Monday, March 18, 2019

A few 'non-negotiable' purchases!


Being a stay at home mom and living off of a single income, I've had to curb some of my dolly spending. I don't mind, I would gladly give up anything to be able to stay home with my two boys. And while I am able to buy a doll here and there if the price is right, there were some things that I told hubby were absolutely non-negotiable. Like, if I saw them, they were coming home with me and that was that. 

I've been looking for a year and I FINALLY saw them.

The Super Mario single pack fashions! I almost couldn't curb my enthusiasm. Luckily there were other people in the dolly aisle and to avoid looking like a loon, I kept my composure. 

As mentioned I have been looking and looking for these and finally found them at Wal-Mart. 

Let's take a closer look!

Super Mario logo T-Shirt

Princess Peach tank with bottom ruffle

Super Mario Characters denim "Level-Up" jacket

Yoshi Tank

So now, the question is, do they fit better on a standard Barbie body or a curvy Barbie body? Let's take a look! 

For this fashion show we will use Trendy and Bendy Barbie. 

Logo T

Yoshi Tank. This tank fits very loose

Level-Up denim jacket. This one is quite tight and the shirt underneath needs to be form fitting. As you can see the Yoshi Tank is just a little big to pair with this jacket. 

Princess Peach Tank

And now for the curvy doll!

Logo T. I had to really stretch the velcro in the back to get it to secure fully.

The denim jacket does not fit AT ALL. Especially with the curved arm it was really stretching the seams. This jacket needs to be on a doll with straight arms.

Princess Peach Tank. It fits but looks a little stretched. 

The Yoshi tank is a PERFECT fit. 

And I also picked up one other outfit. Mattel came out with a wave 2 of the Hello Kitty Sanrio fashions. And since Little Twin Stars is my favorite....

 A cute little dress with a flutter sleeve jacket. How adorable!

Curvy Barbie

Dress fits but like the Mario jacket, this jacket is a little tight as well. 

Standard Barbie

Absolutely perfect. I think she will be the new wearer of this dress. 

Now to find dolls to put these clothes on! (And find bottoms that will work with the curvy barbie and the Yoshi tank. I may need to go shopping again.) I'll post pics when I have permanent dolls that can wear these awesome fashions! 

Next post we will get back to more vintage (and maybe not so vintage) clothing! See you next time!

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Vintage Clothing Galore!

Hi Friends!

Have I got the post for you today. I know we had some back and forth about some of the clothes that I thought were OOAK were actual Mattel Barbie Fashions. Well, all of these today truly ARE original fashions as the lady that my dad got them from did all the legwork. She has labeled every one of these so there is actually no question about what item it is. 

She even has some of these labeled if they were in one of the books she had. (The ones I got last year for Christmas.) I'll have to check it out! Maybe I can have a reference guide at my fingertips for some of these clothes.

Let's dig in!

Best Buy 7820. This one also came with a blouse to go over it. 

Barbie Ballerina. I knew this one right away because I have her.

This is from the 1977 Superstar Barbie. She also came with a pink lacy boa. Not to be confused with the 1988 Superstar Barbie that is in my collection (and one of my personal favorites!)

This is Get up and Go 9739 "Red Shine For Rain Time." It came with red boots and a red rain coat with clear sleeves!

Barbie Best Buy 9621. A cute little overall dress. Complete!

Best Buy Fashion 9155. Also came with a yellow tote bag.

This is the hat from Get Ups 'N Go fashion "Summer's Dress in Ruffles and Mint!" 9151. This is a very pretty outfit!
She even had a printout for this one. Pretty in Plaid! I have her in box and I also have a duplicate of this dress. 

Best Buy Fashion 8684. Muslin Peasant Dress

This was a cute Best Buy outfit. Also came with a pair of jeans that you could add patches to!

Best Buy Fashion. Also came with a long pink terrycloth robe.

This needs no introduction. :)

Day to Night Barbie. Except the one from 1985 did not come with a smartphone (obviously)

This pair of satin pants lost their identification tag. Maybe Barbie Fashion Classics 5708 Ski Party Pink?

This is the jacket from Gold Medal PJ Gymnast from 1975.

This is the outfit from 1974 Free Moving Barbie. The white shirt is actually a romper! And the doll has the Steffie head mold. 

I didn't get the number of this one. But I found it and it's Best Buy Fashion 7747.

This is from the 1982 My First Barbie Fashions 5612 titled "My First Ski Trip!" It came with a Fair Isle Sweater and a matching beanie. It is SO cute, I need to get the sweater!

This pencil skirt is the same fabric as the unidentified pants shown above! It can't be 7751 because that is the halter top with patch jeans. I'll have to get the book out and see. Now I just have to figure out what book "#2" is!

This is a sweater dress from Barbie Fashion Fantasy 5543 "Headed For Fun!" It came with white fishnet stockings and white open toe heels

1990 Hawaiian Fun Barbie. I don't have the pink hula skirt but I do have a blue one which was for the Jazzie doll.

1982 Twirly Curls Barbie Outfit.

Barbie Dream Wear 7124. This is a cute set with a hairdryer, perfume, comb, and plastic teddy bear. And panties but not sure if they are behind the nightie or not.

1990 Hawaiian Fun Skipper swimsuit. I have the hula skirt for her (yellow.)

This is from the Quick Curl Kelly doll. What a beautiful doll she is!

The sarong from the 1987 Island Fun Barbie. I have her!

The silver top from the 1985 Rockstars Barbie

Shirt from the 1983 Horse Lovin' Skipper. Barbie had the same shirt (and Ken did too!)

From 1989 Beach Blast Teresa. I have Miko and Skipper!

From 1982 Pink and Pretty Barbie. Missing the pink boa and the full sheer skirt. The pink pencil skirt from above may be a duplicate from this set!

This skirt is from Barbie and Ken Western Fashions "Westward Ho!" #3578. This set came with a shirt of the same print, suede fringe vest, suede fringe handbag and cowboy hat.

I love the little "Barbie" logo on the belt.

The headband from Glitter Beach Barbie. I picked up this doll at the thrift store years ago.

I have NO idea about this one. I guess there was a picture of this in a calendar from 1989?

Barbie Feeling Pretty Fashions 1525. This comes with a skirt in the floral print and a purple sash.

Best Buy Fashion 1468 - This is a cute halter dress with an asymmetrical hem!

Another clothing item that needs no introduction. Google search "Barbie 1112" and you'll see all the results.

And one of my top 5 favorite Barbies of all time.

Sun Gold Malibu Barbie swimsuit. Such a beautiful doll!

This pretty dress is Fashion Collectibles "Forest Theme" 1906.

This is a My First Barbie Fashion that also came with a purple headscarf.

Some misc pieces from Rollerblade Barbie. The headscarf, hip pack, one gauntlet and both knee pads.

Best Buy Fashions 2226.

The shorts from Super Teen Skipper. She also had a leotard and a skirt so she can go "glamorous one minute, a supersport the next!" She also had a real action skateboard!

This is the outfit from the Woolworth Special Expressions Barbie doll.

This outfit is after my 80's Barbie loving heart. This is from Barbie and the Beat. Also came with a pink top and a cassette tape!

Best Buy Fashions 2778. Missing the ring that serves as the halter top.

Searching for 2954 brings up the 1991 Cute 'n Cool Barbie but there was no solid orange top with that set.

Best Buy Fashions 3642

The swim suit from Beach Blast Barbie

This is a cute outfit. My First Barbie Fashions 3676. Wish it had the bottoms.

Another My First Barbie fashion 3677. Some have a little flower at the top under the rick rack trim.

The dress and shoes from Magic Curl Barbie. I love this dress.

This is one that I never heard of. The Heavenly Holidays Fashions. I can only bring up one and it's the one with this dress. It's a Victorian style and even comes with a gift for you! It's very pretty. Mules & Ponies
Best Buy Fashions 9620

This is a Francie Best Buy Fashion 8644

This one is always a favorite. Barbie's Sweet 16. In better condition than mine is but still missing the little bow at the waist.

Best Buy Fashions 7749. Missing the white lacy apron.

This one is correct with either entry. It came in both a Fashion Classics Pack and the Party Nights Fashion Pack. It had a pink gingham sash belt.

And lastly, two of the dresses from Angel Face Barbie. Funny that this is the doll that is on some of the Fashion Classics Packaging.

Whew! And that's it! That was fun. I think there is just one red dress that is not identified. That red dress from the Barbie Calendar so not sure. Any ideas friends?

So, do you have a favorite outfit of the bunch? Do you have a lot of the fun Best Buy Fashions in your collection? Let me know in the comments below! 

Until next time!