Sunday, September 30, 2012

Collection Showcase: Superstar Barbie

Well, I have posted all about my thrift store finds in previous posts so it is time to showcase one doll from my collection I had growing up.

One of my most favorite dolls was the beautiful Superstar Barbie from 1988. I was into her as much as these girls were.

So here is my Superstar Barbie doll. 

One of my favorite features is the stars in her eyes.

The other favorite feature is the skirt. (I also added the bracelet you got with the doll.)

Her hair is no longer a "dream" as they say in the commercial. It's a little flat because it was brushed time and time again but it's still very nice and shiny.

And I loved her outfit for the Academy Awards after party!

Her ring is still intact, a little paint chip on the stars.

However, after years and years of playing with her, her earrings broke off.

I still see a little nub, maybe I can superglue them back in.

The Help! Did anyone else have a problem with the earrings falling off of this doll? They were obnoxiously huge in my opinion and playing with it as a little girl would, I would think that others would have the same problem mine had.

Check back in the next couple of days for my newest thrift store finds (if I have any.) I'm planning on stopping there tomorrow afternoon after my first day at work!

~Again, another doll where I wish I had the dress!~

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fashion Fanfare and "Who is she?"

I have to admit, my parents were very generous when my brother and I were young. We had all the toys that anyone could ever ask for. I had the most Barbies out of any of my friends so it was the best time having them come over to my house and play dolls together. We even made clothes for them. :)

Even though I had more Barbies than a girl could ever ask for, there was one that I desperately wanted but never got.
Oh, I loved Dance Club Barbie. I think the main reason I liked her is because she wore cute socks with black heels! Maybe I'll pick her up one day on eBay. I don't care if I have her in the box or deboxed. I still love her!

So when I go to these thrift stores, many of the dolls are nude. So now that I have some clothes, It's time to play dress up. Let's start the fashion show!

So the first week I got the pants for the Barbie and Tanner Play Set. The second week I got the top. I don't have a doll with long enough hair that I can style like the original so I chose this adorable doll with bangs.

So cute. I love this outfit. The little doggie on the shirt is adorable. Did you know that the dog (Tanner) that came with Barbie actually pooped? Too funny!

Remember this fun mod outfit from last time?

This is a Barbie Fashion Avenue Metro Fashion "Funky in Philly." I just had to display this one.

I was missing a couple pieces of accessories. Instead of purple shoes, I chose some pink wedges.

The other accessory was black cat eye sunglasses. I thought I had black but I didn't so I added some pink ones instead.

Remember the jacket from last time with the leopard print trim? I added the skirt to it from Masquerade Party Barbie.

Not bad, not bad. Any idea which Barbie this is? I do have to be honest, her eyes are kind of creepy.

This is Princess Luciana from Barbie as the Island Princess. It was really hard to find a dress to match her necklace. So I bought this one a couple of weeks ago.

I was informed that this was a dress from Disney's Rapunzel. Well, look what I found when I went to the store the other day.

It doesn't fit Princess Luciana as well as it does Rapunzel from Tangled. But it matches her necklace! Also, when I think of islands I think of Hawaii. So to tame a portion of her unruly hair, I put a flower in it.

As I was google searching yesterday, I found out who this girl was.

She is Cher from the Clueless dolls. I dressed her in a beautiful wedding gown because she was wearing pearl earrings.

This gown is from the collection of dresses that I got when I was a kid. Some of my dolls are already wearing them. My Birthday Wishes Barbie and Teresa from Barbie of Swan Lake. Also I added one other doll to the set.

The 2007 Happy Holidays Barbie. She had gold jewelry so she needed a gold dress. Perfect.

Here's the group so far. I can't wait to add the other two when I find dolls for the outfits.

Meet Working Woman Barbie. She talks!

Since she's a working woman, she needed a business outfit. Since I had the blazer from Day to Night Barbie, I dressed her in that. But I didn't have a professional skirt! I'll have to look for one or make one for her. But this works for now.

I can't wait to display her when I get the perfect outfit. I also need to fix the snap on the jacket so it will stay closed (and won't show the see-thru shirt underneath.)

The Help! First, who is the Barbie wearing the leopard outfit above?

And, who is this doll?

She must be a veterinarian since she has the stethoscope and a panda bear shirt. The stethoscope is sewn into the shirt and rubber banded to her chest as well.

I tried searching but nothing!

~Outfits are coming together nicely!~

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Season is Changing...

So my thrift store finds were not as plentiful as they were the past couple of weeks. I saw a couple of Bratz dolls but I'm not really into those. Not to mention that they have really tiny bodies! I would never have any clothes to fit those! But I still got a few things that were pretty neat.

Since it's fall outside, Barbie needs some coats right? She must because that really is all I found today at the store!

Both the black and the red coats are Genuine Barbie. They also are identical in style. On the left there is a silver cami top and at the top left is a little hoodie and shirt combo.

It's cute so I thought I might put it on one of my Skipper dolls.

There are also a couple of other coats I found today.

None of them have any tags. But they looked like they would fit a Barbie so I picked them up too.

Also today I dug and dug. To be quite honest, I was digging for the mates of the boots that I found last week for the Barbie and The Three Musketeers dolls. But I walked away with some singles and a couple of pairs! Nice!

And a pair of pink cat-eye sunglasses.

I couldn't pass this up.

Cute little coin purse. In addition I also got a Scattergories dice, a small tub of play-doh, a topsy turvy tomato planter and a cute apple print Clinique bag. All for the going price of $2. It seems that's the only price I ever pay when I go in there! (Hey, I'm not complaining) :D

I think I am going to put the black and leopard print coat with the Maskerade Party Barbie skirt I have and make her a leopard theme outfit. I'll also see what other outfits I can come up with and post them up!

~Shopping has never been so much fun~

Monday, September 24, 2012

Wardrobe Extravaganza - one last dress

Oops! I had one last dress that I forgot to add to the post below. This too is a Genuine Barbie dress.

Wardrobe Extravanganza!

Every once in a while, I go through and look down the Barbie aisle at the store just to see what's new. I was not very impressed with Wal-Mart's selection of dolls. They had a few "I Can Be..." and just two of the new "The Princess and the Pop Star" dolls. The Barbies were done after about a half of an aisle.

This weekend I went to Target to look for a birthday gift for my niece. I was astounded by the entire aisle and a half of Barbies! Not only did they have more "I Can Be..." than I could have dreamed of, they also had Fashionistas, Barbie Basics, The Tim Gunn doll and fashions and twice as many "The Princess and the Pop Star" dolls. Even The Princess and the Pop Star fashions! They also had a very cute halloween doll (Target Exclusive) and and this Barbie.
Sydney Opera House Barbie Doll. Do want! I had a very hard time not bringing her home with me. But at a retail of almost $40, I had to wait. I did not know they had "Dolls of the World Landmark Collection" but I want them all. So pretty! But now I know that Target is the place for Barbie!

Enough rambling and making my wish list. :) This post is one big help! topic! Just clothing ID. As some of you may know, I love dolls in their original clothing. My mom bought me some clothes so I'm wondering if some are actually for a Barbie doll. If they are Genuine Barbie I will specify in the post. Here goes!

First I will need three members from the audience. Since I don't know which body mold these clothes will fit I will need one old, one new, and one Ken. These ones volunteered first.

My First Ken, Wet 'n Wild Teresa, and Really Rosy Kayla. These are the clothes that my mom bought for me at a garage sale. Look how neatly they are packaged.

The first we will try is a little skirt and sheer top ensemble. No tags.

I am a little concerned about the shirt since it's sheer. Does it go under something? The top fit better on Teresa because she filled it out more than Kayla. However, the skirt on Teresa was a little too big in the waist because it's made for a doll with hips. 

Next is a peasant top and skirt with grapes. No tags.

This outfit fit Teresa better because she fills out the top more than Kayla. I did try it on Kayla and it fit too but looked better on Teresa.

Next is a Barbie logo outfit with a handbag. There is a tag that says "Fashion Avenue Barbie."

If you feel the pants they are flocked and it was really hard to get them on either of the dolls. The shirt fits better on a smaller chested doll like Kayla. However, the pants are not fastened. I couldn't even get them fastened on the Teresa. I had such a hard time getting them on her but they are super cute, no? I ran a google search for Fashion Avenue and could not find this particular outfit.

A little striped top and arabian pant combo. No tags.

I chose Kayla for this outfit because her hips filled out the pants better. On Teresa they looked somewhat sloppy. The top looks fine on either.

A cute little Springtime dress I'm guessing off of an Easter doll. There is a Genuine Barbie tag.

Definitely fit better on the Kayla.

Funny that there are three bottoms and two tops of this swimsuit. But I knew exactly what doll they were for because I have her. Surf City Barbie!

This last dress is beautiful but a little odd. No tags.

It fits Teresa good but the top is off.

The top closes but it fits underneath the boobs instead of covering them. It looks like a piece of starched lace that was converted into a nice top. And it would be a nice top if it covered her. When you pull it up the bottom pooches out and doesn't lay flat. Not sure about this one!

Lastly in the pile there is a Ken outfit. No tags.

The pants fit like a dream but the coat seems a little large. Not sure if it's for a Ken or not.

Here are some other random pieces to identify.

Pink velvet coat, no tags.

Genuine Barbie pink princess dress. I have to repair it a little at the top but it's beautiful.

Again, another piece that I have the doll for. The skirt for Halloween Maskerade Barbie! Wish I had the top too!

Genuine Barbie mod dress.

Three swimsuits that I need to repair the straps on. None have tags.

 A top that is not long enough to be a dress. No tags. 

A Barbie logo tank.

The outfit that came on my Fashion Fever Drew doll when I got her. Skirt says Genuine Barbie, top has no tag.

A Genuine Barbie dress. The material is kind of a nylon. Seems like it would resist spills or stains?

Another Genuine Barbie dress. I love this one!

Red party dress, no tags.

Two skirts and a pair of shorts. The red floral one is actually has built in underwear. All have no tags.

An adorable hat with cherries on the lining.

A pair of shorts and a skirt. No tags on the shorts, the skirt is Genuine Barbie.

Genuine Barbie PJ's. I wonder if the teddy bear goes with?

Three pairs of pants. The jeans on the bottom are even a little small on a Skipper so I'm wondering if they are Barbie at all. They have little plastic zipper teeth on the back for decoration. All have no tags.

Genuine Barbie lingerie. However, the bra is not big enough to cover the doll (even a Skipper!)

Sparkly Genuine Barbie Valentine dress. Which doll is it from? :)

Genuine Barbie stain floral dress.

SO cute! Genuine Barbie pink dress with cow-print skirt.

Genuine Barbie felt Christmas Dress.

This dress has a tag that says "Disney Store Exclusive Princess." Any idea which princess it belongs to?

Genuine Barbie cute pink dress. Fits a 90's doll perfectly.

And a flowy and sparkly purple and sliver dress. Really pretty but no tags!

Any help, as always, is very much appreciated. I love trying to figure out what dolls these clothes are from but my google searches for these items are coming up empty. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~Let's put together some outfits!~