Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Accessory Love!


We all love accessories, right? Well, the Christmas Barbie box did not disappoint!


Shoes! And lots of them! I can't believe it!

The difference is the collector my dad bought them from had them separated by country where they were manufactured. I'm not sure how she did this unless they were clearly marked on the shoe itself. And is it really worth it to keep them that way? Let's take a look!

China Shoes

Malaysia Shoes

Philippines Shoes

Taiwan Shoes

Korea Shoes

Indonesia Shoes

Unmarked Shoes

More unmarked shoes separated (mostly) by sneakers, heels and boots. 

So about the shoes. Does it really matter to keep them separated? Like the Indonesia bag has one blue pump that I'm sure I can find a mate for in my stockpile. I just hate to undo all that this collector did. I know it's mine now but is there really any point? 

Also got these in the box!


Barbie and Ken!

KEN! Now I have a pattern for that blasted suit jacket I've been trying to freehand make.

Barbie patterns! Love that ice skater dress!

And these patterns. My mother in law had this pattern set and that is what she made her clothes from. I took photocopies of them but now I have a set of my own! Not sure how complete they are but this one and the Ken one have two sets of patterns. Hopefully I'm not missing any and can make a complete set out of the two (and not missing the Ken suit jacket pattern!)

Forgot to add that I also have these accessories that came with the bunch. Definitely 80's Barbie. It's almost like 1985 Magic Moves Barbie but the color of the dresses are not the same. So who is she?

That's all for today friends! What do you think of that stockpile of shoes? Should I keep them separated? Have the patterns shown above? Let me know in the comments! 

See you next time!

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Clothes Galore (some handmade and some not!)

Hello again!

I was poking around in the Blogger settings and I think that I finally figured out how to get all comment notifications emailed to me again. So now when I get a comment I can respond in a timely fashion (again.) Also that Google+ is going to be discontinued in March. So if you post with a Google+ account (like I do) all those comments will go away. Best to start changing those now. I've had services like this discontinue in the past and it's a royal pain. Let's hope that when this one drops it won't make everything go awry.

Now for the best part of this post.....clothes!

In the last post I mentioned that the pink trunk that was not wrapped up under the tree had a great assortment of handmade (and some not handmade) clothes. Time to see what was in there!

These clothes have straight seams and wonderful fabrics and rival the clothes that my mother in law made many years ago. Someone was a seamstress! Take a look here.

Probably my favorite piece out of all of them.

This is an absolutely EXQUISITE strapless dress with matching coat. Look at that hemline! And that fabric for the lining! And those pearls at the waist! I have to pack out the box again for more photos so I'll put this one on a doll and see how it looks! So pretty.

This pink party gown with train

Pink gingham and lace dress.

Similar to the dress style above but in aqua gingham.

Short royal blue ruffle dress.

Floral print everyday dress.

Green and blue floral sundress.

Here is another one I love (can you tell I love black?) This is a simple dress with lace top with a long sleeve gown type robe to go over it. Reminds me of in the 50's, a woman who had her hair up in curlers and still doing housework.

Another sundress in green eyelet. 

A striped sleeveless top

Short gold strapless party gown

A floral print colonial dress with a red waist. 

And the same dress only with a blue waist. These are thick dresses. So pretty and so well made!

This pretty strapless lace sunflower dress. This is cute!

White lace dress with a hint of sparkle. Maybe a wedding dress!

Strapless simple white and yellow dress.

A simple everyday dress with spaghetti straps.

Look at this one! Ruffles and lace! Reminds me of a dress for a vintage Sweet 16.

Green velvet high neck dress.

I want to say this one is a nightgown. Pretty light blue.

Cream top dress with floral skirt and necktie.

Simple Orange dress

Green floral print dress with pink bust and a pocket. So cute!

EDIT - This is a Barbie Best Buy Fashion! 

This reminds me of a mod fashion! Has a string to tie the dress. I think it's the front of the dress?

EDIT - This is a Barbie Best Buy Fashion!  

And lastly, this red white and blue everyday dress.

EDIT - This is a Barbie Best Buy Fashion!  

I've decided, we're going to have a fashion show with some of these items. They are too great to just sit around!

What do you think of these OOAK clothes? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments! 

New post coming soon as well as the March Haute Couture fashion from the calendar. Until then!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Few New Girls

Welcome Friends!

I hope you are all fairing well. It's been snowing the last couple of days here. And to that I say, let this be it and let summer commence! Summer is my favorite time of year. I love the sun, light out till 9pm, camping and days on the boat. Seems like so far away. 

But while I've been stuck inside I've been taking this time to organize all my dolly clothes and photograph some of the dolly loot that I got for Christmas! So let's get to it!

Not wrapped under the tree was this doll trunk. 

Dad asked if I wanted it. PSCH. Of COURSE I wanted it! If you need to store or transport some of your more fragile dolls, trunks are a great way to do it. When I moved, all of my generic playline dolls were neatly stacked in a box. All of the vintage or ones whose hair couldn't be crushed were stood up in a trunk either with tissue paper around them so they wouldn't get jostled or with other dolls in with them to keep them put. So I put all my trunks to good use. In the trunk were also some fantastic homemade clothes which we will get to in another post. 

This post is going to focus on some of the awesome girls that I filled the trunk with. 

A nice tight blonde bubblecut doll! How awesome is she? And she was wearing this nice homemade sweater and pants set.

Unfortunately she is a little dirty but nothing I can't clean up. For those waxy vinyl cleanups, I think a mild soap and water will do the trick, right?

But makeup is intact and those bright red lips! Love!

She has intact nailpolish

And toenail polish as well. I love when the toenail polish is still there! It tends to get a little worn off with putting shoes on and off, even the open toe ones!

This next one needs no introduction

Fashion Queen! And with her beautiful set of wigs.

Let's try these wigs on! But before we do that, we need to get her into an outfit. How about something deliciously vintage, like this dress from Cruise Stripes! I'll have to find the white belt that goes along with the dress.

Here is the redhead wig

And the brunette wig. Oh, love this one

And the blonde wig. I love them all but I think the brunette is the choice here.

And lastly we have this beauty.

A brunette ponytail doll!

The note inside said it was an early ponytail doll but I think she is a later ponytail doll. According to the Ponytail Doll Comparison List on the Fashion Doll Guide, a #5 ponytail dolls tend to have a waxy face due to the type of vinyl used. Well she definitely fits the bill. But makeup is still all intact and she is just a gorgeous doll all around.

She has a very faint instance of green ear but looks like the earrings were removed before it could get too bad. I am glad it wasn't green oozing like this doll that I got last year.

Her ponytail has been preserved but I think I will remove this tie and maybe use some hot water to set the curl. I'll have to research how to set a curl in a vintage doll. I know a boil dip will work on modern dolls. I don't want boiling water to damage this vintage hair!

Her nail polish is perfect.

Her toenail polish is almost gone on one foot.

And with vintage dolls also comes.....vintage fashions! Let's see what we have. We already had Cruise Stripes up above but now we have...

...1962 Red Flare

I was so stoked to see this one in the mix! SO pretty and it is complete! I think this is the one that will go on the ponytail doll. The way it was arranged in the bag made sure that there were no creases in the velvet so that's good. I just love it!

1959 Undergarments

This set is complete with the bra, panties, slip and girdle. All the elastic is intact except for the bra which got a little crusty. So this one will stay in the bag. In such good condition though! Nice and clean!

This one is Accessories #923. With only one shoe, the swimsuit and the pearl snake bracelet. This fashion pak came with white, pink and black open toe heels as well as some other misc. accessories. This swimsuit is mint!

1962 Mood for Music. I love this one! On a doll this one is so pretty. Unfortunately the collar of the sweater has a hole in it. The pants and halter top are mint! It is missing the three strand choker.

On eBay, this outfit is going for HIGH dollars. And the cheaper priced pieces (like the cardigan sweater) still has holes in the collar. If I were to put this on a doll I'm sure I could arrange the collar so the hole would not show.

Also the heel has broken off one of the wedges. It's plastic not cork so i'm wondering if I can make one. I have plenty of wine corks to practice with!

1963 Fancy Free. No accessories came with this dress. I love the rickrack trim!

1959 Peachy Fleecy. This coat is awesome! I don't have the hat, purse and belt but I do have ONE glove. Vinyl gloves are very interesting. Over time they get smashed flat and the edges get sharp! It is impossible to get hands in them. 

According to the Fashion Doll Guide, if it has TM on the Barbie tag it is from 1959, if it has R on the tag then it is a later version. I forgot to check this so I'll have to look. 

And last but certainly not least, 1962 Ice Breaker!

The pantyhose are mint with no snags! Came with two skirts and a very good fur jacket. It does need to be cleaned so not sure how to do that with the fur. And it's missing the ice skates! There seems to be a good supply of them on eBay anywhere from $6 to $20. And the bodysuit is not as red as I would liked it to be but oh well. I still have the outfit!

That's it for now! Do you have any of these outfits in your collection? Have a favorite wig for the Fashion Queen? Let me know in the comments! 

There will be a lot more fashion fun in the next few posts so until then!