Sunday, May 29, 2016

She's "Berry" Sweet!

Okay, that title gave it away didn't it? 

Since I've been on a dolly spending spree lately, when I saw this little cutie, I definitely had to add her to the group!

Introducing...Strawberry Shortcake!

I almost cried when I saw her. You see, Strawberry Shortcake was one of my absolute FAVORITES growing up and I had this exact doll. I saw her at Target for $10 and I couldn't pass her up. 

And....her box is friendly for deboxed pictures!!!

The cutest little strawberry patch backdrop.

Don't you just LOVE that face? CUTE CUTE!

I remember her dress and tights and shoes being identical to these ones. I love when they don't make any modifications to a reproduction doll.

She also comes with a cute little write up on the back of the box. It reads: "Strawberry Shortcake, the little girl with big possibilities from childhoods past and present, is celebrating her 35th birthday in 2015! This special edition reproduction of the original doll from 1980 includes all the original details from her hat to her shoes - including her berry sweet strawberry scent!"

And yes, oh boy does she smell sweet! 

The original dolls were produced by Kenner and this one is by The Bridge Direct. Not sure if they have any relation to Kenner or if they bought the brand from someone who bought out Kenner. 

**EDIT** One of my wonderful readers shared with me that American Greetings held the right to Strawberry Shortcake (as a whole) and the toy companies just have the rights to produce the dolls. So nobody bought out anyone to my knowledge (except does Kenner even exist anymore?)

Either way, they did a great job with the reproduction and I'm so lucky that I found her tucked away on an endcap in Target!

By the way, Strawberry Shortcake is exactly one year older than me! Ha, I'll be 35 in 2016. :)

Friends, do you have any Strawberry Shortcake in your collection? Plan on adding the reproduction as a new addition? Let me know in the comments!

I do want to add, this blog may be scarce in the next few weeks as we will be busy moving into our new house! That means the dolls will be packed up, ready to move to a big room where I can display all of them! (Well, maybe not ALL since my office is also a multi-purpose room for our family) :)

But the next few posts will be some awesome throwbacks from my personal collection. They include all kinds of dolls so no Barbie or EAH this time around. 

See you next time!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Let's all welcome.......#3

I've been doll buying crazy lately!

I have again another newcomer. Yay!

I was shopping at Toys R for a tub spout protector for Jacob. I looked in the doll section and saw a deal I just couldn't pass up. 

Introducing The Teenage Evil Queen!

She was a whole $12 and if I spent $15 I got free shipping. Combine that with the tub spout protector and I had a great deal!

The Teenage Evil Queen comes to us from the Dragon Games movie. She is also known as Mira Shards. (GREAT play on words by the way, I love that name.) 

So just how does Raven's mom escape the mirror and disguise herself as a teenager at Ever After High? There are spoilers below so scroll past if you don't want to read or haven't watched the "Dragon Games" film yet.

*** Apple White is angry because in Way Too Wonderland, Raven signs the Storybook of Legends, gains new powers and is using them for good at EAH. She is now the favorite and most popular among her peers. Apple contacts her magic mirror for advice, The Evil Queen hijacks the mirror and puts her in a trance to travel to the mirror where the Queen lives. The Evil Queen provokes Apple and she throws an apple at the mirror, shattering it and releasing the Evil Queen. She disguises as a student to try to reason with Raven that she should use her powers for evil. She is to pose as Apples new best friend and if not, Mira will tell everyone that Apple was the one who let her free. ***


Mira stays true to her webisode form and I just LOVE her outfit. She has fiery red hair mixed with purple and a beautiful headdress which is held on by hangtags. 

Her hair is in a long ponytail. It's beautiful and soft but did need a good brush coming out of the box. 

She has a chestplate with a small collar and black chandelier earrings. 

Her skirt is beautiful with a lace design on her right side and part of her belt on the left. The "drips" coming off the belt gives it a wonderfully evil vibe! She has a petticoat to make the skirt flare and her trim is black with silver to resemble a shattered mirror. 


These are great shoes. Kind of take on Ashlynn's shoes in that they have a vine spiraling up the ankle.

The vine spiral down the heel and the backs are made to look like the collar both Raven and her mom have. 

I was curious how alike Raven and her mom in Teenage form looked. I can see a resemblance! 

The dolls are actually the same height but the way they are positioned on the stand makes Mira look taller. 

So, let's have a look at the entire shelf! I am going to be sad to see this nice display case go. This is the perfect way to display my EAH collection. I'll have to make a new shelf for them at the new house.

Mira is down on the end table with the lamp. My Way Too Wonderland Lizzie is there too. As you can see, it's getting quite crowded up there! The top shelf is not tall enough for a doll to stand up.   

Well, what do you think of Mira Shards, the teenage evil queen? Will she be joining your collection? Let me know in the comments!

I'm going to start a new mini-series featuring some throwback dolls from my personal collection. It will be fun to take a trip down memory lane and feature some dolls that may be new to all of you! I can't wait to get started on it. 

See you all then!   

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Let's all welcome.......#2

In my last post you saw that I purchased Bunny with a gift card I received as a Christmas gift. I mentioned that I bought a couple of dolls. Here is the other newcomer to the group.

Meet Faybelle Thorn!

I love Faybelle mostly because of her color scheme. Remember back in the day when purple and teal was the IN thing? (it was when I was back in grade school.) Everything had to be purple and teal. Faybelle sports this color scheme and pulls it off really well. 

Faybelle is the daughter of the Dark Fairy from Sleeping Beauty. She has a design around her eye that adds to her fairy persona. In the webisodes she has the design around both eyes but on a doll probably would have been a little much. She has a purple shimmer skin tone (similar to one of the MH dolls) and her headband is vines with a teal bow. 

I'm not sure what her earrings are supposed to be. A key maybe? Anyone know what it is?

Faybelle is dressed in a fabulous tunic with lace tulip sleeves. She wears purple leggings. 

Since Faybelle is the leader of the "cheerhexing" team her purse looks like a pom-pom. Cute!

Faybelle's hair is in a ponytail and her fairy wings are held on in the front like Cupid's. Cupid's however are larger and interfere with the stand where as Faybelle's don't. 


Faybelle wears lace-up teal boots with a design on the heel. 

 Nothing too fancy about these ones. 

Faybelle is a royal as she 100% embraces her evil destiny. I just counted and this brings the count in my collection to 11 Royals and 10 Rebels! 

What do you think of Faybelle? Do you have her in your collection or planning on getting her? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Let's all welcome.......

So I received a VISA gift card from my brother for Christmas and last month realized that I hadn't used it yet. So what better thing to buy than dollies right? 

Well, there were a couple that I just HAD to have in my collection. (In reality I want them ALL but you know, money.)

So I searched for the best prices and decided to add this little girl to my collection. 

Introducing, Bunny Blanc!

Most of you know I just LOVE the Wonderlandians from EAH. Bunny has been out for a while but, because of money, I couldn't get her just yet. She's come down in price so I figured now was a good time to pick her up. 

I like her and she has a sweet face but the gelled hair is such a turn off! I will be washing that the next chance I get. There is an issue with Bunny about some terrible eye wonk. She has a little but it's nothing I can't get past. 

Super duper stiff hair. This really shows the gaps where the hang tags are. Just another reason to wash it out. 

Don't you love her ears and hat?  

She has the cutest mint green skirt with a clock pattern and grey vest with a fur trim. She wears black gloves with cuffs that look like button-down shirt sleeve cuffs. 

Her (non-functional) purse is a clock. Mine has scuffs on it. Not sure if they will come out or not. 


Bunny wears side button knee high boots. They totally fit Bunny's style!

Also if you notice, they have little puff ball "Bunny tail" poms on the back and the heel is shaped to look like an hourglass. Awesome!

And now, I have to take a picture of the entire group together. All the Wonderlandians!

The fabulous Kitty Cheshire, Lizzie Hearts, Allistair Wonderland, Bunny Blanc and Madeline Hatter!

What do you think of Bunny? Is she going to make it into your collection? 

I'll have another newcomer next time. Stay tuned!