Thursday, March 20, 2014

Barbie Vay-Cay!

It's vacation time! (Boy, do I need it!) We are on our way to the beautiful island of Hawaii where we will spend time swimming with turtles, dolphins (for real!) and visiting the awesome volcanoes and waterfalls.

But before I leave, the Barbie's had a mini-vacation of their own! They too visited "Hawaii" and enjoyed their stay. There are some great pictures of their trip!

Skipper enjoys her time in the sun by the water. Getting a little tan there!

Wet 'n Wild Skipper and Wet 'n Wild Teresa enjoy the sand and water playing with their new beach ball.

Sun Sensations Jazzie loves laying on the warm sand.

Glitter Hair Barbie, Splash 'n Color Kira, and Cali Girl Christie have some fun girl talk on the beach during sunset.

Princess Merliah never turns down an invitation to explore under the water and visit her deep sea friends!

Beach Fun Barbie and Palm Beach Teresa never miss a day of sunbathing.

Generation Girl Tori and Barbie (wearing "Casual Wear Fashions") love cruising around the island checking out the great waterfalls.

Original Twist 'n Turn Barbie waves to a surfer dude.

Glitter Hair Barbie loves the beautiful sunsets and enjoys this one on her last night in the islands.

There are two dolls who went on vacation that have not been featured on this blog before. Know who they are? One will be featured when I get back the 1st of April and the other one shortly after that.

So until then! Have fun and I'll be seeing you April 1st!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Liebster Award

Hello Friends!

I have a surprise post for you all today!

I was given the "Liebster Award!" Woohoo! This is a chance where I get to answer questions given to me by the fabulous barbielea of Barbie Beauties. And really, if you have not checked out her site yet, go do it now. She has some amazing dolls and is the best doll photographer I have ever seen. Seriously not kidding! So thank you barbielea for giving me the Liebster Award and here are my answers to your questions.

1. Do you have a “go-to” doll – if I said the word “doll” to you, which of your dolls would you picture?

This would be my 1989 Wet 'n Wild Teresa doll. She has a beautiful Steffie head mold and was one of the first dolls that I ever got. She has been dressed in seriously EVERY outfit I had growing up. She was the ultimate best doll.

2. Doll people tend to be crafty. What was your last non-doll craft project?


My beach ball painting project! In the March 2014 archives of this blog, I posted a little bit about the project. But this project had a little to do with dolls. For my truly truly last non-doll craft project, I made a charm bracelet of props from one of my favorite video games, Zelda. You can check out the pictures on my flickr page here! They were entirely sculped by hand using FIMO clay, painted with acrylic and then coated with an acrylic gloss glaze. It was my project while I was unemployed. It sure ate up a lot of time!

3. Are you a pet person? Do you have a pet and if not, is there a pet you would like to have?


I am a pet a degree. On one hand I love having a companion, on the other hand, I love not having anything to take care of or clean up after. But I would love to have a kitty...if my allergies would allow it. Unfortunately I would be miserable but I just love cats.

4. If you were a character from the film “The Breakfast Club”, which one would you be?


Great movie. And this is a tough question! I think I am more like Brian "Brain" Johnson. I was typically considered a brain when I was in school and if I were in the same situation with the other members of the cast, they would choose me to write the essay. Also, he had some of the same problems that I went through when I was in high school. But this is a movie that someone can relate to in some way I think. That's what makes it such a great movie. And gotta love that 80's music!

5. How do you feel about Ever After High?


I was indifferent when they first came out. But when I saw the Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman gift set, I was in love. (And just like Monster High, you just gotta love the shoes!) I do not have any yet but would probably like to pickup the originals someday. However here in the states they are about $20 or more each. And since I just made a VERY large purchase (a lot for our new house) these dolls will have to be put on hold.

6. If you got offered a chance to go work in the toy industry in some capacity, would you take it?


Probably not. I'm a business girl, I have a masters degree in business administration so if I got a job doing behind-the-scenes work such as finance or running an office (and pays well) then I'm in! I'm not the best when it comes to being creative so I would leave that task up to the professionals.

7. What would you rather be, Country Bumpkin or City Slicker?


Honestly, I am the best of both worlds and was serious Country Bumpkin growing up. I would roll around in the dirt, bait my own hooks when I went fishing (and cleaned my own fish!), rode my bike, mowed the lawn, total country!

Now, most likely City Slicker. I don't have a problem getting dirty but I love clothes, makeup, and shoes too much to be a Country Bumpkin. :)

8. Model Muse or Fashionista?


Would have to be the Fashionista. I just love all the ways you can pose them! I didn't care that much when I was little but now for displaying on my shelf, there is just something about having fully posable arms and legs that makes them look a little more natural.

9. Do you talk to casual acquaintances about your hobby – is it something you would happily mention the first or second time you met somebody?


Funny that I was asked this! I would only mention it if it came up in conversation. For instance: Wednesday nights I teach aqua aerobics at the local pool. I came in one night and none of the male lifeguards knew my name. One guy spoke up "I'm sorry if this is offensive but the first time I saw you I thought 'Barbie.' " (I have long blonde hair which is why he probably came up with that correlation.) I immediately started laughing and told him I do collect Barbie so that wasn't too far off. They were amazed but not too weirded out about it.

I usually hold off on talking about the doll collecting. Some people think it's juvenile and I know I would get weird looks when talking about it! (Hubby gives me weird looks all the time when I talk to him about dolls. :) That's what makes the internet so great. I have found many other collectors who share the same passion I do. And have way larger and better collections than I do as well. I love seeing what others have in their collections and what treasures they have found through the years.

10. What’s your favourite thing about collecting?


My most favorite thing about collecting. I have to pick two. First is finding that precious doll at a thrift store or garage sale, taking them home and giving them a makeover! I have not yet tried a reroot or rebody but I have many that are eagerly awating new limbs or heads. I have tons of super cute outfits to dress them in too. I love making them gorgeous again!

And then it would have to be remembering those memories from my childhood. When I pick up a doll that I had when I was a child, I remember some of the times I played with that doll. For instance, I remember all the fun I had with Paint and Dazzle Teresa (and how cool her outfit was because I designed it myself!) Also my brother used to come play with me and he would bring the action figures. Usually his Ghostbusters were saving the Barbies from the ghosts we would put up around my playsets. Fun times those were!

11. If you had to pick one meal that you would have to eat forever from now on, what would it be?


Pizza. You have all your food groups, you can eat it hot or cold, and have a multitude of different things you can put on or take off. Plus, I just love pizza and am always craving it!

And if there is something else you want to know, feel free to ask! I'm usually an open book when it comes to talking about my dolls and/or collecting.

Thanks again barbielea!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pretty Treasures for Barbie


Sorry again for the lack of posts! I've been gearing up for vacation so it's been super busy! But today I bring you a new post and there will be one most post before I go on vacation for over a week. Then another new post right after I get back. Today is the day to get them all ready for your viewing pleasure!

First, I was looking through a box for accessories for one of my dolls and I came across this small package.

My mom sold Avon (still does!) and in the past, Avon came out with a great line of dolls and accessories. I found this under the Christmas tree one year when I was a kid.

Of course, because I was meticulous with all my dolls and accessories, it never ever came out of the package. (I still wonder why I was THAT meticulous.)

Let's see what these pretty treasure are!

Wedding treasures!

Upon further inspection it looks like we have obviously a wedding cake, gift package and some silver stuff.

When I looked closer at this tiny silver package wrapped very tight with bubble wrap, I decided here and now I was not going to open it. It contains a drink pitcher, cups and very teeny tiny silverware.

Now I love accessories. LOVE LOVE LOVE accessories and the smaller they are the better! But because I do not have a place to display this beautiful wedding flatware set, they will stay in their safe little bag.

But I did find a picture on the web of what is inside this bag. (the dog is NOT in the bag) :)
See? tiny! A cake server, forks, lace napkins with rings, a pitcher and four cups. Adorable!

But I do have a hankering to take the cake out of the bag! It comes in two halves which fit together snug. These will not be coming apart again. They are stuck for good! (And the table is one of those plastic pieces that come in a pizza box. They make great Barbie tables!)

And unfortunately I did not get a picture of my beautiful winter bride with her cake. But this is the doll who will be proudly displaying the cake.

I was looking closely to the Barbie and Ken picture on the top of the cake and can't make out her dress. I don't know if they just use a Barbie that has been placed on the market or if they have stock photos of dolls to use on things like this but I can't place the dress. Anyone see it close enough to tell?

Looks kind of like this FA dress doesn't it?

Also in the bag with the cake was the gift and two plates.

When looking on the web for pictures of these Pretty Treasures for Barbie by Avon, I saw that there were other Pretty Treasures that were not sold by Avon. Do you have any Pretty Treasures for Barbie and her friends? Or any other tiny accessories in general that you just love? Let me know in the comments!

There will be one more post this week before I head out for vacation. I'll publish it Thursday before I leave. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Super Cool Newcomer


Whenever I am at my local Wal-Mart (or Target, or Fred Meyer, or wherever) I take a cruise down the Barbie aisle. I usually don't see many new dolls which is unfortunate. But my eye caught the clearance table where I saw a ton of these.
I also saw a ton of the little Mega Bloks Build and Style packages with dolls and accessories. I guess they weren't that popular.

As I was walking away from the table to continue my shopping, a box caught my eye.

Of course at that price she just HAD to come home with me. :)

Pilot Barbie is special because my husband is a pilot. We have lots of airplane memorabilia around our house so this will be memorabilia for my Barbie room.

She is adorable.

She even has the cutest little passport.

And because I had a crappy day at work, you know what I am going to do? I'm going to take her out of the box! I can't remember the last time I opened a doll so this is going to be fun.

The cutest diorama. Definitely going to keep her with this. It's so cute.

I like how the hair is rubber banded in. It doesn't create imprints.

As I took extra care cutting off the rubber bands from her hands and legs, I come to find that her head is stuck to the plastic piece that the hat was banded to.

This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. Why does Mattel feel the need to hang tag Barbie's HEAD to the box? I can't tell you how many times i've tried to brush hair from a doll I got at the thrift store only to have the brush get stuck on the hang tag. Anyone else completely annoyed with this?

It's very hard to cut them off as they are so close to her head. Even here with the plastic guarding the hair it was still a challenge. Then I had to cut them shorter and try ever so hard not to cut hair along with it. But it's off and her hair is beautiful and shiny. Gotta love the new doll hair. :)

She's cute! A little pilot shirt with navy pants and silver boots.

I think a jacket would have been a little more pilot-ish but this shirt definitely fits with Barbie.

Okay, the moment you've been waiting for! It's so hard to know how a doll moves when they are stuck in a box. I am pleased to announce that she has articulated knees. Wish her elbows were articulated as well but I am satisfied with the knees.

Her luggage has a wrist hold but doesn't sit very well in the front.

It works when drug behind her though. And it does open!

Oh! I almost forgot! Her hat. Very pleased that it stays on her head!

Her head does not require any special tilt to keep it on. A good design that allows it to stay put!

Another picture of the diorama. Actually I have seen a pink plane so it's not totally out of the ordinary!

The back of the box with other Barbie I can be..'s. Can you name them all?

I have another Barbie I can be. You can check her out here! Like I said in that post, I love Barbie I can be... Especially with being a pilot. The airline pilot industry was entirely dominated by men but I think it's great that women have found their way in as well (rather than just being a stewardess). I know many women who have gone to become successful pilots. One of my friends was even a helicopter pilot in the Coast Guard. Girls can do anything if they set their mind to it!

And I do also want to add that I have seen men be successful stewards as well. It goes both ways!

Do you have Barbie I can be a Pilot? What do you think of her? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!