Monday, May 20, 2019

Antique Store Goodies

Welcome Friends!

A couple of weekends ago my dad came over and we went to a really cool antique store. I went here a couple of years ago and LOVED it. I'm not much for antiques but love to look. However this store I fell in love with! There is such an assortment of cool things and it's not like, antiques where you can't touch anything because it costs $300. It's definitely a place where you can touch and haggle and there are people of all ages in there. Even kids! 

So I am here to show you what I got. Believe me when I say that there is definitely something for everyone! 

First, I saw a ziploc bag full of doll furniture!

This is dollhouse sized furniture so not for our 11 1/2" dolls. But would be perfect for our Stacie or Kelly dolls. 

First, this wooden armchair. Would be super easy to make a seat cushion for this chair. 

A little end table

 The kitchen sink with a little drain board!

A nightstand with lamp. I LOVED the little lamp!

An old radio. This and the lamp were by far my favorite pieces in the set.

And lastly, a kitchen table with two plates. 

So cute! I wiped them all down with a little Pledge to give them a shine (and clean and protect) and then wrapped them in some paper towels until I find out how I want to display them. 

Now, for the pièce de résistance

Our family has grown by one. We are now a 5 person family. :)

Now I am not a porcelain or bisque doll collector. I have a beautiful Jackie O wedding day porcelain doll that I am needing to sell because I just don't have room. And my passion is Barbie. But I saw this little sweetie and I picked her up and put her back. And then picked her up again and didn't put her down until I was back in the car heading home. 

One reason is she was in SUCH good condition. Her outfit was not ripped or dirty. Her hair was intact as well as her eyelashes. She was not scratched, scuffed or dinged. She was perfect. And she came home with me. 

She has a soft body and she is also weighted. All I have was a luggage scale so I could get a rough idea of how much she weighed and she is about 2.2lbs. (1010 g. my scale weighed in grams and I couldn't change it!)

She has porcelain hands and head. With tiny little nails!

See what I mean about the dress? Mint!

The hair was a big one for me. All intact. And those eyelashes!

Under the hair is a marking. Sugar Britches Reproduction. A Boots Tyner Design. 1986. One reason it's in such good condition is because it's not that old. I couldn't find a whole lot about Sugar Britches.

I decided to pose her a little bit with some blankets so she looks more comfortable than just sitting up on my bedside table. I am so in love with her!

Also that weekend there was a flea market. No dolls but I did find this book!

What a great book about the legacy of Barbie. I've read it already. :) And it has some cool details like an actual letter that you would receive if you wanted to be a part of the Barbie Fan Club and the booklet you would get with the dolls that showcased some of the fashions! Like this one. 

And that's all for today? What do you think of the new additions? Know anything about the Sugar Britches dolls? Let me know in the comments!

Believe it or not, there are more fashions coming up in the next posts as well as some more cuties that I got for Christmas. Until then! 

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Christmas Clothing Haul

Greetings Dolly Friends!

The sun is shining and it's getting warmer outside. Are you ready for summer? I am ready for sunshine of any kind because that means I can get the kids outside for some healthy play and good ol' fashioned RUNNING. So they can sleep like little angels at night. Here's to hoping right? 

Well, there are lots more outfits in this post today. Where the majority of the last fashion post were Best Buy Fashions, these are from.....I have no idea. If they have a tag I'll mention that. So let's dive in!

This is a swimsuit and headscarf with a hole in it for a ponytail.

A collection of a fur scarf, one slipper, a pom pom and cotton scarf. 

Lingerie set with bras, panties and some arm bands. The shirt in the middle has a snap closure.

Two strapless leotards, one gold and pink, the other silver. Both have a zipper closure and the silver one has a genuine Barbie tag. I thought it was from the vintage Barbie ballerina however that leotard has a tutu attached. 

A hat and two purses.

Two tops

A collection of a long sand short skirt and two swimsuits/leotards

A red dress, tube top and panties.

 Three swimsuits/leotards

A glove, head bow, purse, armbands and fir pom pom. It has an elastic loop so maybe a hair accessory. 

A large collection of tights!

More lingerie, this time with a yellow theme. 

This set reminds me of a piece that was in my mom's Barbie collection that I played with as a child. 

This is so cute. A little shoe box with shoes! 

All closed up. So cute.

Teal jumpsuit. Tag says "A Genuine Barbie Fashion."

A hat that has a description of "Pretty Changes Barbie."

Let's verify with my doll. Yep! It's in the first window.

Gold accessories! We have purses, shoes, hair bows and accessories, armbands, and tights. 

Either the hairband or bracelet from All American Barbie. 

Beautiful purple nightie and lingerie set. The nightie and robe on the left has a purple Genuine Barbie tag with the B (seen in the 80's and 90's.) The set on the right has a Made in China tag so possibly Barbie clone fashions. Still pretty though!

Light pink dress and lace socks.

More underwear! Bloomers, shorts and socks.

Navy stretchy jumpsuit.

Crazy mod shiny pants!

Silver pants that really look like they are from Barbie and the Rockers. Unfortunately the elastic is going bad.

Pants with ric-rack down the front. 

Blue trousers with ric-rack down the sides. 

Grey trousers with elastic in the back. 

White sheer pants

Patterned silver pants. These are wild!

These overalls have got to be from Barbie and the Rockers! But no tag!

Thick black polyester pants. 

Light blue pants

Teal blue nylon pants

And finally that is it! It does look like some of these are handmade but as shown in the Best Buy Fashions posts, some things look handmade but actually are not. So who knows! If you know what some of these are from, please let me know in the comments!

Next post will feature a couple of fun finds that I got when I went antiquing and flea market shopping this past weekend so stay tuned!