Friday, August 17, 2018


Hi friends!

No craft project yet, I'm kind of crafted out at the moment. Sewing machine has been put away (because the threenager was getting into it) so crafting has been on hold. 

But dolly purchases most certainly have NOT been on hold!

I picked up one of the new Hairdorables ! I have been waiting to get one of these!

I have been seeing other bloggers post about these and they are just way WAY too cute to pass up. I am totally NOT into the blind box gimmick (and at almost $13 it's a little spendy to try to get them all) but since they are all just so darn cute I didn't mind. 

I figured I would have my son help me open it up. He would have fun. It was also a way for me to justify my purchase to which my husband just rolled his eyes. HA.

Here we go!

First you remove the plastic and as you pull it out there is a piece of paper inside. 

This is the collectors guide and can double as a cute poster. There are three styles of each of the 12 girls. They can be classified as signature style, rare, and ultra rare.

Pull the paper tab to open

There is velcro in the middle holding the two sides of the box together

And it opens to a little playscene inside!

You can see the surprise boxes on the left side with numbers 1-4 and in the photo above the right side says "Stop! Open me last."

Let's get to it!

Box number 1 has what looks like a condiment package (like barbecue sauce) and the top says "Just my Style!"

You get stickers and a comb!

Box number 2. "Love is in the Hair!"

This box had the shoes. They are a cute pair of strappy sandals with a star. 

You also get another sticker. This one folds together to create a cell phone for the doll.

Box number 3. "There's more in hair!"

Another sticker and a little telescope! (I can see where this is going) :)

Box number 4. "Queen of Curls"

Another sticker and a headband with stars on it. This has to be some kind of space doll.

And now for the main event! "Let's see what's in Hair!"

Who do we have?

You get an identification card with the doll.

It's Neila! The space doll! THIS is right up my alley!

I love how they put the hair in these. It's behind the box so it doesn't get crushed or "box hair."

She has cute blue and white hair that are styled in twisted dew drops. She is absolutely adorable! She's 'hairdorable!'

Behind the place where the doll is (and also behind the boxes too) is a little closet picture so you can use this box as the dolls house. 

Here she is with her backdrop!

I just can't get over it. 

She will definitely make a perfect addition to my doll shelf and she has a place right next to my Crystal Starr Moondreamer!

I like how they have good quality clothes with a velcro so they can be removed and the hair is really awesomely styled! When looking at other blind box dolls, this is way above L.O.L. Surprise for just a couple dollars more. They have cute faces and their arms and legs move so they do have some movement as well. I think I just may have to pick up another one of these!

Friends, what do you think of Hairdorables? Like them or not for you? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!