Sunday, December 2, 2012

Day 2: Pretty in Pink - 1990 Happy Holidays Barbie

1990 marks the first year that I received a Happy Holidays doll as a Christmas gift. This was my "big" gift from Santa and boy was I excited!

You get a two-fer today. Two dolls! Only because that's the way I boxed them.


Here is my Happy Holidays Barbie along with my 1989 Wedding Fantasy Barbie. As you see with this box there is no inner packaging. I was 9 when I got these dolls and I took them out and played with them. I changed their clothes, I brushed their hair and when I was done, she was carefully placed back in this box.

As I mentioned in the last post, these boxes have a hard plastic top and bottom and cardboard edges. The box for wedding fantasy had no rigid sides so the plastic "box" she came in collapsed when you opened her up. I still have the box folded up somewhere, maybe I'll find it someday. So to keep them nice, this was their house.

A couple of years ago I checked their hair and dresses and then glued the box shut. Darn it. Now I want to take out my wedding fantasy Barbie. Oh well I guess!

Happy Holidays Barbie is beautiful, all in her favourite color, PINK!


Wedding Fantasy Barbie is equally as beautiful but with a little darker skin tone. Maybe that wedding day tan we all dream of? ;) I can't remember if this doll had the ultra curly hair. I know I brushed and brushed it but somehow I just can't place it. Anyone who has this doll remember how her hair was in the box?


And like the 1989 Barbie, what a dress. I seem to like the dresses with the stars on them the best. And ultra poofy sleeves, so 90's! She also came with an ornament that matches the star design on her belt. I didn't get a picture of it. I think it's in with my vintage Barbie stuff.


There is something about Wedding Fantasy Barbie's dress. I have quite a few doll wedding dresses. Forget about the fact that long and poofy sleeves and high necked dresses are not in style at the moment. This is by far, hands down, the best and most pretty wedding dress I have ever seen on a  Barbie. (not including the dolls that are hundreds of thousands of dollars like the Grace Kelly wedding day Barbie or the Caroline Herrera Bride doll)


As I mentioned at the beginning, this was my gift from Santa. He must have really liked the cookies and the carrot for Rudolph because this was the BEST gift ever!


The back of the box reads "Holiday Sparkle From Head to Toe." Again, my dress never looked like that. :( The picture for framing inside looks exactly like this. No one thinks of pink as a Christmas color. But that's the beauty and magic of a Barbie Christmas!


See you tomorrow!


Andrea said...

She still is gorgeous, despite being played with, you obviously were very gentle and careful with your dolls.

Getting a doll like that for a gift and having to leave her in the box would have been torture for a 9 year old girl. Good you had fun playing with her, that's what dolls are made for.

Pink may be a unusal color for Christmas, but it's Barbie's signature color.

Here is a flickr pic of a boxed Wedding Fantasy Barbie, hope that helps:

Forestminuet said...

Oh yes, leaving her in the box would have been horrible! I love the fact that my mom was very candid in saying, "Take her out and play with her!" I had a friend who was my age who had Wedding Fantasy Barbie and her mom did not let her take it out of the box. She kept it sitting in her window. Sad! So we played with mine! :)

Ah yes, that is what the box looks like, now I remember.

barbiebeauties said...

Wow, what self control from a child! Very impressive. That dress is fantastic, I love 90s Barbie clothes.

Forestminuet said...

I love the 90's clothes too. They were so very....90's! I love the bright colors.

I was very careful with my dolls. My mom taught me well considering how good of shape her Barbie clothes from the 60's were in.