Friday, November 30, 2018

A Dream Wedding

Greetings! Hope all of my blog followers are well!

I originally had intended to get this post up before I went on holiday for two weeks but that didn't happen. I apologize. 

But today I have a very special item to share with you all.

When my dad showed me this I was ecstatic! Look at this gem.

Wedding Party Midge from 1990!

It reads "All the important people in the year's most glamorous wedding!" Everyone is here! Bride Midge, Groom Alan, Best Man Ken, Ring Bearer Todd, Bridesmaid Barbie and Flower Girl Kelly (It says Kelly but I think it's really Stacie.)

How exciting!

The box is a little beat up but it seemed to still protect the dolls well. They have never been removed from the backing. But since the box is friendly I got some great photos! Plus, since the box is damaged, I wanted to make sure the fabric of the outfits were still intact (because...silverfish. Nasty NASTY insects.)

First, Bridesmaid Barbie!

Poor Barbie has a black spot on her nose but I'm sure that will come off with wet rag. 

She has on a beautiful pink polka dot dress with a lace upper. The perfect 90's wedding look. 

She has a pretty pink bouquet and the flowers are in great condition. 

I just love the full skirt. Bridesmaid dresses have changed a lot. 

Now for the next girl in the ensemble, Kelly! (or Stacie)

Her cute little dress is identical to Barbies. Except the lace upper has been added to an adorable collar for Kelly.

And I am LOVING those freckles! So cute!

And her little basket with petals and flowers is cute as well. Everything about her is just so cute.

Now for the men of the party! 

Let's start with the adorableness that is little Todd!

Can you resist that fuzzy hair? And just like Kelly, he has freckles too! And a little pink boutonniere adds a little touch of pink to the tuxedo.

His little ring bearer pillow has the ring on it! So cute!

Best Man Ken!

Unfortunately Ken has a little dirty face too but like Barbie, I think that will clean right up. Ken's suit matches Todd's but has a pink shirt instead of white. 

Now for our starring guests! The man of the hour. Alan!

The Alan head mold is my most favorite of all the male dolls. Even with some of the new Fashionistas that have come out recently, the Alan mold still beats every one. 

Unfortunately the pleather on his lapel has cracked from age but overall it's not bad. And the same face dirt. This is bugging me. I gotta fix those. Same shirt and vest as Ken.

The white is still really pristine despite the plastic of the packaging being damaged.

And now the star of the party. Bride Midge!

That dress, that veil! So 90's!

I love Midge. She is just so beautiful. And little stars in her eyes. I think I did too on my wedding day.

Like the men and their matching tuxedos, Hers and Barbie's dress match in design. Lace upper, polka dot skirt.

Beautiful and pristine white.

I didn't have any insert with this set so I don't know if Midge's dress goes from wedding to honeymoon but under her skirt is a little mini skirt. This might just be a slip so I don't know. But there is her little garter as her "something blue!" (My garter was my something blue as well.)

Her bouquet is pink flowers with ribbons. And most have their shape! I think that's the one issue I have with Barbie flowers, they tend to get smooshed in both packaging and when stored!

Her and Alan are holding hands. So sweet and you can see Midge's engagement ring!

I just love all of these dolls. I might find a place on my shelf for them, still leave them attached to the cardboard backing but fluff the skirts and clean their faces for goodness sake! 

Friends, do you have these awesome dolls in your collection? Other favorite wedding dolls that hold a place in your heart? Let me know in the comments below!

I do have more goodies, coming soon! Until then!