Tuesday, March 17, 2015

He's Finally Here!

Great News! Our little one has finally arrived! After about 20 hours in labor, we have a precious little boy. 

Little Baby Jacob was born on March 12, weighing in at 7lbs, 6oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. 

Oh, and that 20 hours? SO. WORTH. IT.

I love my Teeny Little Super Guy (I'll have to pick up some Sesame Street for him when he gets a little older.) 

Mommy and Daddy are doing...better. We are starting to get "a little" more sleep at night. Not much but we are getting there. :)

I do have another post for you but with the demands of a newborn, not sure when I'll have the time to type it up. But since baby is asleep (and I'm not tired really at the moment) I had to share him with you!

Stay posted for the next addition (sometime in the future!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Another fabulous new addition

Hello again!

This blog post was typed in advance so I'm not sure if I'll have a baby as of yet or not, but you are going to see pictures once he arrives! (as well as the dollys that I keep adding to my ever growing collection :)

This girl is super brand new to Ever After High. Her name is...

...Ginger Breadhouse!

I've mentioned before that I'm a member of the Ever After High Dolls Facebook group. I just happened to be online when they posted "Ginger Breadhouse is now $19.99 on Amazon!" so needless to say, I snatched her up before the price skyrocketed again (since she is so new and not readily available everywhere yet.) I bought her at the same time as Kitty and I'm not disappointed. 

Ginger is the daughter of the Candy Witch from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale. If you are familiar with the tale, Ginger is destined to a cruel fate. Hansel and Gretel are left outside by their stepmother because they could not afford food for them. They are lost in the woods however, they follow a sweet scent and are led to a house made entirely of confectionery goodies. The Candy Witch lures them inside (didn't take much because they are hungry) and she tries to throw them into the fire. Hansel and Gretel outsmart her and throw her into the fire and then run back home.

Now, you kind of have to forget about the fairy tale for a minute (because if the Candy Witch dies, who is Ginger's mom?) but needless to say, Ginger doesn't want to follow her pre-destined fate. All she wants to do is cook goodies for everyone, much to the dismay of cousins Gus and Helga Crumb (daughter of Hansel and son of Gretel.)

Ginger is so cute and needless to say, I think I have a new favorite doll. (And she has pink hair which makes it all the better right?)

She looks so cute with her glasses on but I quickly noticed that it makes her appear that she has crooked eyes (which she does not.)

So I took her glasses off to show her face. She has a darker skin tone but the same face mold as some of the other dolls. Some collectors are scoffing because her eyes are not the same shape as the molded sockets. It doesn't matter much to me but just something to keep in mind if you decide to pick her up. 

She has an adorable cupcake headband. 

I LOVE this dress! She has a plastic blue collar and a black jacket that is supposed to resemble a bakers jacket. Her dress is full of glitter and fun colors that are supposed to resemble frosting and sprinkles. And the sheer glittery yellow train adds a special touch.

Check out this purse! A bubbling cauldron with a spoon as the handle? Fabulous! 

And not to mention, it is a functional purse too!

Are you ready for the shoes? These rank right up with the coolness of Holly O'Hair's tower shoes.

Heels with a lollipop as the heel and dripping frosting for the strap of these open-toe platform Mary Jane's.

Mattel! You are seriously missing out on revenue for human shoes that look like these! Get yourself a deal with someone and make these for us. Size 9 please?!

And don't you love the tights too?

Ginger's hair is two shades of pink and comes in low pigtails. Her hair is supposed to be straight and comes that way out of the box.

In the webisodes, she does wear a ring and bracelet and early pictures from Mattel show at least a bracelet. She however, does not come with either. Even her pigtails are supposed to come with some bobbles that look like candy. I'm not sure what is with them leaving off details. EAH is such a hot seller that putting these extra touches would make the dolls just that much more marketable. Especially with a doll that has a totally functional purse! :)

Can you tell why Ginger is my new favorite? Are you planning on picking her up? Let me know in the comments!

The next post (most likely after baby is here!) will feature the new gift from my hubby. Until next time!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

New to the Group!

Hi All!

Well, I am taking a break from doing baby things to type up a blog post! It's been a pretty busy last few days. For those of you who are mommies, "nesting mode" is in full swing! Shopping, making freezer crock pot meals (so mommy or daddy doesn't have to cook!) laundry, setting up the nursery, it's been crazy! But I am glad to say that after making a couple more freezer meals, we are DONE! Hubby told me to relax today so other than doing some "easy" things (where I don't have to bend over, back hurts, ouch) i'm taking a day for ME. :)

Last thursday, a baby thrift store I frequent posted on their facebook page that they had some dollys in stock! WOOHOO! I was going to go there anyway to pick up some baby essentials and decided to take a look. Most of the dollys were newer Barbie, and she had a doll trunk with 4 dolls! All in good condition, nice clothing, etc. However, because I received a couple of fabulous trunks from my dad (including one vintage trunk) I did not need this one. 

She did have a 4-pack of Monster High dolls (2 Draculara, a Clawdeen, and one other) with all accessories and shoes included! I felt this was a big score and the price was right at $20! However, because the hubby bought me another doll (it's on it's way in the mail) I decided to pass. 

Enough talking, what about the doll I DID purchase?

This fabulous little Skipper! I bought her for my Tiki Hut playset that I talked about in my last post. This doll is not a "stiffie". She has bendable legs and one bent arm if I want to pose her with her volleyball. She has nice hair with a blue streak AND these adorable flip flops.

I'm thinking that she must be this doll from the "Sisters Sleep Out" set. How cute is this.

And unfortunately since I am unable to check (because all dolly stuff is packed away) I do have that top and possibly the shorts for Skipper!

(Just checked, yep I do. And they are too small for Barbie....) If you want to read about the dolls from this post, you can check here! Yay, original clothes with dolls!

Okay, the new addition. She is the newest member to the Ever After High collection. I present to you...

...Kitty Cheshire!

Hubby's late grandmother got me a $30 Amazon gift card for Christmas before she passed. So I used it to buy this cutie.

I was disappointed with her hair in the promo pictures. Kitty's hair does NOT look like this in the webisodes.

It looks like this

So I was surprised when her hair did not come like either but more true to the webisode picture. 

I love her! She is so adorable. She is the same height as the other Wonderlandians (Maddie and Lizzie.)

She has the beautiful cat-like eyes and adorable smile. I was put off by her smile in the promo shots but was surprised again when I actually saw her. It looks more subdued and sweet on the actual doll.

I love the yarn ball earrings and the hat. I can't get over it. It's too cute!

Her top has mesh sleeves and a plastic fur collar with a tie.

Her skirt has a black lace over purple satin. And her purse matches her hat!

One thing that people were disappointed with is her lack of arm warmers. It clearly shows in the promo shots that she has them but then the production run of dolls didn't come with them. There is a girl who runs an Etsy shop who makes arm warmers on her 3D printer. I'm thinking of getting some. From what I've been hearing, they are true colors and fit perfectly!

Let's take a look at the shoes!

Black open toe wedges with fur at the top.

I don't know if it was because I didn't have good lighting or what but at first thought, I was unimpressed with the lack of detail that went into these shoes. All the shoes have been great so far so I wasn't sure why these were any different. 

Take a look with the flash. 

See it now? The shoes have cat faces on them. The lines on the front are whiskers and up by the fur there are ears. Okay, I'm feeling better now. 

And you gotta love those tights right? 

Kitty also comes with the standard 2-finger ring, hers has three black yarn balls on it. 

Honestly, I am very much liking Kitty's hair right out of the box. It's got the right amount of curl to it. Adorable!

And because the Wonderlandians are turning out to be a super fun collection of dolls, I displayed them at the front of my case for a while. All three of them have some super cute tights!

So friends, do you plan on getting Kitty Cheshire? There are two versions of her right now. She was featured as a Wal-Mart exclusive for the "Spring Unsprung" line.
I think she is in hot demand because they are out of stock online and I have yet to see her at our Wal-Mart. (not surprising as they don't have any MH or EAH most of the time.) But she is adorable as well! (And cute shoes!)

Anyone already have either Kitty? Let me know in the comments!

Another new addition post coming up in a few days!