Friday, August 19, 2016

Teresa's Terrific Throwback - Post 4


I'm back with another one of my throwback posts! Been kind of crazy the last few weeks. Are we all enjoying the summer? Are we all enjoying the OLYMPICS? :) They come to an end on Sunday. It was a fun two weeks watching the best athletes in the world. 

So last time we talked about the fabulous Rainbow Brite dolls that I had growing up. Want to read about it? You can click here and it will pop up in another browser window.

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You all are going to love this post because....I have more Rainbow Brite goodies to share!

Here she is! Different dress and a smaller version than the last one.  

She has an entirely soft body (except for the head). She's the perfect nighttime doll. The white hairpiece at the top pom of her hair is an ornament, it has rainbow waves that cascade down from it. Really pretty but I forgot to get a photo. 

I think I got her at a garage sale at some point. Her clothes are not correct from what we know Rainbow Brite to wear so maybe she's a deviation from one of her movies or something. 

Either way, she's so adorable and I just LOVE her little boots!

And look, she has one of her color kids with her! Here's Shy Violet!

I got Shy Violet brand new although I don't remember where. Maybe one of my birthday gifts or something. Notice how their hair is the same? When I got Rainbow Brite from the garage sale, my mom helped me make fix Rainbow's the same way as Shy's.

Shy has a little piece of velcro on her right hand. This is so she can keep en eye on her sprite I.Q.!

He's so cute!

Shy Violet's outfit is "correct" so not sure if her and Rainbow are from the same line or even came out at the same time. She does not have removable boots however her jumper does come off. The sleeves are permanent. I just love her. She's adorable!

Now for a special treat. I also have Rainbow Brite's horse, Starlite!

I'll have to do some work on Starlite's leg to get it to stand properly. It took a little fiddling and I ended up having to use the table lamp to create this photo. :) Starlite is not completely plush. It is soft outside but pretty rigid inside, i'm guessing so the horse could stand on it's own. However years in the toybox permanently bent the leg. I'm sure I could bend it back somehow. Starlite has a rainbow color mane and tail and she fits this Rainbow doll perfectly. Love it!

And I had to take some pictures of Rainbow and Shy together. 

Super cute. They are best friends FOREVER! 

This is definitely a collection I wouldn't mind having. I may have to start searching for all the color kids and see if I can track them down. 

Want to familiarize yourselves with the world of Rainbow Brite? is a wonderful resource to learn about the story, the villains, and all the color kids! I stumbled across this site when I was searching for the name of Shy's sprite. :)

So what do you think of this Rainbow Brite doll and her friend Shy Violet? Do you have any of these in your collection? Let me know in the comments!

I'll have more throwbacks for you soon. See you then!