Saturday, March 5, 2016

More of A Very Barbie Christmas!

Welcome again! I have more goodies to show you all!

But before that, I did some edits to the look of the blog. I once again got the background black and also added a fun dot pattern.

Here's a fact: Did you know that when looking at a white computer screen with the brightness turned up almost all the way it's equivalent to looking straight at an uncovered light bulb? That is why a chose a black background. Much easier on the eyes. :)

Now, back to the dolly goodies!

I haven't mentioned yet that my mom got me a fabulous EAH doll! It's the Mirror Beach Apple White!

It's not one of the lines I was collecting but she is a cutie. I haven't taken her out yet but I will once I get my Barbie room set up at our new house. And with all EAH dolls, we got to show off the shoes! 

This is the best I could do in the box. Some gold heel sandals which look like they have leaves on them. 

I remember that Mirror Beach was one of the first lines to come out after the first wave and people were concerned that the shoes and accessories were going to be repeats of the first wave dolls. I don't think that any other doll has those shoes but her sunglasses are identical to Briar's. She's still an adorable doll and I love her black and red theme. 

Now, remember last time how I mentioned that my dad got me all this vintage stuff from a collector who was liquidating her inventory? Well, she also threw in some freebies! How nice is that! And you've got to see what I have. 

First, some fun party plates! Love these! They read, "Another birthday...and STILL a doll!" Love it!

Also the party napkins that go with the set!

Now we have some Barbie magazines. Don't you just love the Rockers outfits? I actually have the one Barbie is wearing. Check out Ken's hair! (And tiny guitar I might add!)

Then this magazine from Sears. I do remember getting a couple of these in the mail once upon a time, way back in the day. I think I kept mine too but who knows where they are now.

I remember this sticker album well. I have the same one! Probably housed with the magazine above but like I mentioned, they are lost at the moment. I was so intent on getting all the stickers for this album! I think I had most of them. 

And what about this fabulous Sticker Fun book! This one with Skipper! And also her boyfriend, was Todd his name? Or was that Midge's boyfriend? 

**EDIT** Okay, this was going to drive me crazy. I google searched it. Midge's boyfriend/husband is Alan, so this must be Scott, Skippers boyfriend. 

*squee* Paper dolls! Remember these things? I loved these as a kid and played with them all the time. These ones are still intact.

And this one! This one is neat as the book creates a couple different backdrops for Barbie. And comes with props too!

**EDIT** I have a fond memory of getting paper dolls for Christmas. Usually they were from my Grandmother. We would open Christmas presents in the evening and later, after it was dark out, we would all retreat into the breakfast room in the kitchen (from the living room/formal dining room) to have more food and desert. And my mom, grandma, and aunt would all sit around the table after eating and punch out the paper dolls (so I wouldn't rip them.) Ah, good times. :)

And lastly we have...Colorforms! I remember these so very well. I had a "Garfield" one and my brother had one that was "The Real Ghostbusters". As much as we tried to keep them intact, we eventually lost all the pieces. It was fun to go through boxes when I was a teenager and when I'd go through a box I'd eventually find one or two Colorforms that got randomly stuck in there. I think all the pieces were eventually rediscovered until I had to toss it because the box was so badly damaged. 

This box is the same way. The top gets pushed in from the weight of other things on top of it. The playscene does not sit flush with the height of the box. However because it was purchased from a collector, it is still in excellent condition. 

This is the sport fashion set and the date on the box is 1975. You can tell from the face sculpt of the dolls on the box!

This one has never been played with. All the Colorforms are still on their cardboard packaging. 

I forgot to mention what Colorforms are in case you do not know! Colorforms are basically window cling/static cling playsets. The board is shiny and I think their slogan was "they stick like magic!" I don't think they are manufactured any more.

Well, that is all of the vintage goodies. Aren't they just so so cool? I just can't get enough!

Friends, do you still have any of your old sticker fun books? It's not usually something we hold on to but you might have! Ever play with Colorforms or paper dolls? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!