Saturday, February 20, 2016

A Very *Vintage* Barbie Christmas Part 2

Welcome Barbie Friends!

Well, it's been a few weeks since I've posted an update. Been getting ready for my baby's first birthday! Can you believe it's almost been one year already? I can't believe it. Life moves way too quickly! 

As the title suggests, there is a second part to my very vintage Barbie Christmas! As shown last time I got 4 fabulous new vintage dolls. Well, what goes best with Barbie? 

Her wardrobe!

Vintage Clothes! *squee* I think we are all in agreement that we love vintage clothes! 

1. A fun ballet outfit. This is the Vintage Barbie Ballerina #969. The cool thing about this one is it still has the ballet program which, as mentioned by the Fashion Doll Guide, is very rare. It is also missing the crown. I love the little bag for the ballet slippers!

2. This beautiful green skirt and bolero jacket. This is Theatre Date #1612. I do not have the hat or the white satin top that goes under the jacket. This is so beautiful! I love the green! It also goes with green open-toe pumps. I may have some I can put with it. 

3. Some of you may remember (way way back when I started this blog!) this outfit as I have my mom's original outfit on my Sandi doll. This is the Satin n' Rose #1611. I do have the pillbox hat and the open toe pumps with the glitter! This fashion has the 4 main pieces of the outfit. I do have to say that this outfit is much cleaner than mine. Mine was played with a ton when I was little. This was one of my favorite outfits to put on Barbie!

4. This is so pretty! These pieces were actually sold separately in Fashion Pak's from the Satin Mix and Match Group. I love the pink glitter and it even has the pillbox hat with it! The jacket is identical from Theatre Date. The glitter is still intact! I need the shirt though. The shirt is identical from the Satin n' Rose Pack.

5. One of my absolute favorites of all time. This is Enchanted Evening #983. So beautiful, I have the reproduction displayed at all times no matter where I am living at the time. This is not the original stole. Anyone know what outfit the stole is from? (Enchanted Evening had an entirely white stole.)

6. This cute little top is from the Barbie Resort Set #963. Have to find some cute shorts I can put this with!

7. How cute is this??? As shown in the paper, this is Picnic Set #967. Missing the fishing pole though and unfortunately two different shoes. I don't have the checkered shirt but I do have one from my mom's original fashions that would work perfectly! I love the bag and hat!

Shoes are so rare so I'm doubting that I could find a matching pair.

Here is my mom's vintage shirt that I could add. From the Fun at the Fair outfit. Would be so perfect for the Picnic Set.

Also included in the mix of fun vintage clothes are some clothes for KEN!

8. This little yellow shirt is from the Vintage Ken Casuals #782. Needs a wash though!

9. This fun red sweater is from a fashion pak. I love this!

10. LOVE! This is Ken Terry Togs #784. With the towel and robe in great condition! Even comes with tiny accessories like the soap and razor! No slippers or comb though. 

11. And this one is my favorite of all! This is Boxing from 1963. No shoes and socks. And did this one also come with a white tee? I love the boxing gloves! This is so fun. 

There were also some other things that I got with the clothes. I got a pack of hangers and some accessories that had not yet been removed from the plastic packaging.

I also got this fabulous wardrobe! 

Missing a drawer but this is so great with the places for shoes and everything!

It looks like it was made by the Susy Goose company. 

I also got this fun storage bench!

So where did all these vintage things come from? My dad found a doll collector who was liquidating her collection so he picked out some things that he thought I would like. I LOVE THEM ALL! Since they were purchased from a collector all the clothes were in plastic bags (like you see in the Ken Terry Togs picture.) Even though some of the clothes are dirty I do see that she did take good care of everything she had. 

Friends, do you have any of the pieces shown here? It's going to be fun to dig though all my dolls and dress them up in these fabulous vintage pieces! I love getting the old body style for that purpose. Now I need a couple of vintage Kens! 

I do see that the look of the blog has changed a little bit so I'll have to fix that so bear with me as I change it around a little bit

See you all next time!