Friday, June 29, 2018

A Post Fit For A King

Welcome Back! 

I hope you all enjoyed the last post of new Barbie Super Mario fashions. They are just so cute!

I can't get enough of these girls.

I have another newcomer today. 

It is The King himself! Elvis Presley.

I found this at a garage sale. It was an estate sale and he was sitting as a decoration on an end table, probably where he had been for years. So I snatched him up. I HAD to!

He is in pristine condition. A little dusty but that ain't no thing. :) (And the brown thing on his shirt is a petal that got stuck there from being in the car)

From searching online, I am being told that this is one of the outfits from his movie "Jailhouse Rock." His guitar is very detailed but unfortunately missing one of the tuning keys is broken off. And after this photo was taken, my son dropped the guitar on the floor and another one broke off but I was able to find it and glue it back on. The joys of kids!

His shoes are even detailed like they are in the movie. I have since cleaned them up and they turned out perfect. They are a soft vinyl so they were a little more difficult to get any scuffing off of.

And unfortunately I don't have a complete stand as this one didn't have a base. But Elvis stands perfectly on his own. 

Here is a picture of the doll in the box. There have been many variations of Elvis dolls through the years and even Barbie Loves Elvis dolls too. I even saw a box of three Tommy Loves Elvis dolls. So cute!
Personally I would LOVE to have an Elvis doll of the White Thunderbird Jumpsuit. 

Side Note: Did anyone watch the Stanley Cup Finals? Hockey this year? One of the teams in the finals was the new NHL team the Vegas Golden Knights. It was SO FUNNY to watch those games and see a group of Elvis impersonators in the front row! 

I also added another pair of dolls to the collection. 

This is the 1998 Target Special Edition Halloween Party Barbie and Ken Gift Set. How cute is this? AND...the box is friendly for boxed but deboxed photos!

How many of you have dressed up as a pirate for Halloween? I have. :) And Barbie and Ken are so adorable. 

This is a classic 90's Barbie head mold and she wears a do-rag and gold hoop earrings.

Also wears a gold bracelet and ring. Gotta show off that pirates booty!

 She has velour boots.

Also comes with a treat bag full of candy and a goblet for her favorite Halloween themed beverage.

Ken is dressed in a pirate hat with a skull and crossbones, vest and purple shirt. OH, and the eye patch!

He also has one gold earring in his left ear.

His pants are red and white striped with a jagged hem and just like Barbie, velour boots.

The back of the box mentioned that Ken had a ponytail. I didn't notice until I looked closely and yes, there it was!

And also like Barbie, has a treat bag with goodies and a goblet for drinks.

Here is a picture of the back of the box. Not my photo, I forgot to take one before I stored these away. It reads:

"It's a Halloween costume party. And shiver-me-timbers! In their fantastic his and her pirate costumes, Barbie and Ken dolls are the winners of their costume parade contest! (Check out Ken doll's cool pirate ponytail!!)

Invite your friends to join Barbie and Ken at a Halloween party at your house!

Put on a Costume Parade! Your friends can vote for the best costumes in these categories (or come up with your own.) Give the winners an award like this: Most Creative, Scariest, Fanciest, Silliest."

And also the Halloween Safety tips that are on every Halloween item. (Stay in well lit areas, go with a group, flashlight, etc.)

It also said that there are doll sized invitations and awards inside. I had to look a bit to find them. They weren't in the box loose but were taped to the insert on the back. Along with the brush!

And there you are! That's it for this post! Do you have any Elvis dolls in your collection? How about the Halloween Party Barbie and Ken? Let me know in the comments! 

I'm also getting one more post ready for you all. I'll have it up in the next week or so (pending child care/mommy duties!) 

Until then!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

It's-a me, Mario!


The kiddos are in bed and I have a few moments to get a post ready for tomorrow morning (today!) I have some awesome things to show you. 

Late last year, I watched some YouTube videos about the things that people saw at toy fair. One of the big things was the Hello Kitty Barbie fashions. Then they came out with Care Bears. I also saw they had Super Mario fashions. 


I collect dolls. I'm also a huge gamer. So when I happened to take a quick swing through the dolly aisle and saw them on the shelf, I almost jumped up and down.

These are the larger sets that come with two accessories. I was unable to find the singles. There are four of those so I still have to get them but this is all three of the larger packs. SCORE!

My favorite video game series are The Legend of Zelda and Fallout. But Super Mario has always held a special place in my heart. Nintendo is my favorite console/game manufacturer as this was the one I grew up with. (Xbox/Microsoft is a VERY close second.) I remember my friend and I staying up all night long to play through EVERY level of every world in Super Mario Bros. 3. And then constantly dying on those air ships you have to play through at the end of each world. (And then restarting the game with the Game Genie code so you can multi-jump and bypass the entire level) ;) 

Then getting the dreaded "Thank you Mario but our princess is in another castle?" THE WORST! 

Also being a lover of Paper Mario and Mario Kart, I had to pick these up when I found them in stores. 

Let's cut to the chase and get these out of the boxes!

First I needed some candidates so it was into the closet storage to scope out some newer bodied dolls. And let me tell you, it was much easier to get in there now than when I was 8 months pregnant!

The first outfit was the one from the teaser photo in the last post.

So how many knew the name of this was "Boo-Diddly?" Funny, I looked this up to make sure I had the correct spelling of "Diddly" and I saw this on the wikipedia page:

Boos, known in Japan as Teresa (テレサ)

Say WHAT? That's my name. I guess i'm a ghost.

Anyway, here is the super cute dress on a doll!

I've been watching videos that show that the new Barbie fashions are a fit for all body types. Some of the fashions, while they fit the original dolls, are a much better fit on the curvy body type. This dress might be a good candidate. 

Good thing I have a curvy Barbie! The one my dad gave me a few months ago. The Barbie Careers Pop Star!

And yes, this does look MUCH better on her. And that pink streak in her hair is a perfect fit.

I had to pull it down a bit, it didn't want to fit real well on the chest of both the regular doll and the curvy doll. The dress has on it pretty much every character you can find in the Mario series. She comes with a red purse.


A yellow watch is also attached. 

Shoes are not included but I paired it with a pair of light pink sandals because it's summer time!

 Next we have this fabulous ensemble.

Some of you may remember from a long time ago, this doll was one that sat on my shelf when I had my display in our other house. It's the Cool Lookz Trendy and Bendy Barbie. All those beautiful curls just had to be on display again.

This outfit has a red top with a big picture of Mario on the front. Her accessories are a gold necklace...

...and a gold spiky bracelet.

The skirt is just awesome with a blue tulle overlay. The skirt is a little big so might fit better on a curvy doll. I pull it down a little, I think it's cute to have the shirt be a kind of a crop top.

I paired this one with a pair of gold strappy heels. These shoes were a pain in the rear to get on!

Lastly we have a fantastic Princess Peach outfit. I wondered if this one would fit better on a curvy doll so I tried it out. 

Not so much. The skirt is a little tight on the hips so this one is definitely better for the regular dolls.

The sleeveless shirt has coins on it and the top of the overalls have a picture of Princess Peach and a pink mushroom. The first accessory is a pair of sunglasses.

They look kind of ridiculous on so I left them on her head. They make me giggle every time I see them!

Her second accessory is a white spiky bracelet.

Her skirt has a picture of Bowser sweeping away Princess Peach with Mario chasing after.

And a question box and fire flower on the other side.

I paired this outfit with a pair of yellow go-go boots.

And lastly, remember how I purchased the Hello Kitty fashion that was Little Twin Stars? My favorite Sanrio character?

Well they also had a fashion single of Little Twin Stars that I picked up some time ago.
So I dug out some pants and popped this one on a doll.

The shirt fits really well and is so cute with the flutter sleeves.

The pants are from a Cutie Fashionista Closet. When I saw they had rainbow stitching, I knew they would be perfect.

And since this doll has beach feet, the only shoes that would fit are these pink flip flops. Good thing I had them!

I'm very happy with these fashions and I can't wait till I get my hands on the rest of them. When I get them I'll pop them up here! I hope I can get them. I have been very lucky and have found all of the Hello Kitty and Care Bears ones at Wal-Mart. These I found at Fred Meyer! I won't stop looking until I get them all.

Friends, what do you think of these? Like them? Not for you? Let me know in the comments!

Some new cuties will be featured in the next post. Until then!