Friday, June 27, 2014

Happily Ever After part 5

Well, this could really be Happily Ever After parts 5 & 6!

I begged the hubby to let me dip into my July spending early because these dolls were just released and they were selling fast! Now they are not selling as well anymore and I could have received free shipping! :(

However, they are in my possession and I only paid $20.50 for each doll. Other dolls are priced at $21.99 or I can get them on sale at Target for $19.99. So I didn't do too bad. 

I present to you in my latest Ever After High doll collection.....

Sweet Sisters Holly O'Hair and Poppy O'Hair

Aren't they adorable? I love how they posed them. They really are the sweetest sisters. 

However Mattel made a HUGE flub on the box. 

Take out one of your Ever After High Boxes and look at the back. On the lower left hand corner they always show two royals and list them with a crown. Then two Rebels and list them with a heart. Notice anything strange about this view of Royals and Rebels?

Raven Queen? Royal? oops!


Love these girls.

Let's start with Holly. She is the first twin, older by a "hair" so she took on the role of being the next Rapunzel. And she is perfectly happy and excited to take on the role so she fits in the royals side.

I can't even get over the hairbrush earrings. How adorable.

She wears a beautiful outfit befitting for a princess.

She comes with the standard two-finger ring. Anyone tell what it is? I can't...

Holly has the longest hair yet in an Ever After High doll. However, I personally would have loved to see hair that touched the floor. I will say that her hair took a bit of a brush to get some of the snarls out of it. It was caught under some of the bands and tags that held her in the box. But you can't argue with the beautiful red color. 

THE SHOES! Both sisters have wonderful taste in shoes!

Since Holly has spent her entire life in the tower (practicing) she has to have shoes that show where she loves to spend her time.

OMG! The detail is fabulous in these!

Now for her twin sister Poppy. Poppy was born just seconds after Holly (or was she?) Anyway.... :) Since she is the older younger sister, she gets to choose her own happily ever after and fits in with the rebels.

Poppy is a fabulous hairdresser and where as her sister has to keep her hair long, she likes to cut and experiment with new styles and colors as shown by her hair. But I do have wonder what is Mattel's reasoning for making Poppy's hair "Holiday Barbie Hard." Second doll with this hair and I almost wonder if it really doesn't keep that shape with soft hair. I also had to do a little fixing up to her hair. I had to cut some straggly ends and pick out some gel clumps. While Poppy does everyone elses hair, I will fit the role of being HER hairdresser. :) But it's an awful cute color scheme though!

She loves everything about hairstyling. Right down to her dress with scissors on it. She also has a profound love for scarves. She is wearing a plastic one with three snaps on the back. It took a little adjusting when I got her out of the box. 

She carries a bag full of styling tools. She will be ready at the right moment whenever anyone is having a bad hair day!

AND...I did not know that they come out. Yay for tiny accessories!

THE SHOES! Her love for hairsyling shows through in her footwear. A pair of scissors on the heel!

She has leggings that match well with her hot pink boots. 

Mattel? I wear a size 9. K thanks. ;)

So, here is the Ever After High Shelf! (Shared with some of my fav Barbies too.) And I admit, I love Ashlynn's shoes the best. Again, Mattel? Size 9 :)

Yes....I do have more coming! I can't help it! :) Stay tuned for the newest additions!

Until then....

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Happily Ever After Part 4


I forgot to put this on the last post. If you want to read a little story about Raven Queen before she starts her Legacy Year at Ever After High, this short story is free for your Kindle!
Okay, on to the next rebel.

Today, it is my pleasure to present to you, the last rebel from my three pack...

Cerise Hood!

A lot of people say they don't like her name. I don't mind the name Cerise. I think it's pretty. 

Because she IS pretty! Don't you love the bangs and the white streak in the hair?

Cerise is the daughter of Little Red Riding Hood. I opted to leave her hood up because she really is trying to hide a "Big Bad" secret. :)

Isn't this picnic basket purse just the greatest? It's like Maddie and her teapot purse.

And she has a great ring and cuff bracelet.

But we've got to check this outfit. How cute is this! The plaid totally fits her rebel style and personality without having an outdated or boy-ish look. They did well fitting this into a funky style for Cerise. Love!

Her cloak has an awesome design on it and her hair hangs long down the back. I don't like how the hood has some glue spots on it. Kind of strange since her hood wasn't glued in the box. 

And time for THE SHOES!

Now tell me how cool these boots are. Can you just imagine these for humans? I think they would sell like hotcakes!

Just so great. They are perfect for her.

In kind of a weird scenario, Red Riding Hood married the villain from her story. Cerise's "Big Bad" secret? Having ears larger than normal and being able to out run anyone at Ever After High. However, what happens when you change Cerise Hood to Cerise Wolf?
This is an exclusive doll sold to those who preorder it and are going to San Diego Comic-Con. I WANT!
But since those won't be selling on the second hand market anytime soon, I will live with Cerise Hood and her adorable outfit. Not disappointed at all!

I'll have another post with some new additions in a few days! Until then!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Happily Ever After Part 3


Last time I brought you the fabulous Madeline Hatter, daughter of the Mad Hatter. I also mentioned that I purchased a "Rebel Three Pack" off I am please to present to you the second of the three and Maddies best friend forever after...

Raven Queen.

And obviously her favourite color is purple. :) But it fits her very well!

Raven Queen is the daughter of the Evil Queen, the queen who poisons Snow White with the apple. But she doesn't have a sinister look about her at all.

Her simple look greatly dismays her mother who wants her to be the most evil queen ever. Except there is one small problem. Raven does not want to be evil. She wants to rewrite the book of legacy and create her own happily ever after. Hence, why she is an Ever After Rebel. 

Lets check out this girls outfit!

She comes with a very unique bracelet/ring which is super cool.

And her purse features a mirror and the handle has birds on it. So fitting for the daughter of the evil queen. 

Now check out this outfit! So cute. I love how the ruffles are longer in back than in front, and the bodice comes to a point in the front. I love the "chain" belt and the large collar. They could not have created a better outfit for her.

I just love the black and purple hair.

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for....THE SHOES!

These shoes are wicked cool. They are chain wedges.

They go perfect with her fishnet tights.

With my Ashlynn/Hunter girlfriend/boyfriend combo, I think I need another combo. Guess who has a crush on Raven Queen?

I confess. I CAN. NOT. WAIT. for Dexter Charming to hit the shelves. I may not wait for the price to drop on him. I might have to just buy him outright at the standard $25 price tag. I think he would be the best mate for Raven Queen. What do you think?

I know how some of you feel about Raven Queen. :) I'm the same way. I love her so much!

Friends, is Raven Queen one of your favourites? Love her or hate her? Anyone else anticipating Dexter Charming as much as I am?

So, take a guess at who the last Rebel of the three pack will be! The ones left are:

C.A. Cupid
Cedar Wood
Cerise Hood.

I'll have the last rebel in a couple of days. Until then!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happily Ever After Part 2


Last time I brought you my two newest Ever After High pieces: Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman. I had to buy because I could not resist the cuteness that is Ashlynn. I have them displayed on my shelf in such a cute pose because they are SOOOO in love..... ahhh :)

After I purchased Ashlynn and Hunter, I started looking for deals on the other dolls. I got a killer price at Target for Hunter and Ashlynn, I figured there were other deals to be had, especially since these dolls have been out for a bit. 

I actually found one of the better prices at for "The Rebels" three pack. :) Bet you can easily guess which ones they are. I will feature one here for you today.

And I promised my mom that I would show you her first because, after all, the shoes steal the show!

Madeline Hatter.

Madeline is the daughter of the Mad Hatter and she is just so precious isn't she? 

From what I've gathered from other blogs, Maddie tends to be a favorite among collectors. And why not? She's adorable!

If you've watched the Ever After High webisodes, you'll know that Maddie loves everything about Wonderland, riddles, and of course, tea. That's why they gave her cute teaspoon earrings and a teacup hat. 

And the purse! A teapot! So perfect for Maddie. I kept the rubber band on because I believe the top comes off. 

The beautiful purple and seafoam curly hair. LOVE!

And you can't argue with this adorbs outfit. It just fits her "Wonderland" theme.

However, what steals the show for me, is the tights and shoes. The blue polka dots and the China/teacup inspired shoes are....just....just.....I can't even describe them. Cute seems too mild. They are fabulous! 

Can I get some in a size 9? Please?

Maddie is precious in every sense of the word. I posed her in this silly pose because it fits her personality. :) 

Now don't get me wrong. I love Maddie but I kind of wished they would have given her an open mouth smile. In the webisodes she is happy and giddy ALL the time and the closed mouth seems way too serious for her. 

If you want a fun little read, pick up Madeline Hatters Story for FREE for your Kindle! It details events that happen before they get to Ever After High for their second year. A short read, takes about 10 minutes but it's a fun read.
In a few days I'll have another post for you from another doll from "The Rebel" three pack. See you then!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Happily Ever After


From the title, bet you can't tell what I'm going to write about today. :)

All of you already know that my true true love is Barbie. I've been collecting Barbie since I've been a small child and I love everything about Barbie. But one of the cool things about being a doll collector is getting to branch out with new and different types of dolls. And especially when I see them at thrift stores, I just can't pass them up. In addition to my Barbies I have these additions which you may remember reading about in past blogs.

Monster High Rochelle Goyle dressed in a Draculara outfit. Got her at a thrift store with no clothes. I'm a sucker for pink hair!

Liv "It's My Nature" Sophie Doll. Beautiful glass eyes.

And "Little Rosebud" from my childhood.

I never really got into the Monster High craze but through other blogs I've read, there have been some wicked cool dolls that I've been introduced to. (Wicked? No pun intended!) I do have to say that I love the "Scaris" line. But never really been tempted to buy them. 

Then came "Ever After High." I was really interested to see if these dolls took off as well as Monster High did. First they came out with Apple White, Raven Queen, Briar Beauty, and Madeline Hatter and although they were cute, I never really had any interest. 

Then I saw this girl. 

And I was hooked. I fell in love with Ashlynn Ella. She was so cute!

AND they come with stands. How awesome is that? How could you not love this doll? The shoe earrings, the clock handbag that almost strikes 12?

And the shoes. I don't know who at Mattel designs the shoes for these dolls (and Monster High for that matter) but these are great. I think it would be great fun to design shoes for dolls but secretly wishing they could be for humans too!

And as you may already know, when you buy Ashlynn, you get her secret love Hunter Huntsman as well!

I like Hunter. He's got really stiff hair though. Like, Holiday Barbie stiff hair. But with the way it's styled, I wonder if it would lay like that if it wasn't stiff. I don't want to find out. 

He has some cool shoes too!

They are just so cute together

I didn't go into too much detail because there are a TON of blogs that talk about this first male doll to the line of Ever After High. But I just love them. AND...I will confess, I want to get the entire line. My amazing hubs gives me $100 every month so I'm planning on using that to purchase the first wave of dolls. 

Friends, what do you think of Ever After High? Love them? Not for you? Have them all so far? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!