Sunday, September 20, 2015

Notice Anything?


Sorry for the delay. Things have been hectic as of late. It's been crazy actually! Also been having fun playing with my little babes. He's 6 months already. Can you believe it? 

So, here is a picture of my doll shelf. Notice anything? (Besides the pile of laundry on the table :)

Not seeing it? Let me zoom in a little closer.

Now do you see it? 

Yep, there HE is!

Among my fabulous Wonderlandians is the newest member of my EAH clan and he is THE ultimate Wonderlandian.

Alistair Wonderland! Son of Alice in Wonderland!

The box says "Son of Alice." I guess "Alice in Wonderland" is kind of redundant. But I walked into my local Target to grab some baby essentials and as always, I cruse through the doll aisle. I saw a Faybelle Thorn doll for $15. Then I looked behind her and I saw Alistair and Bunny Blanc. Choices choices....but there needs to be more men so in the group so I chose him!

Hubby gave me the raised eyebrow look when I walked back to the car with him. I told him it was cheaper than I get them on Amazon, I had a 10% off coupon plus a gift card to use. He said they have me hooked. I admit, they do!

Alistair is your typical male EAH doll meaning they all have "Holiday Barbie Hard" hair. Not sure what is up with that so I thought about washing it. But the style holds true to his webisode counterpart so that's good. I like his look!

He wears an overshirt that has swirls on it. The undershirt and overshirt are sewn together with a velcro up the back. 

My husband commented on his little canteen. It's cute and a different twist on the bag or packs that came with the other two male dolls. Alistair is the ultimate explorer so he has a little compass on his canteen to help him get around!

As always, Mattel did a number with these shoes. They are so perfect I just can't even describe. Buckles, buttons up the side and wing tips fit him and look perfect with this outift. 

So much detail!

I like his hair. I really do. But what made me laugh is that his pants are capri length. But it does make it easier for us to put his boots on!

So as I mentioned I'm torn about whether or not to wash his hair since the style does match webisode Alistair. But there is one gal who I wanted to restyle.

Poppy O'Hair.

She also had "Holiday Barbie Hard" hair. Not sure why but this is what it looked like.

Not really liking this "fake" look. So I gave her a fabulous shampoo. 

How do you feel now Poppy?

I am impressed! It is so much shiner without all that goop in it. I also brushed it out and trimmed up some stray ends. I might fix up the front of the purple part, it still looks a little wonky to me. But it's fine for now. 

So pretty!

Poppy with her sister Holly. I think I might give Holly a boil dip to tame those stray ends but that's for another day. 

Well, that's it for today. Do you want to add Alistair to your collection? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time!