Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Why Do I Even Try?

Welcome Friends!

Last I posted I mentioned that there would be a craft project to show you all. Well the one I had in mind I haven't gotten to yet. It will be just me and the baby tomorrow, toddler and hubby are heading to the lake so maybe tomorrow during nap time. 

There was some stitching that had popped on the hem of one of my sons PJ shirts so I busted out the sewing machine to fix them. And I saw this guy in my sewing box.

Once upon a time I this was going to be my "Benny" doll, a character from one of my favorite video games. But I needed to make him a black and white checkered jacket. I started but when moving and kids came along, his project was abandoned. I had one sleeve done and that's where I quit. I have three posts on him, you can read them here!

Benny Project 1 
Benny Project 2 
Benny Project 3 

So I got the wild hair to try this suit jacket again. Sewing is the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE. For reals. I come from a long heritage of seamstresses. My mother made clothes for me when I was little. Her sister made clothes for both my brother and I. Then when I took Home Economics in Jr. High, my sweatshirt was so abysmal that we had to run to my dad's sister and have her help us with it. (Well, I did get the cuffs sewn correctly, it was the neckband that was terrifying.) And when I was the high school drum major (conductor) we were doing a medley of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, my dads other sister made me a kick butt Esmeralda costume

My best friend is a wonderful seamstress who helped (mostly made) me a couple of sundresses that I wore to Hawaii and my sweet Mother-in-Law made...MADE! all the bridesmaid dresses for her wedding. (And some sweet Barbie clothes which you can check out here!)

So in the past I have made a pair of PJ pants and the pattern said right on it "Sew Sew Easy!" Yeah, my mom had to help. And don't ask me how I managed to get this robe for Stacie to look this good. Beginners luck I guess. If you want to read about the robe for Miss Stacie, you can check out the link here!

Sewing is like me and Cross Country skiing. I want to like it. I try my best but in the end, my sewing machine and I just don't get along (like me and cross country skis.) But I persevere.

So I had to start by undoing what I had originally done. There was a pucker in the sleeve that was not going to work. And I had only cut one front and one back panel. But I wanted the back to be all one piece so I cut one large piece on the fold. Then cut another front panel and stitched them together at the shoulders.

Now time for the sleeves. I have such a hard time with sleeves! I trimmed one back and then sewed. They didn't line up perfectly and one did have a weird pucker and the stitching didn't line up but I just used my seam ripper and detached that thread. I can always go back later and clean up any loose stitches by hand if I need to.

Ok, not too bad honestly!

Time for the second sleeve. This one did not go as well as I hoped. Too much fabric for this sleeve. I should have trimmed like I did the last one. AAAAAND...I stitched it on backwards. See the seam ripper in the background? That got another go around on this sleeve.


OK, time to try on or size. Not too bad. Looks a little big but I did give myself a 1/2" seam allowance so that could be it. That left sleeve is strange but we'll just see how it turns out in the end.

I figured that I would hem the sleeves before I stitched them up the side. I quickly realized my mistake. Need to sew on the INSIDE not the OUTSIDE. :) Seam ripper, you can stand down for the moment.

Then I did the easy way and sewed up the sleeve and down the side in one solid stitch.

One went perfectly! One did not...

And friends, this...THIS is why I don't sew. 

It is much too big and doesn't even fit right. And my patterns were from an actual Ken jacket! I just gave myself a generous seam allowance rather than the factory 1/32" seam they have. 

So I just wrapped it around him and back into the sewing box he goes. Maybe if I had a Ken pattern the jacket would work but I don't have any of those. And this is a My Scene doll so he's a little bigger than a Ken. 

Maybe I'll have inspiration another day...or hire my mother in law to make one for me. 

Remember Sew Free Fashion Fun? Mattel please bring those back for those of us who are inept at sewing. 

I still have the other project so maybe if I'm feeling inspired I'll tackle that one. 

I am excited for some posts coming up in the next month or so. We have some wonderful garage sale finds and I can't wait to show you. Courtesy of my dad! So I have to get them and then I can throw them up here. SO EXCITING!

Have you made anything for your dolls (or for you?) Let me know in the comments! 

Until next time!

Saturday, July 7, 2018

More Newcomers and ID's

Before we start...

***I am very good at replying to everyones comments here on the blog. I set up email notifications to alert me when I have a new comment. Somehow that has been on the fritz. I'm trying to figure out what's going on. So if I somehow missed your comment I truly apologize!***

Welcome Back!

My awesome dad picked up some dolls for me at a flea market. (Does anyone ever wonder why it's called a FLEA market? Enlighten me please!)

He was talking to the seller and she gave him a discount because I collected Barbies. Nice!

And there are some interesting ones in this batch. Let's see who we have to add to the family today!

First, a light blue haired doll.

This is an older body type so naturally the dress does not fit that well. The dress does not have a tag. 

And when I turned her around.....

Fairy doll! I could not seem to find this one. I was getting a lot of hits for Dreamtopia Fairies and I don't think it's a Fairytopia as I couldn't find one with this color of hair. Any guesses?

Note: If you are not going to be playing with a toy and it has batteries, PLEASE take them out. Corroded batteries are so not fun to clean up. :(


She has pink stud earrings and a newer body.

I want to say that I've seen this dress before somewhere but I just can't find it online anywhere. 

Also in the bag was this cute little outfit. I don't even know if it goes together. Any takers on what this one is?

A space age dress. 

There was also these in the bag with this doll.

What they did was take these fabric squares and wrap them around the doll and put a rubber band around the waist for a quick wrap dress. Not a bad idea! And I can definitely use these fabric pieces for something. The fleece space fabric was longer for a full length dress (and can definitely use all that material.)

Space dress doll was featured already. I think I'm going to wash her hair again. It's still "waxy."

This matted hair beauty.

Steffie head mold! Maybe a PJ doll?

Dress didn't fit so well. Again, newer clothes on an old body type. Super cute though!

This one might be easy to recognize. (Not for me because i'm terrible with ID's.)

Aqua hoop earrings, beach feet. Pink dress might just be from a fashion pack. This dress is like new. No tears and I don't see any places where the sparkles have been excessively rubbed off.

And this last one. HELP!

I have this dress and someone ID'd it for me but it's wayyyyyy to late for me to swim through years of doll posts to find this one dress. I know one of you will place it immediately. :)

But the doll itself is really going to get me until I figure out who she is. She has a silver headband with a pink flower on it and pink and silver earrings. 

And those legs! I searched and searched for printed tights or printed leggings or something but I can't find it anywhere and it's driving me crazy! At first I thought that someone might have put them on there but its' too perfect and hits the leg joint just right so it had to be put there by the factory. 

And love those shoes. Not sure if they go with her or not but love them anyway.

So friends, can you help me out with some of these girls? (ESPECIALLY with the one shown above?) Let me know in the comments!

Next time (not sure when) I'll have a mini craft project with a garage sale find! 

Until next time!