Sunday, October 28, 2018

Barbie's Mod Fashion Trunk

Welcome friends!

Are you ready for some MOD fabulousness? 

The answer is YES! Yes you are! :)

Looky at this!

Did you all see the price sticker? $3?!?!? The Barbie and Stacey Sleep 'n Keep Case! 

Here's a funny story. My dad picked this one up at a yard sale and some lady kept following him around asking him if he was going to buy it. She even offered him more money for it than was listed at! But he knew I would love it so he didn't give in. 

*psst, thanks Dad* 

Because YES! I do love it! LOVE LOVE

Check this out!

This case is fantastic. It's all vinyl and all intact. It is not ripped or torn in any way. Just a little stiff from being folded up all these years. It reminds me of my fashion doll bedroom case that I have. If you want to check that out you can read about it here!

It has a place to keep your accessories.

And do you see what that is in the lower left hand corner? OH YES, there was clothes! And even dolls!

First let's take a look at the dolls. We have...

...The Sunshine Family!

Honestly I didn't know who these friends were to begin with. I knew the era was the 70's and by the Mattel markings on the back and finally found them with a Google search. 

This girl is Stephie! She was not wearing these clothes in the case when I took her out. I was surprised to see that her dress was in the mix but not her white smock. How cute is she? Her hair has been cut so maybe I can find a cute hat to put on her.

This guy is Steve! I was pleasantly surprised to see that he came with both of his shoes. Funny but Stephie was wearing Steve's clothes when she came out of this case. He is complete!

The Sunshine Family is very interesting. While Barbie had everything that she ever wanted, The Sunshine Family worked and sold goods off the back of their yellow pick up truck. They were the epitome of the typical (and maybe hippie) 70's family. I just love them. 

The Sunshine Family was sold with their baby (Little Sweets) but I do not have it. There was also the grandparents you could get as well as an AA family called The Happy Family with Hal, Hattie and Baby Hon. They are the cutest dolls with the cutest faces. LOVE them. 

For our next doll...

Twist n' Turn! Brunette! *squee*

Poor Barbie though. She has a bit of a mohawk. It's not all that bad...I guess. But her eyelashes are mostly intact so that's a plus.

And it's in a cute braid in the back so I can live with it for now. Maybe I can style it a bit differently.

And let's check out this fabulous mod raincoat!

There are more fashions which I will get to next but they are not original Mattel Barbie fashions. There were a few with a "Made in Hong Kong" tag so they are Barbie clone fashions. I checked out some Maddie Mod and Betsy Teen fashions but none of these came up. This raincoat is a clone fashion. So if you know which line they came from please let me know!

More clothes! SO Mod!

WOW! If this doesn't scream "70's" I don't know what does! I'm sure some of you know exactly which doll this came off of.

The tag was a dead giveaway.

Julia! I am sad that this doll was not included in the assortment. via Theriault's (
Two bright green dresses which have the clone fashion tag.

Another clone fashion. What a cute winter dress!

Another black dress, clone fashion.

Here is a homemade fur collar coat.

No tag but not homemade, ballet halter tutu

Homemade gold shirt. Maybe for Steve Sunshine!

Handmade smock shirt. Cute print and pocket details!

Knit skirt

A long pink hooded sleeveless cover up and some pink tights. Maybe they go with the tutu shown above?

A black jacket and blue shirt. Again, maybe for Steve Sunshine?

I'm not sure what this is. Maybe just a short sleeve throw on?

This did not have any tags but I can tell is not homemade. This is another raincoat this time in leopard print! It is way cool!

So mod! Large floral long sleeve shirt dress with a collar and black tie.

Lastly we have a shower cap with the same print as the raincoat above and a gingham shirt.

And yes, we did have some accessories! We have record players, mismatched shoes, ski poles, a red umbrella (maybe to go with the red polka dot raincoat?) some hangers and also what looks to be the scale from vintage Barbie Slumber Party. The one that reads 110?

And...sleeping bags! In case the Sunshine Family wants to go camping. I could totally put these in the Barbie Magical Motorhome!

Well, that's all for today! If any of you have any clue on those Barbie clone fashions, please let me know!

Do any of you have a case like this? Or the Sunshine Family? Let me know in the comments!

I do have more goodness coming up so until then!

Monday, October 15, 2018

Barbie and Ken are in the Military!

Welcome everyone!

Another couple of dolls that have made their way into my collection!

Barbie has a long list of careers and the military is no exception!

Presenting Army Barbie and Ken!

This is the Deluxe Set because I think that these dolls were also sold separately. And the box is friendly for boxed but deboxed photos!

These dolls are super cute with their little berets. Barbie's has the medical symbol so obviously she is a medic.  

The same symbol is on her bag.

She is wearing BDU's

And also comes with boots and a brush. (I think the helmet is for Ken. Or maybe not!)

Ken is basically wearing the same BDU's and beret except his has a different emblem.

The emblem is the same as on the front of the box. It reads "Rendezvous with Destiny."

Ken has his name on the uniform just like Barbie (it is not visible unless you open the jacket.)

He has a cool pair of binoculars.

Same pants as Barbie! He also comes with a pair of brown boots.

There are also cardboard punch-outs of dog tags for both Ken and Barbie and you can also make some for you!

Here is the back of the box that tells a little bit about Rendezvous with Destiny. It reads: "They're in the Army now! Salute Sergeants Barbie and Ken! They're enlisted personnel in the 101st Airborne division, famed for its skill and daring in air assault. Both wear authentic desert battle dress uniforms of camouflage material, like those worn in the Desert Storm campaign. You can tell by the insignia on her maroon beret that Sergeant Barbie is a medic, and she's ready for duty with two field medical cases! Staff Sergeant Ken is ready, too, with a helmet, binoculars and a field case. His beret bears the distinctive 101st Airborne unit insignia with the motto: Rendezvous with Destiny. Both are proud, patriotic Americans serving their country wherever they are needed."

Okay, I learned a couple of things. Barbie does have two packs, the helmet really IS for Ken and Ken does have a pack too. And the material is the same as real BDU's for our troops. Neat! 

This is my second military Barbie in my collection. And my first Ken! My other one is Navy Barbie.

And....I also have a G.I. Joe. I should dig him out for photos. :)

So friends, do you have any military dolls at your house? Have either of these dolls? Let me know in the comments!

More coming soon!

Monday, October 8, 2018

A Couple of Newcomers!

Hi Friends and welcome back!

Today we have just a couple of new things to show you today. 

Was anyone into Trolls? I had dozens of troll dolls. The top of my dresser was a magical sea of rainbow hair.

I also happen to have her. She is buried but I'll have to dig her out and take some pictures.
So my dad picked me up this little guy

A Treasure Troll! This is Spritsy. By Galoob. Anyone remember the manufacturer Galoob? They brought us Micro Machines! A quick google search shows us that Galoob was bought by Hasbro in 1998. 

The back of the box

I did not open the box so I'm guessing the sticker book is still in there. I don't remember getting any special gemstones with my troll dolls.  

And looky at this beauty!

This is the 1981 Sunsational Malibu Skipper. The box is pretty beat up and was taped shut so when I cut the tape she came tumbling out. I thought she was still connected to cardboard!

She came with her terrycloth towel but no mirrored sunglasses. The decal on her swimsuit is still intact. (The dark line on the decal is a thread.)

I love the purple and pink. 

She has pretty sun streaks in her hair. A little ratty but no biggie.

Her towel is a nice size. 

And as stated by the side of the box she's got the California look! With that fabulous year-round suntan!

This version of the Malibu dolls came with a Barbie, Ken, Christie and P.J.

This Skipper will look great with my vintage Sun Set Malibu Sunny Pastels Skipper...

...and my 1979 Sun Lovin' Malibu Barbie!

I better get me a Barbie pool quick so all these beach dolls have a place to hang out!

So friends, anyone still have their Trolls or the Troll Barbie? How about any of the Malibu dolls? Let me know in the comments!

I'll have more fabulousness coming up!