Sunday, September 18, 2016

A Small Makeover


My throwback posts are coming to an end. I think I have just one or two more left. So before I get onto those, I wanted to post about a small makeover I did to one of my Ever After High Dolls. 

I was unhappy with little miss Darling Charming.

Here is what she looks like out of the box. 

Beautiful doll and she's one of my favorites. But here is her webisode form. 

Big, Beautiful Hair. Did I mention big? The style of the back of her hair was a little constricting. 

So I took it out, shook it out, took out the bands from the front of her hair and voila! 

Going to take a little more work to get the bouffant style in the front of her hair but for now, I'm much more happy with it.

Gotta add some more curl too.

She looks much better with floofy hair and it surrounding her face. Don't you agree? 

Another Throwback post coming soon! Until then!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Teresa's Terrific Throwback - Post 5

Greetings again dolly friends.

I'm back with more throwback goodness! Isn't this fun? 

If you missed the rest of the throwback, here are the links so you can catch up! Feel free to click on these as they open a new window without losing your place!

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Okay, now to today's throwback!

I received these when I was a kid and I LOVED them. 


Okay, so it's an adorable dolly but why are they called cupcakes?


Flip the dress inside out, use the hat as the frosting and there you have it! A dolly inside a cupcake!

This particular purple one I received for my birthday one year. (My 7th or 8th birthday if I remember correctly.) I loved how unique and cute they were but my favorite part was they smelled so deliciously sweet like cupcakes!

They came in many different kinds and varieties. The purple one above is one of the princess cupcakes and this one is a birthday sprinkles cupcake.

Unfortunately this little one I purchased at a garage sale years ago and is missing some clothing so I'll have to make something special for her. Another Princess cupcake so she'll need an extravagant dress of some sort. 

The underpart of the dress is made of soft, pliable silicone so it's easy for a child to turn the cupcake inside out. I would not recommend leaving them as a cupcake for as long as I did as it would mold the dress and the hair when you roll them all up. 

Unfortunately mine do not have the sweet smell anymore but I do remember the exact smell that my princess doll had. Isn't it funny how we can remember certain smells from long ago? 

The hat is the best part I think. I just love them!

I had to. :)

When I get a free moment they will get a bath and wash since they were stored for so long. 

And Bustle has a small article on the Cupcake dolls. Click here!

So friends, what do you think of Cupcakes? Do you have any in your collection? Let me know in the comments!

I'll have another throwback post up soon. Until then!