Saturday, May 27, 2017

NIB Collection Additions!


Today I have some Barbie goodness. You are all going to LOVE them!

First, remember the picture of Daring Charming I was talking about when I created that post on him? (The one with my darling boy playing with him?) I found the picture. It was just so comical, he looks like a fallen King with his crown falling off. Hysterical!

Before I feature my NIB dolls, I rescued a couple from the thrift store. They had a LOT of dolls there but nothing really caught my eye. All were naked, newer body style. If they were old then yes, I would have snatched them right up. Some had chewed hands from pets. I have enough of those already. But these two really needed a good home so I picked them up. They have been bathed because my Captain Tornado wanted to give them kisses so I had to clean them up. 

I love this one's hair! Purple streaks! And she was just an all around pretty doll.

Believe me, her hair did not look this good. She had frizz frizz frizz and so many tangles I had a hard time getting them out. Because of that she got a boil dip last night. It's better but still not where I want it. It will take more work. 

She came with the cute sparkle capris and then I washed the white lace top and put it on her. It's the only shirt that somewhat matched the capris and that I had readily available. Hubby has been working on our yard that we have not had any time to fix up the doll room. So dolly's and accessories are still buried in storage. I'm hoping soon I can get them out!

The capris, do they really belong to her or to someone else?

This one, had a little tinge of pink by her brow and at the tips. You know me and dolls with pink hair!

Because of the pink, I didn't mind that she had a permanent swimsuit. I knew that I had a doll with that same necklace. 

So I washed her and the pink washed right out so I figured it was marker. Then I looked again and the pink was still there. Maybe I was looking at a different part of the hair when I didn't see it. No biggie, I can take a pink sharpie and give her some awesome streaks to match. 

Then as I was brushing her hair the pink was reappearing. So I stuck her head under icy water. Yep, turned pink. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. 

Princess Merliah. 

This is the Princess Merliah Transformation doll from Barbie, A Mermaid Tale. The doll where her tail turns into a surfboard. 

Remember that I have this Merliah doll. 

Her hair changes to pink as well but for some reason, the Princess Merliah I just got, her tattoo didn't appear. Oh well. I still love the hair. 

Okay, now on to the NIB additions! My dad picked these ones up for me. So awesome!

First today, we have the most beautiful 1996 Blossom Beauty Barbie! 

Her dress magically transforms into a floral bouquet! And her magic fairy really sprinkles glitter! Well, that can become a little messy. I'm all for glitter (really!) but I think the hubby would get miffed at sparkles everywhere. :)

Back of the box reads: "Barbie asked her flower fairy in the garden to make her party dress. The fairy sprinkled Barbie with glitter and her dress magically opened to reveal blossoms in colors of the rainbow. Ken thinks Barbie is the prettiest flower of all!"

And what a great Ken too! Is that the Alan head mold? LOVE

And you can also hide your sparkle fairy in the dress so you can have glitter to transform your dress at any time (and also by pulling the string.) I'm going to have to watch YouTube to see how this looks. So many questions but I don't want to take her out of the box!

Okay, watch this. It all makes sense now. The dress opens up. :) Don't you just love the old jingles of commercials? I wonder how much someone got paid to write that song, haha.

Now we have another awesome doll. This is a beautiful AA 2000 Teacher Barbie!

What a beautiful doll.

She even comes with a chalkboard that really writes! Also included in the accessories are a pencil sharpener, erasers and some personal boards for the students to hold (I think).

On the back of the box we see that it includes three subjects: dinosaurs, music and geography!

I love her. I'm glad I have a teacher doll now as the hubby is a teacher! Anyone know if there is a Teacher Ken doll?

And the last for today. This is the special edition 1997 Carnival Cruise Barbie!

How cute is she with those star earrings and sailor outfit? And the hat!

She comes with her cruise bag, all ready to go! You can definitely tell that this outfit is from the 90's. The high waist shorts with belt and crop top. :)

The back of the box reads: Barbie looks her nautical best as she gets ready for all the excitement and fun of her first ever Carnival "fun ship" vacation!

Well that's it for today friends. Have any of these dolls made their way into your collection? Let me know in the comments!

I'll have more unboxed goodness in the next post. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Lego Extravangaza.....Time to Travel!

Hello again!

More Lego fun today. Every day after I put Jacob to bed I took my huge box and put together another playset. I actually had a lot of fun. Brought me back to my childhood. But let's be serious. Lego's are for anyone of any age right? (Well, except for babies, haha.)  My brother is 30 and recently bought the space shuttle. It took him HOURS to put it together. It's very very cool!

Today we have a couple that feature travel!

We are going to see Emma again. This is Emma's Sports Car!

Out of all the playsets I received, this one is my favorite for a few reasons. I love the little car and that she brings her kitty with her. She is also holding her smartphone. You can't see it in my photos but she has a music app open. Nothing like driving with a little music!

My favorite part is the little picnic table....complete with a sandwich! Also has a camera, a bottle of water and a book so Mia has a place to relax.

It also has some signage showing the area of Heartlake (where all the friends live.) It also has directional signs showing the way to the beach and to the mountains!

Purse? Check. Kitty? Check. Phone? Check. All ready to go! Remember Emma, no texting and driving!

Another set that features travel. Seeing Olivia again we have Olivia's Ice Cream Bike!

She's ready to sell ice cream! Get it before it melts!

Her cute little bike with her ice cream cart.

This playset also has some adorable little accessories. A cute little picnic table for people to sit and eat their ice cream. Also a bottle of water and a letter to mail.

It actually fits in the mail box!

And then a water fountain. Notice the coins in the bottom?

That's all for today. What do you think of Emma's Sports Car and Olivia's Ice Cream Bike? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Lego Extravaganza.....To The Beach!


Back again with more Lego! 

In my Barbie Goes Lego post, I mentioned that my dad bought a huge box of Lego's at a garage sale. He saw that the box included a Barbie lego set so he got it for me. 

I come from a long history of Legos. We had tons of playsets growing up. I can't tell you how many times my brother and I tore down and rebuilt our firehouse and fire truck playset. (So many times the instruction book was frayed and fell apart.) 

A huge box of Lego can be a little intimidating when you don't have the instructions. The only saving grace was that these playsets were already partially put together. I went on line and searched and and found ALL the instructions! Score!

AND, and even bigger bonus.....I had every single last piece. That is amazing considering that usually pieces get lost.

So today, we are going to take a look at some of the beach playsets that I put together. 

These playsets are from the Lego Friends line. They feature a cute little mini-doll with the playset. 

This is Emma's Lifeguard Post!

Here is cute little Emma with her binoculars and flotation ready to save the day!

It even came with a little dolphin! I like how they added some blue transparent angled bricks to simulate ocean waves. 

Also came with a nice place to build a sand castle. I love the bucket and the Sea Star!

Another beach set we have is Olivia's Beach Buggy!

This one is so adorable. I love how she has her little buggy and surfboard. Ready to hit the waves!

There also is an adorable little palm tree, complete with coconuts!

It also has a little fruit box and a pineapple and ice cream stand. I love the pineapple, so adorable!

Here she is, ready to go!

Well, that's all I have of the beach playsets. What do you think of Emma and Olivia? Do you have any Lego Friends playsets? Let me know in the comments below!

More Lego coming soon!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Like Mother Like Son

Hello again!

Before I continue with my posts on my Lego escapades, I wanted to show you a doll that my son has taken a liking to!

I can't remember exactly what I was doing (dusting probably) but Jacob motioned that he wanted to see one particular doll that I had on my shelf.

I figured that this would be the 'safest' doll for him to play with as he has molded hair, well, molded everything actually! (except for his vest). I'm not sure why Jacob decided to put his legs in a can koozie. Toddlers!

So Jacob has taken a liking to the fabulous Daring Charming EAH doll! 

I did take a picture of him in the box but I can't seem to locate the photo. It was kind of comical, his crown was falling off his head. I think my photo must have gotten deleted. 

So here is the stock photo of the doll I bought!

Daring has been a very, eagerly awaited doll by almost every EAH fan or collector. Because he was originally Apple's love interest (and her Prince Charming) people thought he would be the second male doll to come out (after Hunter).  But he never came out! We had Dexter and then Darling (which are both wonderfully fabulous dolls) but still no Daring.

Then someone had the idea to put his original release in a 2 pack with the Epic Winter Rosabella Beauty doll. Now, if you know his storyline from Epic Winter, it makes sense but everyone was furious. 

Not wanting to collect the Epic Winter line and have a Rosabella without her counterparts, I decided on this version of Daring. The generic playline doll that I got for $10 at Toys R' Us.

He's not the most perfect doll. I do love that his hair is frozen in place (since he's so concerned about his hair anyway) and I do love his face sculpt. He is not articulated. His pants, shoes, and undershirt are molded. I like his vest but it's not the one that he wears in the webisodes. I figure I can make an argyle vest for him and am looking to buy his coat from a stripped down Epic Winter Daring doll. Only problem is it has fur around the collar but I'm sure I can remove that. 

Anyway, just had to share those pictures of my cutie playing with my dolls!

What do you think of this Daring Charming doll? Love him or hate him?

Next Lego post coming up soon!