Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Teresa's Terrific Throwback - Post 3


I'm back with the latest installment of my throwback series! It's fun taking a trip down memory lane, isn't it? 

If you missed the first two posts, you can click on the links below! They open in a new window so don't be afraid to click and read!

Throwback 1 

Throwback 2 

Well, shall we see what we have today? 

Another favorite from my childhood

That's right! The yarn hair Rainbow Brite doll!

I had many "favorites" as a child but there were the big three: Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie, and Rainbow Brite. I had bed sheets, dolls, clothes, blankets, towels....if it had Rainbow Brite on it, I had it. 

This doll has definitely been loved. She had an emblem on her chest (on the red part) that has since fallen off and she is a little dirty. Her entire body is soft and made of nylon so it should spot clean nicely. I also gave her a fabulous rainbow bracelet to wear. 

Do any of you recall Rainbow Brite? Each of her friends had their own "sprite" who gather the color crystals. Hers is named Twink. He was in the toy box too! Unfortunately he was not as fluffy as usual because I washed him and his fur became matted. But he was very dirty so now he's clean and smells nice. 

And here they are together. BFF's!

I also found in the box, the sprite for La La Orange. His name is O.J.! He did not get washed and if you bounce him up and down, he squeaks! He is just a little smaller than Twink.

Do you have any Rainbow Brite dolls or toys? Let me know in the comments!

I'll be back soon with another post!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Teresa's Terrific Throwback - Post 2

Finally! I got the photos uploaded and my computer desk semi cleared off so I can type up the next installment of my Throwback posts! 

Did you miss the first post? You can reread it here! Also, all my links open in a new browser window so you won't lose your place with this new post. So feel free to go back and read if you wish!

Let's see what else was hiding in the fabulous strawberry toy chest (which looks great in my son's room by the way)

It's a wonderful doll from my mom's childhood!

I LOVE her! She is a very unique doll with a soft body and a kind of paper mache face. She wears a jumper dress with little soft sneakers.

She has a cute expression.

Unfortunately from lying in the toy box, her dress and hair are matted. I love her pigtail braids. I'll have to take the dress off and wash and iron it. 

Except this dress is sewn on her. There are no snaps, zippers or buttons. I'm thinking I could loosen the threads but not sure if I want to go that far with such an old doll. 

And something is wrong with her right shoulder. Upon further inspection, it looks like her arm is falling off. I also see in the photo above that the right sleeve hem has been stretched out when compared to the left. I'm thinking that my Grandmother may have tried to fix it at one point. 

Her legs are in perfect condition and have a unique joint so she can move her legs back and forth!

And remember in the movie "Toy Story" when Buzz Lightyear states that he has been accepted by his owner Andy by having his name on the bottom of his boot? 

My mom accepted her doll too. 

I traced over it with a fine sharpie marker and then covered the bottoms with clear transparent tape. I had to really struggle to see where it was written as it was with pencil. 

So that's it for this time! What do you think of her? And like the last doll I featured, she does not have a name either. Any ideas for cleaning and pressing her dress? Maybe I just have to be careful and press it while on her? Let me know in the comments!

I'll try to have the next post up in a couple of weeks. Until next time dolly friends!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

What's (Not So) New in Dolly Land?

*So as I've been told, these dolls are not new but just arrived in my area of the US. Sorry for the lack of information and for my little corner of Oregon stuck in the dolly stone age!*


I apologize for the lack of posting. But we are finally unpacked and in our new house! I was also talking with my builder about some ideas for my Barbie room. How exciting will it be to decorate! Unfortunately that room has been the catch-all while moving in so it needs some work before we throw up shelves for my dolls. But soon I'll be able to show the finished product. And who knows? Maybe in due time I'll be able to show a video tour of my collection!

I do have another throwback post to get up but I have to get the photos edited first. Until then, I took a cruise through the dolly aisle and saw a unique doll collection that I wanted to share with you all. 

Featuring, the "Project Mc2" collection!

I saw these and had to take a closer look. How fun!

This doll is "Adrienne" and she has a recipe to make your own perfume! They come with a little flask and materials so you can be science-y just like Adrienne.

These dolls all have a certain "theme" and super cute outfits. I see some knee articulation but not sure of any other joints. I'm in love with her face but the best part? She has ROOTED EYELASHES! lovelovelovelovelove. I knew you all would love that too! I know how much we love rooted eyelashes. 

If you look at the top right of her box you'll see an acronym that spells S.T.E.A.M. These are the "themes" for each of the dolls. S is for Science and you'll see a check mark for Adrienne. (She also has math checked but you can't tell in the picture.) In order they read: Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, and Math. Let's see the next in the group!

This is Camryn and she comes with a kit to make your own robot! Comes with antennae, eyes, nose and a mouth to make your own robot and you provide the body. (I don't think I'd use a strawberry as they show but hey, you never know!) She features the engineering and math themes and check out her super cool outfit! This doll is also adorned with beautiful red hair.

There was one more on the shelves and honestly, it's a toss up between her and Adrienne for my favorite.

This is McKeyla and she is a spy type theme featuring science and math. You can make your own invisible ink pen. She has long, light purple hair that is so incredibly super cute. I love her spy trench coat and check out her shoes!

Absolutely love the Union Jack shoes. I think they may be playing a little on the James Bond theme here. LOVE!

These are the specialty dolls but they also have a basic line that doesn't come with the fun prop. But the outfits are just as cute, although not as extravagant and tells their last names. 

Adrienne Attoms

McKeyla McAlister. Her shirt says "I Like Big Books and I Can Not Lie" HA!

And also, Bryden Bandweth. I'm sure she's featured in the tech and math category. I think this is the cutest outfit of all. A sweatshirt that reads "I am the Sharpest Pencil in the Box and leggings that have numbers on them. 

Bryden also has an experiment doll and she can make your own light up bracelet. Camryn has a basic doll although there was not one on the shelves today. Her name is Camryn Coyle. 

I just looked this up and it's a series on Netflix with the tagline "Smart is the New Cool." They've been approved for another 2 season on Netflix. 

This is the first I have heard of these dolls! Friends, have you heard of them before now? What do you think and are they going to make a way to your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Again, I'll have another throwback post coming very soon (as soon as I get the pictures uploaded!) Stay tuned!