to be a purse. 

Couple of plastic hats and a shovel. 

Some workout accessories like a dumbbell, flippers, tennis racquet and roller skate! (Most likely from the Surf 'n Shop but no mate.)

An interesting accessory. It opens up so maybe a hair accessory?

Assortment of brushes, another dumbbell, guitar, headband from Totally Hair Barbie, and some radios, one comes with the snack shop.

Snack Shop Hamburger Buns!

And shoes! Can never have enough of those. You never know which ones you will want to wear with an outfit!

No mates. I think I have that brown boot.

And lastly, some hair ribbons. And a McDonalds figure of Hawaiian Fun Barbie. 

Well friends, that's all for today! Do you know what some of these fashions are? Have ANY CLUE on how to put that blasted tent together? :) Let me know in the comments below!

This is my last post before Christmas. Stay tuned for some Christmas goodies coming up soon! 

Have a wonderful and blessed Holidays!