Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Palm Beach Teresa - is she rare?

A trip to Goodwill yesterday landed me this lovely Teresa doll. She has painted on clothes which didn't take me long to locate her.

This is Palm Beach Teresa from 2001 and the catch-phrase for these dolls are "always dressed."  There were a lot of these dolls. The whole gang is here!
I was searching through the toys (around a little boy who was dragging out everything from the shelves, gotta love the lack of parenting!) and I saw a hand sticking out. I knew it was from a Barbie doll. I was even more excited when I saw that it was a Teresa doll.

(FYI - I love Teresa dolls because we share the same name, spelled the same way, with no H)

She had no price and I was a little taken back when the clerk told me she was $1.99. Her left arm is loose and she squeaks at the leg joints. I couldn't bear to put her back so I paid it and went on my way.

She needed me

I wasn't too keen on the choice of attire and was thinking about dressing her but I think if I wash her it will brighten up her dull looking painted-on swimwear. Plus there is something about dressing a Barbie doll in non-original clothing. It's just my thing, I love the original clothes if I have them.

Doesn't look too dull in the pic but trust me on this one!
The Help! I've been checking completed auctions on Ebay and there is not an abundance of these dolls but sellers have them listed as "rare" and have them priced very high. A couple of them have sold recently, one deboxed went for $7.00 and another NRFB for $3.99. Some NRFB are priced around $35.00! So help me, is she really as rare as sellers are making her out to be? If she indeed is, then $1.99 isn't such a bad price after all. ;)

~Barbies on a budget!~


Andrea said...

She is probably rarer than Barbie. The rarest doll of that line seems to be Lea, she is the only one of the girls I couldn't find yet. The pricing logic of some e-bay sellers eludes me totally. I've encountered the loose arms on several dolls of that line. You could have done worse, like paying 8 dollars on e-bay and ending up with the same issues.

Forestminuet said...

Ha! Good to know then. The loose arms seemed odd to me but that's good info.

Ms. Leo said...

I agree with Andrea. Most seller say their items are rare just as a selling point.

I had the Lea doll from this line and purchased her whe she first came out. This was the first year for the Lea head mold. I didn't like the painted on swim suit and tried to remove it with nail polish remover...big mistake...a hot mess! I then rebodied her. The doll was nice but the next issue of Lea I saw the face was better and I quickly purchsed her and sold my orignal rebodied doll. I don't know if painted on clothing is more collectable than other dolls. Some how I think not. Barbie line with body flaws are normally not as collectable. I use to go to book store to read the collector Barbie books. That will give you agood idea of what is collectable. Some doll magazines have price guides in the back. I hope that helps.

Forestminuet said...

That's a good idea. I think I'll have to pick up one of those books. Thanks Ms. Leo! :)

Anonymous said...

I was actually about 4 when I got this doll. i had both Lea and Teresa, and played with them in the bathtub.:/ any way, when i got them in out of the box, their arms were loose. Now they are kind of moldy, but i'm glad to have learned thet mine are rare.

Forestminuet said...

Hello! Thanks for posting! From what I've been hearing, the loose arms are a known problem with these dolls. It's unfortunate really! I have some mold (or maybe it's dirt) that I can't get off of some of my dolls, especially in the leg joints. Have you successfully removed the mold? I'd love to know what you used!

Anonymous said...

No, i have not removed the mold... yet. It did typically appear when i played with these dolls in the bath. I, being older and more of a Barbie fanatic now, do truly regret the decison of palying with the dolls in the tub. I now frequently visit this blog after looking at it for a project. I do actually have a few questions for my other Barbies that I cannot researach or find anything on. One of them is Teresa I beleive, and the out fit it came in was blue and it looks similar to the Julia Roberts prostitute outfit in Pretty Woman. I think it was the Fun in the Sun collection? I'm not sure, as the box dissappeared many years ago.

Forestminuet said...

Thank you for coming back to visit! :) I do have a few project dolls that I will be working on after the holidays. I have a distressed Stacie that I'll be trying to fix up (as well as a doll that has mold just like your Palm Beach doll). Be sure to check back!

Don't regret the decision of playing with your dolls in the tub. I regretted taking my old Happy Holidays dolls out of the box and playing with them. But now that I think about it, it's a doll and we were having fun with playtime! :)

I would love to try and help identify your dolls. Do you have a website where you can post some pictures? Photobucket and Flickr are good hosting websites and are free to upload pictures, those are the ones that I use.

Anonymous said...

That would be great! as a frequent visotor, i find that Andrea typically has all of the answers. Anyway, i do have a lot of the Barbies from the early 2000's and some of the Happy Holiday collection(1998,1999) that you helped me identify. They are well worn, and 1998's head has mistakenly fallen off. This was partially my fault, as well as most of my dolls from that era have very weak heads from constant playing.
As for Photobucket and Flickr, I do not have one, but I would love to make an account! If at all possible, I will try to make one to figure out this ongoing mystery. If not, i could conatact you via email.

Forestminuet said...

I am so glad I could help with some of your Happy Holidays dolls! If you need any help at all please email me

Setting up an account on either of those websites is easy and free! And uploading pictures is a snap. I use them both so again, if you need help just let me know! One way or another we will help identify those dolls of yours. It's such great fun. If I can't help then I will enlist the help of Andrea because she really does have all the answers. She is the ultimate supreme master of doll identification!

Veronica said...

Hi I am kinda re-new to the barbie scene as my mother sent my 2yrold boxes of barbies and clothes from an estate sale. I have already identified 3 (last to thanks to this blog :D) I foudn that I have the Kayla Secret Spells Wiccan Doll
Theresa Palm beach Doll
Barbie Palm beach doll

all three used but still in pretty good shape. How would I go about finding the value on my Barbies though as I find going in books and ebay not to be easy.

Forestminuet said...

Hello Veronica and welcome to the blog! I'm glad that you were able to find some of the information you were looking for here.

The best way to go about finding the values on your dolls is through eBay. This is easiest if you do know the name of the doll (like Palm Beach Barbie, Palm Beach Teresa, Palm Beach Kayla, and so on.)

What I do is search for the doll then to the left there is a place to click on "completed auctions." This will show you what dolls have sold for and you can look for one that matches the description of yours. I usually just take a rough average of ones that match mine.

Lots of factors come into play when you try to find the value of dolls. The biggest one is box or no box. After that it's the condition of the box. Also cut or not cut hair is huge as well. From there it's really a toss up. Some people want perfect hair, some don't care because they can fix them up. I personally think it's fun to fix them up and give them a new life!

Some people price their dolls outrageously high so if you are looking for a price and see one that seems unreasonable, wait a while and then take another look at listings and see what you find. I've seen dolls without a box, no clothes priced higher than one new in the box. You really have to watch on eBay!

And remember, the value of the dolls is based on their demand but personal value has no dollar amount. I have some very high priced dolls that range in the hundreds of dollars but some of my most favorites are the non-Mattel dolls that I played with as a child.

If you have any other questions please ask and I'll try to help in any way I can. And keep checking back for new posts. Great to have you!

Kaitlyn said...

Hopefully you'll see this comment although the post is around a year old or so, but after reading this, I had no idea that these dolls in the 'Palm Beach' collection were so rare.

I have the Lea doll that I got when I was oh-so young. I got her from my aunt and my cousin got the Midge doll out of that collection from Goodwill. They were out of their boxes and were in an okay condition. I still have the doll today and she is doing well. Haven't played with her much in the past ten years until just a couple of months ago when I started renewing my interest in Barbie dolls.

The other day, I was at Goodwill and saw the 'Palm Beach' Barbie doll in wonderful condition, except for the missing waist wrap. Out of the box as usual she was and now I regret not getting her as she was only ninety-nine cents. Maybe I will find myself over there again hoping I can find her!

But, the reason I commented on here was that I had a question that maybe you or someone could answer. I was looking at my Lea doll and noticed that she has earring holes. They don't go all the way through her ears. I asked my mum about them and she said that she may have had small clip-on earrings. I have never noticed them in all of my years of having the doll. Do you think that the original dolls were just given that for looks? When looking online, I see that none of the dolls have earrings. Maybe I am just seeing things though.

Also, before I found your blog, I did some research on my doll. I couldn't remember her name or find it anywhere until I approached a site with all these dolls and their names. I found that the Lea doll is one of Barbie's 'foreign'
friends and she is from a Japanese origin.Unlike the name's meaning of 'weary,' the Japanese version of Lea means 'delicate,' Cool to know when I conducted my search!

Thank you so much for your time and for your help! I appreciate it so much! :)

Forestminuet said...

Hi Kaitlyn!
I see all comments as they come to me in my inbox no matter how old. That’s the fun of blogs I think. You find one you like then go back and read things in the archive that look interesting. :)

You should have picked her up! My Goodwill has dolls priced at about $3 so $.99 is a true bargain! Maybe she will still be there waiting for you. :)

I have both Palm Beach Teresa and later I found Palm Beach Christie. As far as I can see they do not contain earring holes. If you got her brand new then I’m not sure why she would have them. Maybe just a manufacturing defect?

You’re right about Lea. But there is another blog owner who is the ultimate expert on Lea dolls. Her blog is She has, like, a zillion of Lea dolls as those are her favourite. I would check her out! I remember reading one of her posts about the differences in the Lea face and how some resemble the “Asian” look and others don’t. (And she takes amazing photographs of her dolls too!)

Again, thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you are enjoying the site. I love posting and glad people are getting as much enjoyment out of them as I do in posting them!

Kaitlyn said...

Hello! I wanted to tell you that I did make it back to that Goodwill and the doll wasn't there. :( Oh well! But, I figured that since I was rambling on about how rare those dolls are aloud, the person standing nearby overheard me and snatched her up. Oh well. Thank you for your help! I truly appreciate it! :)

Forestminuet said...

Oh no! Well, I hope she went to a good home. I don't know if they are rare, they might be! I pick them up regardless because..I love dolls! Maybe you will find her again and then you can get her for sure!!

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