Saturday, September 23, 2017

We Love Vintage!

Hi Friends,

Well, if you see the title of the post, you can guess what it will be about right? 

Over a month ago (before I got sick) we stopped at what was titled a "Kids" garage sale. So we figured there would be a bunch of toys right? Yep, there were. Surprisingly we only picked up a couple of books for Jacob but my hubby and I scored. He got a wireless Bose speaker for $10 and I got some absolutely awesome vintage goodness. 

The kids were running the sale but dad was there as the supervisor. :) He said that these dolls belonged to his wife and she absolutely loved them. There were two trunks of dolls and clothes and each were $25. I picked up only one and there was just ONE reason I chose this one. 

For this guy.

*squee* VINTAGE KEN! Can you even believe it? 

If you remember back a couple of christmases ago, my dad got me a TON of vintage Barbie clothes from a woman who was getting rid of her collection. There were also vintage Ken clothes! If you want, feel free to go back and revisit the post here!

There was one outfit of Ken I just totally loved that I got in that batch. 

Terry Togs. Don't quite know why, I kind of like the robe and the towel! So now I have a beautiful vintage Ken doll to dress him in!

This Ken is not in great shape. He does NOT have flocked hair so he must not be one of the very first Kens. His hair does need a repaint which is no big deal. And he's VERY dirty so he'll have to have a bath. 

I believe he is wearing an original Ken fashion. I can't remember (and the dolls are back in the garage.) The dolls and clothes had the smell of old house attic. I'm sure you can imagine what I am talking about. The clothes are airing out but the dolls were covered by the clothes (doh!) so they still are smelly. So they are back out there to air out. And as you can see, the clothes are dirty as well. So soon there will be bath time and laundry time.

Also in the box...another Ken!

Poor  Ken. He IS wearing an original Ken shirt (I also got this one in my Christmas vintage haul) but his pants are homemade and very long. I loved this face mold!

But I need help. I searched and searched for him but I can't pinpoint what year he is from. 70's I'm guessing. It was even hard to identify from the Vintage Doll Guide. Can anyone help?

Hello Red Sweater Pak from 1963!

Also in the trunk were two female dolls. One was not very hard to figure out. 

1975 Ballerina Barbie!

She is in VERY good condition with non-matted or ratty hair (only a little crushed from being in the box) and she is relatively clean. 

Since she does not have the rest of her clothes, she either came from this "On Tour" pack or as a stand-alone doll.

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She is beautiful!

Her clothes are not dirty and in excellent condition!

And last, but certainly not least...

More vintage Barbie!

So, going to need some help with this one. :) I know 70's but not sure which 70's. She looks older than my Sun Lovin' Malibu Barbie and I know she's not from the late 60's. (or is she?)

Her dress is a little small, can you tell? That's because it's a vintage Skipper Fashion! There was a little tiny fragment of tag left and I got from it an S. It's the Platter Party Fashion. Too bad there is no vintage Skipper doll to put it on. But I do love the boots!

Every single other piece of clothing in the box was handmade but there are some really awesome OOAK fashions in there. But as I mentioned above, they are still airing out in the garage. There was a small bag of accessories and another bag of straight fabric. I almost wanted to go back and get the other trunk but I didn't. I don't know if the other trunk had genuine fashions but there were four female dolls in that one. 

However I am very happy with this purchase. I am even getting some more dolly shelves for my birthday! So I'll be able to display even more dolls in my doll room now!

Next time I do have a super, seriously cute set to show you that is just perfect for Halloween. I'll get that set up for next week. 

Until then!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

I'm back!

Hi Friends!

I apologize for my absence. To say this pregnancy has been hard on me is a huge understatement. I was sick for over a month with a form of pertussis (Chinese for '100 day cough'.) It meant for a lot of early bedtimes and just doing what I could to get through the day. 

Now that THAT'S over and done with (thank goodness) I can get back to the blog. I'm going to be taking some pictures today of some wonderful dolly awesomeness. 

And dare I say VINTAGE dolly awesomeness? You betcha!

I'm taking some pictures today and I'll have those ready within the week. 

Thanks for your understanding and I'll be back at it very very shortly!