Sunday, February 5, 2017

Another backlog from before Christmas (and an ID!)

Wow, I've got a lot of dolly things to catch up on! I'll be posting for a while but that's good right? I love all the people who read this blog so thank you for your support and helping me with my ID's! I plan on hitting the thrift store later this week so I'll see if I can come up with anything good for you to help me identify. :)

But first, as the title suggests, i've got an ID today! This is not something I have but something I totally want and will pay anything for (well, within reason.)

This is a screenshot from the Paper Purse Craft video on YouTube on the My Froggy Stuff channel. This is not my photo or my doll. My Froggy Stuff stamp shown in lower RH corner of the photo.

Anyone else follow My Froggy Stuff on YouTube? She is an awesome crafter and inspires me to craft (when I have time.) I was watching one of her latest videos when I saw this doll wearing the most adorable and cutest sweater. 

I don't know if Froggy made this one herself but the dino print is just perfect. So, HELP! Does anyone know which doll wears this sweater? Google searches for me came up empty. 

Okay, now on to the doll. I had a hard time restraining myself a while ago (in September to be exact.) I purchased some things for my cousins baby shower and I had been mulling around the idea of purchasing this doll for a year or so. I wanted to buy her at the right price. I got her at a good deal and there are not many left on Amazon from what I can see now. But because I am collecting the Way Too Wonderland set, I had to get her too. 

Briar Beauty!

In my opinion, there have not been enough Briar dolls. I love Briar so I think it's good that they made a doll form of her for Way Too Wonderland (also, if you've seen the movie on Netflix, you'll know why she was there in Wonderland.) 

What drew me to her first was of course, that HUGE rose in her hair. But also the pink and green theme. I think they are just gorgeous together. I love the shade of pink they used. Just so perfect for Briar.

It may be hard to see but her earrings are a string of butterflies. And I think the vine collar is a great addition to Briar. It's fun to see other characters with collars, not just Raven.

Following the vine theme is her bracelet also with a butterfly. Her ring is a rose. They are not connected.

Her dress skirt is printed with roses and vines and she also has a blue clock like the other dolls. Her dress top is pink with swirls and wears a silver rose necklace. So perfect, so Briar! (Anyone notice the card suits on the vines?)


These are just wonderful. As I've said in previous posts, if Mattel got into the shoe business they would kill it. The most perfect blue shoes with butterflies and roses!

What detail!!

The back of her hair is nothing special. Her hair is in a ponytail and they put it up in the bouffant in the front of her hair. This is just the ends. But again, that collar! I love how it's kind of transparent.

I've read in places that Briar was a Wal-Mart exclusive when the movie came out (kind of like the Spring Unsprung Kitty Cheshire.) Does anyone know for sure? 

What do you think of Way Too Wonderland Briar Beauty? Has she been added to your collection? Let me know in the comments!

I'll have another post for you all soon. Until then!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Christmas Treasures #1

Friends. FRIENDS.

Look what I have!

Dolly shelves! Please excuse all the random on the shelves. I have a toddler that gets into EVERYTHING. Just after thanksgiving the hubby put these up for me. And this is just the beginning! On the EAH shelf there will be a riser so we can see the faces of the lovelies in the back. The top shelf I'm going to get out some of my vintage Barbies to display. I can't wait to get this more organized!

So today I am going to feature one of my dolly treasures from this Christmas. This was a gift from Jacob. Isn't he sweet? He knows just what to pick out at the store for Mommy! ;) (reality: mommy found this at a black Friday sale.)

The ice cream romper Fashionista!

I know some of you already have her! Actually, I featured her on this blog before about a year ago when I wrote a post about new things I found in the dolly aisle in the store. I just fell in love with her. And she has PINK HAIR.

Seriously, how cute is she?

The romper. Ice cream bars. I can't even......

And she completes the look with white sneaker wedges. 

I love her! So much! She definitely ranks up there in my favorite of the Fashionistas. (no articulation though! hmmm....)

As I said, I know some of you have her! Do you love her as much as I do?

I'll have another post in a week or so! Until next time!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Makeover You're Going To Love

Happy almost February!

This month has flown by. As you get older, do the days get quicker? I think the answer to that is a resounding YES.

But I have been busy so maybe that's why this month went by quickly? Not only have I been busy with work and a toddler, I've been occupied with a project. AND I FINISHED IT. Me! I finished a project! *happy dance*

Remember Miss Courtly Jester. Cool dress. All purple shoes. All purple armbands. All pink headpiece. All pink curled fringe around her waist. All magenta collar. So bland.

So I busted out the acrylic paints and went to town.

*squee* She's PERFECT!!

The hardest part of this painting project was painting the outline of the hearts on her hat. I don't have a small enough detail paint brush for that. And my white paint seems to be super thick. So I just had to do some touch up (and scraping off) after that. 

I am SUPER pleased at how her collar came out. I will tell you that I do not have any purple or pink paints in my collection. Any pinks or purples I did on this doll I mixed and I am stoked on how they turned out. The magenta color is the original color of the collar. The light and 2 colors of dark purple I mixed. I also painted the part closest to her neck black.

I believe if you look at animated pictures of Courtly, her gauntlets are die-cut and you can see through them. Instead of trying to mix a peach color to match her skin, I just painted them white. Remember how I mentioned that I don't have a super fine detail paintbrush? This was another part of the doll that was super hard to paint. So I used a toothpick. I can't believe it worked! And also had to paint the bracelets gold.

Left gauntlet. 

This one was easy to paint. Top is light purple, bottom could be kept the same color. Because of the type of waxy plastic that it was, if I got any paint on the underside, it was easy to scratch off. 

Now for the shoes! Love these. It took me a while to find a pink that I was happy with but I made it work. The gold "chain" at the top of the boot was factory painted.

Left boot

lovelovelove Her boots were already cool and now they are even cooler.

Now I have to figure out what to do with this! 

This came attached around the tall boot. I guess they thought they had to break up the color on the boots. This bow is not on her animated self. This is the picture I used for inspiration.

What do you think of the new and improved Courtly Jester? Does this inspire you to paint yours? I still need to put the curl over her eye. But that requires me to ransack the bathroom for my styling paste so it will stay hard. No clue where it is. I'll find it someday. 

I'll have another post up this week. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I hope the holiday season was filled with much love and happiness for you and yours. I'm going to be honest, I had a hard time getting into the spirit this year. I had a few health issues I dealt with in October/November which made things hard for me. But seeing the delight on my son's face when he saw family and opened packages got me in the spirit real quick. 

As I write this he is trying to take a nap but resisting going to sleep by laying in his crib and taking his pants off. I can't believe he's almost 2!

I also hope that your dreams came true this season. We all have a lot to be thankful for!

I did get some dolly's this Christmas, I hope you got some goodness as well! Whether it's in the form of dolls or diamonds or some homemade baked goodies. YUM!

Before I get into my wonderful gifts from my amazing family, I'll showcase one more doll that I received in the past couple of months growing my collection of EAH! (And because I haven't photographed the new ones yet.) :)

I heard that there will be no more new webisodes of Ever After High! Are they starting to close down this line of dolls? NOOOOOOO.

Whatever they decide to do, I have an awesome collection nonetheless. You may remember that I only collect the first wave and have a couple of spinoff lines, those being Thronecoming and Way Too Wonderland. I added another doll to my WTW line!

The fabulous Courtly Jester!

In the Way Too Wonderland special, Courtly starts out as a villain in the Wonderland Realm (she has the ability to change and look like anyone so that creates some havok in Wonderland.) She has a change of heart and comes back to Book End to attend Ever After High. There was voting on their website to let viewers decide if she should be allowed to attend EAH despite her villainous past. The vote was pretty much unanimous. She was allowed to attend! And boy do I love this doll!

Just look at how jester-like she is! I love the diamond around her eye and her jester hat and her fabulous collar. There is a curl of hair that covers her right eye but I don't think they boxed her that way as it makes her seem, well, not as pleasant as the other dolls. So I'll get on that and give her that curl over her eye. And probably paint the hat too. Give it some dimension. It does have those embossed elements which would totally work with some paint.

Royal and Rebel Pedia Wiki

Dress is not exactly like the webisode version but I do like it. It adds to her funky vibe and they did replicate the turned up tails and her belt very well. Could also use some paint so I'll do that too. 

She wears gauntlets with holes in them, her right one contains bracelets while the left one does not. The bracelets are gold so another thing to paint.


Her hair is blonde with a purple streak in front and no other color in back. She just wears it in a simple ponytail that goes through her collar.

THE SHOES! How can you NOT love these! Besides her light and dark purple tights, one boot is higher than the other and contains a ribbon. It fits so well with the wonderland theme!

Both boots have die-cuts on the side and are super high with spikes. Profile of the right.

And profile of the left. 

And there are also extreme details on the boots too that I'll have to paint. I better get to work! :)
Also, she is the same height as the other Wonderlandians so she matches the height of Maddie, Lizzie and Kitty.

What do you think of Courtly Jester? Is she in your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time where I can showcase the goodies

Monday, December 19, 2016

The Group Grows Again (and an outfit ID!)

Greetings again!

I bet you can't guess what this post is going to be about. ;)

But first as mentioned in the title. One of my readers has an outfit ID I was hoping you all could help with!

This photo is from Lynn. Funny thing because I have the same outfit but no idea where it's from. I don't have the cool hat though. Since I am atrocious at ID's, can anyone help with where this outfit is from or from what year?

Photo by Lynn, via

Onto the new addition! Keeping with the Ever After High line, here is Farrah Goodfairy!

All in all, I like Farrah but she's definitely not my favorite. Skin is a little too pink, it's even more pink than the photograph will show. And there is something about her hair. I'm gonna have to fix that. But I do love the little stars around her eye. However they could have done a little more with her makeup. She's the daughter of the Fairy Godmother. Shouldn't that be like, sparkle and shine and glitter and all that good stuff?

Her outfit is cute, a babydoll dress with a kind of cape overlay. The silver fabric is stiff so it doesn't quite lay right. Have to try to fix that too. I like her star necklace though!

Her dress isn't exactly like the webisode version. The doll has an empire waist dress where the webisode Farrah has the dress fitted around the waist. I'm not sure I can fix that though. And more floof in the hair. I'll have to see if I can make a quick fix like I did on Darling.
Farrah doesn't carry a purse but a magic wand! Perfect for the daughter of the Fairy Godmother.

Going to have to put more curl in her hair but I do love the purple mixed in with the blue. 

And her wings are perfect! They do not interfere with the stand at all (unlike Cupids.) 


lovelovelove. They are an icy blue like her wand and feature a star at the ankle strap and a swirl design on the heel.

All in all, Farrah's a cute doll but certainly not my favorite as I mentioned above. But tell me, will she make it into your collection? Let me know in the comments!

See you next time!

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Group Is Growing!


I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season so far.

I'm back again after an absence. I've been sick so I haven't had much time to blog. But here I am again with a backlog of wonderful friends to show you. While we were in the middle of the Throwback posts, I made some purchases and added to my wonderful collection of Ever After High.  

The first friend I would like to show you is the most beautiful Justine Dancer!

Justine is the first AA doll in the EAH line and she is just gorgeous! She is from the fairytale "The Twelve Dancing Princesses" and she is the 12 dancing princess.

They did a good job of keeping her pretty true to her webisode form so for that I am happy. I can always add some amber details to her crown later. It also seems that the original promo pics of the doll there was black detailing on her corset but changed that to pink for the final release. We know how Mattel can change those details!

Her little crown is attached with rubber bands. I don't think I'll be taking this off as it doesn't look like it will stay well without them. But don't you love her gold eyeshadow?

She has wavy brown hair which didn't seem too matted after it came out of the box. 

As mentioned, her corset bodice stays true to her webisode form as does her sheer upper and sleeves. Her necklace is chandelier style.

Her skirt is yellow with pink bows and ribbons and some black with gold sparkle tulle underneath. 

She has a bracelet with a flower that covers the back of her hand.

Justine's purse has a wavy handle with some embellishments and is non-functional.


I love her shoes. She wears heels just made for dancing! They are silver and open-toe with buckles on the side.

And they have a cute little bow on the front. Love that!

Well, that's it for Justine Dancer! What do you think of her? Will she make it to your collection?

I have another post in the works so stay tuned. Until then!