Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Newest Little Cutie


Christmas is almost here! So excited to be celebrating with my little guy. His first Christmas is sure to be super special!

When I was at a local antique store looking for Christmas gifts for my dad, I came across something I just could NOT live without! 

Presenting the fabulous Ginny!

I saw her and I just could not put her down. How cute is she?

Her box is super friendly so I got some great pictures of her out of the box. I just love her little outfit and her beautiful curly brown hair.

Seriously, she is so cute.

And she has the sleepy eyes.

And I love her cute socks and shoes. Especially the little ruffles. Just precious!

The title of this doll is "Dress Me Black." Kind of like a My First Barbie, she is ready to be dressed in other clothing for her. 

I don't know, I kind of like her the way she is. Here is a little excerpt from the back of the box.

She is in beautiful condition and from the moment I looked at her, I knew she had to come home with me. At a low price of just $7, I knew it was a bargain!

The Doll Reference site has some information about Ginny dolls through the years. You can read about them here! 

So friends, do you have a Ginny doll? Let me know in the comments! 

I hope you have a very very Merry Christmas and if I don't see you before, a Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Sun Is Shining!

Seasons Greetings!

Have you all finished your Christmas shopping? I have one last person to buy for and then I am done! As much as I love Christmas and wrapping, etc, I am glad when I can put away all the ribbons and trimmings and paper and get my dining room looking back to normal! Anyone with me on this one?

I walked into the spare bedroom where I have my Ever After High dolls displayed and found the most amazing sight. The sun was shining right on the glitz and glamour of the Thronecoming line. After weeks of rain and snow, this was a very refreshing sight! I tried to capture it as much as I could. 

Blondie and Cupid shimmer

It was really Cupid that caught my eye first. How her dress sparkles!

Raven and Apple share in the sunshine

And Briar basks as well

Of course, others had to come join as well. Like the most beautiful Darling

And Ginger

And Duchess

This was so fun. Just had to share!

Also, a few weeks ago I was feeling very unenthusiastic about Holly's hair. As the daughter of Rapunzel, you've got to have killer hair right? Well, it was a little frizzy for my taste so she got a nice boil dip. What do you think?

Here is the before picture way back when I got her. 

After the dip it's so sleek and shiny! Only thing is I'm having trouble getting her little crown to stay on so be thinking of that if you haven't taken the rubber band off her crown yet. 

Holly and Poppy show off their new styles! (If you remember a few posts ago, I gave Poppy a hair wash to get the gel gunk out.)

Well, that's all for today. I have another post ready to go and it will be popping up Wednesday morning. See you then!

Friday, December 4, 2015

I'm Back!

Welcome Dolly Friends!

I know I have been scarce as of late. Life kind of crept up on me. At this point in mine and my families life, I might be a little sporadic but I will never abandon blogging! I love blogging and dollys too much to let it go. Who else will I get to share my obsession with? I love all of you who come to visit me here and share my enthusiasm. :)

Thankful to say that we are finally over the crud. We had a rough go of it for a while. I had a sore throat for SEVEN days. Brutal! We are all healthy again and now that the babes is asleep, I can get the time to blog. A 9 month old demands a LOT of attention!

I have a few posts in the works and I was trying to decide what to post first. Fashion? Or Dollys?

Dollys won out. The fashions will have to wait.

My dad was cleaning out the house and he found some things that he picked up at a garage sale for me. He was also going through some of my mom's things that she left behind (she moved out) so I'm not sure if this was hers or if it was a garage sale find. Either way, this is definitely a one of a kind that will make a great addition to my small contingent of vintage dolls. 

Meet The Lovely Mary Jean Doll! America's Famous Character Doll. She is very patriotic in her red, white and blue.

She has been well taken care of and I don't blame whoever had her to not take her off the cardboard backing. Her dress splayed out like this makes it very photogenic! She is wrapped in cellophane that is not original. There was no clear cover on the box cut out so someone wanted to keep her nice and dust free. 

She is pretty with blonde hair and sleepy eyes.

The side of the box shows that it was made my Midwestern Manufacturing in St. Louis, MO. On another side of the box it had a product code and then said "Betty Ann" so I'm guessing that different dolls had different names.

The problem is that there is next to no information on her at all on the web! I found a few completed eBay auctions and these dolls go for next to nothing. Does anyone here or know anyone who might have some information on these dolls? 

Also in the box, three lovely ladies who will be good candidates for wardrobe modeling. Especially the one on the right!

So friends, what do you think of The Lovely Mary Jean doll? Know anything about her or have one of your own? Let me know in the comments!

And next up will be a mega post of some fabulous clothing that I got for Barbie!

Until then!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

On the Way!

Hi All!

Been scarce lately. Baby came down with "the crud" TWICE! Twice in one month! That's got to be rough on an 8 month old. Then daddy had it all month (literally) and I also came down with it at the same time. So unfortunately our house has been the sick bay for quite a while. It's been quite a time trying to get everyone healthy and then baby wants snuggles too (which i'm not going to turn down!)

I'm going to get to work on a post here shortly. Still having issues where emails don't come through so I apologize if I miss your comments. Still working on that. 

See you all soon with more dolly goodness!

Friday, October 30, 2015

She's Wonderous!

Welcome Friends!

I'm back with another post for today. 

As I've mentioned in other posts, every time I go to the store (Like Target or Wal-Mart) I always cruise through the dolly aisle. You have to right? 

Well this time it was Target. And I'm SO glad I also checked the clearance section because I found this little gem. 

The most beautiful Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts! I almost couldn't believe my eyes. She was only $7.49! I searched and searched for the others but I must have been too late. Why was she discounted so much? Not sure but I am NOT going to complain! Target also had basic wave dolls (like Bunny Blanc and Faybelle Thorn) for $11.99. What a savings!

But I love this Lizzie. She is so beautiful and so perfect! Not sure what I think of the flamingo on the side of her head though. Might have to change that up and put it on top. It's secured on by hang tags. 

(a word of note. I had a difficult time getting her out of the box. FIVE hang tags on her head. Brutal!)

Her hair is extremely lackluster coming out of the box. Flat as a pancake. I had to brush and brush to get it to look halfway decent. I think she is a candidate for a spiral perm boil-dip.

But she is so pretty! I just love her! Looking at her from afar I kind of like the side flamingo. I might leave it for now. In the webisodes the flamingo is definitely on TOP of her head. 

Her upper dress is a simple aqua and she wears a necklace/shoulder guard combo with hearts.

And the ringlets are super cute with shades of purple and red mixed into her jet black hair. 

And the Queen of Hearts card collar? Stunning!

Lizzie doesn't carry a "purse" but a clock

It opens up to reveal a clock that's perfect for Wonderland. It might take a bit of force to get this to open. Mine appeared to be stuck. After one opening it does release a bit easier now. 

Perfect skirt: hearts and cards and spirals..... And a super cute open in the front design!


Could these not be more perfect for her? Hearts on the heel, cards on the back with an overall checkerboard pattern with hearts adorning the toe. 

So cute.

Her earrings are perfect, little queen chess pieces with a heart on top. 

And her ring? It's a hedgehog! So cute!

A picture of her hair, post brushing. As you can see it turned into frizz city. Yep, time for a perm. 

So, what do you think of Way Too Wonderland Lizzie Hearts? Planning on adding her or any of the others to the collection? 

I'll have more stuff coming up in the next few weeks! 

Until next time!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A Birthday Surprise


Here I am with a new post for you all! Finally right? :)

First of all I want to say that I do respond to every comment. Sometimes I don't get to them right away but I do get to them! Even if you leave a comment on a post that is a couple of years old, I still get them delivered to my email. Lately my email has not been letting me know when I get a new message so I apoloize if I've missed one along the way. 

I did get this comment a while ago and she would like some help ID'ing this outfit. I know someone who is AWESOME at outfit ID's. Can we help her out?

This is NOT my photo. This picture was a screen grab from Anderson's All-Purpose Flickr album. I hope it is okay if I shared. If not please let me know and I will take it down.
So as the title suggests, I celebrated a birthday last Tuesday and I received a gift from my wonderful hubby and son. I came home to a beautiful potted mum. Bright yellow and orange, perfect for fall! I also received a bag with a gift inside. 

The Moonlight Halloween Barbie! Hubby definitely knows what I like!

I started taking pictures of her in the box but then I realized that the bottom of the box had a tab so I could take her out and get some nice boxed but deboxed pictures!

Much better! She is so pretty and has a pretty face. Super cute cat ears! And I love the asymmetrical necklace.

I LOVE the dress! Cute little cat faces and a pretty purple color. I also like the corset top even if it is only printed on the dress. 

And cute shoes. I do like how Barbie shoes have gotten more fun since the introduction of the Fashionistas. 

There is even a cute little maze on the back where you can help Blissa the cat find the house to trick or treat. Or Trick or tret?

I can't believe that Mattel let that big of a typo slip on the box. Or is it some kind of funny that I'm missing?

I just love her and love that my husband got her for me! She will go perfectly with my other Halloween dolls. However this is not the doll you will want to buy for a body. She is a stiffie so she would be a good candidate for a rebody.

Friends, what do you think of Moonlight Halloween Barbie? Leave me a comment letting me know!

I have pictures taken for my other posts so I'll get those up in the next few weeks. 

Until next time!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Post Coming!


I know my posts have been scarce. With my collection boxed up and finding absolutely NO loot at garage sales or thrift stores, my posts have been few and far between. 

But I never fear because my dad comes though for me every single time. And this time my hubby too!

I will have a post coming in the next week or so. I just got some awesome items that I can't wait to share with you all. Just got to get some pictures up and ready!

As always, you can subscribe to the blog and it will come right to your inbox so you don't need to check back. Only if you want to.

See you in a bit!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Notice Anything?


Sorry for the delay. Things have been hectic as of late. It's been crazy actually! Also been having fun playing with my little babes. He's 6 months already. Can you believe it? 

So, here is a picture of my doll shelf. Notice anything? (Besides the pile of laundry on the table :)

Not seeing it? Let me zoom in a little closer.

Now do you see it? 

Yep, there HE is!

Among my fabulous Wonderlandians is the newest member of my EAH clan and he is THE ultimate Wonderlandian.

Alistair Wonderland! Son of Alice in Wonderland!

The box says "Son of Alice." I guess "Alice in Wonderland" is kind of redundant. But I walked into my local Target to grab some baby essentials and as always, I cruse through the doll aisle. I saw a Faybelle Thorn doll for $15. Then I looked behind her and I saw Alistair and Bunny Blanc. Choices choices....but there needs to be more men so in the group so I chose him!

Hubby gave me the raised eyebrow look when I walked back to the car with him. I told him it was cheaper than I get them on Amazon, I had a 10% off coupon plus a gift card to use. He said they have me hooked. I admit, they do!

Alistair is your typical male EAH doll meaning they all have "Holiday Barbie Hard" hair. Not sure what is up with that so I thought about washing it. But the style holds true to his webisode counterpart so that's good. I like his look!

He wears an overshirt that has swirls on it. The undershirt and overshirt are sewn together with a velcro up the back. 

My husband commented on his little canteen. It's cute and a different twist on the bag or packs that came with the other two male dolls. Alistair is the ultimate explorer so he has a little compass on his canteen to help him get around!

As always, Mattel did a number with these shoes. They are so perfect I just can't even describe. Buckles, buttons up the side and wing tips fit him and look perfect with this outift. 

So much detail!

I like his hair. I really do. But what made me laugh is that his pants are capri length. But it does make it easier for us to put his boots on!

So as I mentioned I'm torn about whether or not to wash his hair since the style does match webisode Alistair. But there is one gal who I wanted to restyle.

Poppy O'Hair.

She also had "Holiday Barbie Hard" hair. Not sure why but this is what it looked like.

Not really liking this "fake" look. So I gave her a fabulous shampoo. 

How do you feel now Poppy?

I am impressed! It is so much shiner without all that goop in it. I also brushed it out and trimmed up some stray ends. I might fix up the front of the purple part, it still looks a little wonky to me. But it's fine for now. 

So pretty!

Poppy with her sister Holly. I think I might give Holly a boil dip to tame those stray ends but that's for another day. 

Well, that's it for today. Do you want to add Alistair to your collection? Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time!