Thursday, April 18, 2019

Outfits Are Complete!


I'm back from vacation and have finally settled down. When you are gone for two weeks it sometimes takes a while to get everything situated and fall back into routine life. And before I got to the next big batch of clothing haul I got for Christmas I wanted to get into the dolly box and pick out some subjects to put my new Super Mario clothes on. So here we go!

I saw her in the box and have always wanted to rebody her. 

I really don't like the Disney Princess Hasbro dolls because of the huge cartoon eyes they have. I was debating buying an Ariel from The Disney Store because their eyes are less dramatic. This doll is by Mattel and is similar to The Disney Store doll so I decided to use her.

It took a little bit to find a body that had a pink tone to the skin and decided on this one.

Hair! Yikes. So I decided to just give her hair a wash because it's bad. There was quite a bit of hair loss but when combed it's not too bad. 

Nice and shiny.

Much better. Now I have a head if I should need one. The neck peg on the Ariel doll was a pain in the rear and I almost broke it. So I left the head off of the Ariel doll in case I want to change her back to a mermaid later on. 

I chose the pink Princess Peach outfit since she is, you know, a princess. :)

I added a pink and black skirt and a pair of gold shoes with a pink bow. 

Next I found her. 

This was a wave 2 Sporty Fashionista wearing a Swappin' Styles dress. So I decided to give her a new outfit. 

I have always wanted to put the pants from Secret Spells Barbie on a doll but didn't have anything to really go with them. 

So I paired it with the white Mario logo tee. And I think it works!

Added a pair of platform black boots.

I also had a shirt for a curvy Barbie and the only other curvy doll I had was from the TV News Team.

And I actually needed two more dolls and since the camera girl had articulated arms, I just decided to use her too! (And she had cute freckles, another plus.)

I question why they didn't give the anchor articulated arms. Do they really think she could talk like this?

Not sure how or why but I had a pair of jeans that fit the curvy doll perfectly. I'm glad I had them!

I love this outfit. LOVE!

And I had to keep the same shoes. Feet on the curvy dolls are larger than normal. I was going to put a cute pair of platform sneakers on but they didn't fit. These shoes work though!

And for the camera girl I put on the Mario outfit that was formerly on Trendy and Bendy Barbie.

I really liked the distressed jeggings she was wearing so I left those on her instead of adding the blue tulle skirt. 

And she has weird feet too! They are half heel/half flat foot and skinnier than normal feet. I had a cute pair of black flip flops ready to put her in but those were huge and slid off. So I had to keep her in her original shoes too. Not too crazy about them but I'll try some more options until I find ones that might work.

Here's the group!

I decided NOT to put the Power Up denim jacket on a doll. I found a good use for my bustform.

Besides, if it was on a doll, the doll would be facing us and then we wouldn't be able to see the cute picture on the back. And it is a little small on a Barbie, would fit much better on a Skipper or Stacie.

Here is the shelf of Mario outfits! I still need to fix it up a little. I need to add a riser so I can display them better. But for now it works!

What do you think of the outfits? Let me know in the comments!

Next post will be more vintage and semi-vintage clothing. Until then!

Monday, April 1, 2019

Happy Haute Couture - April


We have another fabulous doll from the Haute Couture calendar brought to us by the master of Haute Couture, Robert Best!

If you want to catch up on the other dolls that have been featured, check them out with the links below!


April - Do You Have This In Pink?

Oh she is pretty. Look at her, of course all her lingerie has to be pink! She's Barbie!

And we do have an actual doll for this one. I'm not sure if it's the exact one but it's super close.

The Lingerie Doll 4
It's pink. It's got lace. It's got the bow in front. And it's got the garders to hold up the stockings. This has to be it! And the bow in the hair! How cute is that!

Here is the excerpt from the Mattel website:

"The fourth Lingerie doll in the Barbie® Fashion Model Collection, Barbie® looks darling in delicate pink. Intricate pale pink lace accents her heavenly bustier ensemble. Pink peek-a-boo peignoir floats over soft pink, feminine underpinnings. Sheer pink stockings and sling back high heels add flirtatious finishing touches. Barbie® wears her platinum hair in a short curly style reminiscent of the Bubble Cut, and accented with a pink bow. Sweet dreams!"

So what do you think of The Lingerie or do you have her in your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Next post May 1st!