Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Birthday Gift to me #4


So, I found an amazon gift card that I hadn't used yet. (Which is rare for me because I shop there a lot and I think it got lost in the pit that is my office) :) It was a birthday gift from a friend so figure I better use it!

So I purchased another Amazon warehouse deal and got the most beautiful Thronecoming Apple White. (Again, with the warehouse deals, the box is a little crushed/damaged but it still holds it's cute storybook shape!)

Now Apple White is not one of my favorite characters of Ever After High but I do love her Thronecoming doll. Ball Gown and Sparkles in her hair? Yes!

The strands of hair along her face are really elegant.

Her outfit resembles a Snow Fox so she has some faux fur around the sleeves of her dress bodice. She also has a plastic piece that acts as a collar and belt. 

Her purse is really cute as it is a fox tail with red and gold accents.

And her mask also is a fox face.

Now for the skirt!

The most bottom layer is a solid red nylon with a sheer gold glitter overlay. Then the waist part of the gown is gold nylon with a black glitter fox decal with a sheer overlay with the fox decal in gold. These two pieces are secured with a black bow on each side. Beautiful!

Her shoes are simple black open-toe sandals with a red bow. In her stand the skirt lifts a little and you can see her shoes. Because the shoes are everything right? :)

Her hair goes well past her bottom, much longer than her first wave counterpart. Maybe because she straightened it rather than curled it? It's really pretty with the top part pulled into a high ponytail. 

One thing I did notice is while her ponytail and front strands have the glitter, the back part of her hair did not have any glitter in it. 

OH, there's all the glitter strands. Now this bugs me! Why did Mattel feel the need to put most of her glittery strands behind all her hair? Isn't the point of the glitter to, oh, I don't seen???

Apple has pretty earrings that are a bow with dangles. I have some paint. I might try my hand at painting the jewels red!

She has a beautiful red corsage and somewhat iridescent elbow length gloves with red bows at the top. On her right glove, I removed the rubber band that holds the bow up. I recommend not taking that off. The bow has a tendency to spin and go underneath her arm.

She has "jewels" on her face similar to the other Thronecoming dolls and she has sparkly white eye shadow. 

Al in all, I am very happy with this Apple White doll. She is very pretty and is a very awesome addition to my Ever After High collection!

I'm also excited to add this girl to my collection when she comes out!

Kitty Cheshire! Except I'll have to redo her pigtails. One big curl on each. Should be easy with a boil dip right? :) And adorable hat and purse!

So everyone, what do you think of Thronecoming Apple White? Thinking of adding her to your collection? 

Until next time!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Vintage and Semi-Vintage goodies!

Hello Friends!

Hope your holiday season is going great! I've had itchy-fingers to wrap presents. So every time I received one in the mail or purchased something, I had to wrap it. I'm sad I don't have more to wrap (but that would require spending more $$ right?) Anyway, it's been busy but fun for sure!

In the last post I mentioned that along with the most insanely adorable YooDara dolls, my dad also picked up some other Barbie goodies at garage sales this summer. And I am pleased to announce that these items are vintage and semi-vintage! We love those kinds!!

First, we have this fabulous 80's Barbie trunk. My dad was not sure if I would like it but hey, we got to find a place for those accessories! You might pick up some furniture or playset from a garage sale and find it has a completely mangled box. Where do the accessories (and dolls) go? Why, in it's own carrying trunk!

Unfortunately the trunk is a little dirty but nothing some mild soap and warm water can't clean up. The cool thing is that there are NO rips or tears in the vinyl! This trunk was well taken care of.

The inside cardboard pieces are a little bent but they would still hold your dolls very well. 

Now I have to find the perfect dolls to put in it :)

Now, take a gander at this vintage beauty. I almost died when I saw it. 

*squee* LOVE! And not to mention it has two of my favourite vintage dolls on it! Solo in the Spotlight and Enchanted Evening! (not sure which doll is the ballerina, maybe the one from 1961?) The trunk is not faded, these are the actual colors.

Look at that sturdy handle! No way this handle is coming loose from this trunk! And also a sturdy metal clasp to keep Barbie and clothes safely inside.

My dad almost didn't get it because the accessory storage "lid" was not intact but honestly I don't care. I have many other trunks and boxes for the accessories that I'm okay with this one being the way it is. The inside is in better condition than the newer one above. 

Here is a feature I wish they would put in other trunks. A little snap gate to keep your Barbie safely in it's place!

Aren't these great?

Now for the dolls!

First we have the 1997 Arctic Barbie from the Dolls of the World Collection. 

I think she is so cute with her fur everywhere! From what I can tell she has one of the traditional Kira face molds. 

On the back is a little write up about life in the Arctic. 

From my trip this summer to Alaska, I learned that there are two kinds of arctic tribes and I seem to recall that one is the Inuit. I don't recall reading about Igoos though as the tribes I read about all made brick or mud houses. Seems accurate though!

The other Dolls of the World from this line are pictured below. Ever wonder if their clothing is accurate? I know Arctic Barbie is from the pictures I saw in Alaska!

Lastly we have a doll I have been wanting for quite some time. Well, actually I've been wanting the Barbie but I'll take Teresa too! This is 1988 California Dream Teresa.

As I was looking for the exact year of this line, I read on wikipedia that this was the first Teresa doll ever sold? Can anyone confirm? 


She does not have the Steffie head mold as found in some of the later Teresa's but maybe this is what they called the "Spanish" head mold? (I'm so bad with headmold identification). 

She wears this so so so adorable yellow and white polka-dot ruffly beach outfit and has palm tree earrings. So 80's!

She comes with a visor and frisbee for some fun on the sand!

Her other California Dream friends are featured on the back. They have a MIDGE! And she has roller skates! Oh, this is too fun!

So, to keep in or to debox? THAT is the question! (I really want to debox to push in her earring and fix the ruffles on her outfit. Yeah, I'm a little OCD).

So friends, do you have Arctic Barbie and/or California Dream Teresa? Maybe one of the trunks shown above? Let me know in the comments!

Next time, a very special doll I bought with some birthday money. :)

Until then!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Yoo Dara


Has your December already been as crazy as mine has? Hoo boy! Also I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

It's been a while since I visited the parents so they had a few dolly finds to give me. I love that!

This summer while my dad was traveling in Idaho he came across these adorable little dolls called "Yoo Dara." I had never heard of them but as I started to look at them on their website, I am itching to get more of them. Each doll has their own "power" to help you through this thing we know as life. :) 

The first adorable doll we have is "Minnow". Minnow "gives you the power to ride the waves as you surf through life." My parents know I LOVE surfing so this little cutie holding a surfboard definitely went into the shopping bag.  

Man, she has some kind of crazy hair! Love!

Next we have "Robbie." Robbie "steals the heart of the one you love and protects you from being alone." 

How adorable is he!

I love the little eyes with the mask. So cute!

Each Yoo Dara come from a tribe. Minnow is from the Power Tribe and Robbie is from the Protection Tribe. There is also the Good Luck Tribe and the Wisdom Tribe. And because of their super magical powers, not recommended for children under 13. :)

There are so many characters and all of them are so adorable. You can read about their story and check them out at 

These adorable string dolls remind me of my little Astroneil that I got not too long ago. Remember this guy? 

So friends, what do you think of these little string cuties? Do you have any? Let me know in the comments!

Next time, more fabulous dolly finds.

Until then!