Saturday, July 26, 2014

Happily Ever After Part 8



I caved. 

See what happens when the hubby is gone for an evening? I go shopping..... :)

Meet the latest addition to my Ever After High collection.

Cedar Wood!

I've been waiting to get Cedar for a while because her price never really dropped that much. I read online that there are quite a few people who still can't find her in stores. Online she is priced at $21.99 but at Target they have all their Ever After High dolls for $19.99 so I picked her up. 

Cedar is really one of the cutest. She has the cupid lip design, earrings that look like tree rings and a little green grasshopper in her hair. 

Her outfit is a great take on her fathers. A collar and ruffled sleeves add to the cuteness of it. 

Cedar also has a butterfly ring and a charm bracelet that has animal charms separated by leaves. 

I think what makes Cedar truly unique is her skin. They really designed it to look like wood and Mattel did a fabulous job. 

She has detail from her head to toes. Even her face has some of that detail too!

I love her knee high socks with the ribbons on the side. I've heard of some Cedar dolls that have mismatched height on the socks. This was the last Cedar that Target had and I am glad to say that hers were the same length!


Cedar wears some adorable sandals with a chunky heel that looks like a forest floor. So perfect for her. 

She also comes with a purse that does open and close (however there is not enough room inside to store any goodies. 

I was surprised to find out her hair is lightly gelled (most likely to keep the curls intact). I had to do a little fluffing up since the hair tends to get smashed in the back. But I think her hair is just beautiful. I love the curls!

Friends, what do you think of Cedar? Do you think she makes a nice addition to the Ever After High collection? 

A couple of things I also found at my local Target.

I saw C.A. Cupid and Blondie Lockes of the Thronecoming collection. TO. DIE. FOR. They are very beautiful dolls and I think I will have to have them. ;) I think Cupid is the prettiest one though. With her whisps of hair in front and her gladiator sandals? LOVE!

And answer me this. I saw Apple's Fainting Couch and Ravens Destiny Vanity on clearance for about $11 each. Worth it or not? I'm not really sure if I want any furniture which really makes me wish that Thronecoming Briar didn't come with the playset. Oh well!

Until next time!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I am in a dilemma of what to post. Should I purchase more Ever After High and blog about those, or a couple of Barbies in my collection that I've been wanting to feature for a while? 

Stay tuned to see what I figure out!

Until then, watch this super fabulous review from My Froggy Stuff about the Thronecoming dolls! I am falling...falling...falling for these beautiful dolls! Must...resist...the urge to buy..... ;) Watch the movie all the way to the end for a hilariously cute playtime with the dolls!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happily Ever After Part 7

Hello Friends!

In my last post, I mentioned that I had to purchase another doll with Dexter to receive free shipping on Amazon. Well, UPS took a little detour from my house and it arrived two days later than expected. But, I have her now!

I present...

Briar Beauty!

And she is a beauty isn't she? 

I think it's cute that they named her after her mom's alias. Remember the good fairies hid her in the forest growing up and named her Briar Rose so people wouldn't know she was a princess?

And that's also the reason that Briar has a rose theme going on. Let me just tell you, of all the Ever After High dolls that I have so far, this is the one that best fits their "theme." All the details they put into making this outfit look like "roses" is perfect! And, well, she has pink streaked hair. And you know I love pink hair!

Her skirt is designed to look like rosebud petals and her shoulder pads are bouquets of roses. 

Her purse and bracelet have roses on them. I love the bracelet!

And her ring carries the same theme. :)

She has chandelier earrings and pink sunglasses on her head. I don't like to cut the rubber bands that hold the headpiece on these dolls however, the sunglasses were on the top of her head so you couldn't see them so I had to adjust. 

And...the SHOES!

Briar keeps with the rose them by wearing thorn patterned tights. She loves high high heels so her shoes are strappy stilettos with roses on the side. Cute!

Briar is so cute. Her character in the webisodes is funny. Since her mom was asleep for 100 years, Briar has narcolepsy, she can fall asleep at the most inopportune times (one reason she has sunglasses so she can disguise that she's sleeping in class.) Her mantra is "If I'm going to be asleep for 100 years, I'm going to live it up now!" Her box states that she's not in a hurry to "kiss any frogs" (find her Prince) but could that lead to another character that could be her prince in the future?
Hopper Croakington II. I hope they make him into a doll soon. :)

What do you think of Briar? Do you have her, love her, think they could have done better? Let me know in the comments!

I am done posting about the EAH dolls that I have so far. I still need:

Apple White
Cedar Wood
C.A. Cupid
Blondie Lockes

Cedar, Cupid and Blondie are still running about $20 so I might hold off for now. Apple seems to be coming down and especially with the Hat-Tastic and Thronecoming dolls coming out I might get them on super sale at Amazon. I'll have to check it out. :)

Also, if you are curious about what happens to Briar the day before she goes back to Ever After High, you can read about it in this short story, free for your Kindle!

Until next time!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Happily Ever After part 6

Hello Friends!

Hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Independence Day weekend! I really needed a three day weekend. Work has been so busy that I needed a long break to relax and unwind. The hubby and I went to a concert, watched the city fireworks display and went to a beautiful place in my homestate called "Crater Lake." It's one of my most favorite places of all time with some of the bluest water you will find anywhere in the world. 

You know what else is this color of blue? A piece of clothing on my newest Ever After High doll. 

I present to you...

Dexter Charming!! (with the Crater Lake blue jacket!)

Now how I got him was completely too good to be true. He is not in stores yet in my area but you heard before in my Raven post how I desperately wanted him! I went to where he was listed for $21.99. A little more than I like to spend but for the newest of the new dolls, I wasn't going to complain. (I don't like paying around $7 for shipping though. Ugh, hate shipping fees!) However after one day, he sold out. Then I looked on where he was listed for as high as $80! Nooooo thank you! I can wait....

I went onto Amazon the next day just for kicks and grins. Amazon had him for $21.99! And if you spend $35, you get free shipping. So I threw in another EAH doll and in two days, I had my hands on Dexter. Squee!

So, onto this cutie-pie!

Some pictures I've seen of Dexter show him in the box wearing his glasses and without. Mine is without. He's holding his glasses which I think is so cute!

Inside the box it says "Charmed at first sight." He is simply charming! 

Unfortunately, I have a couple "irks" about him.

Dexter is another doll that has gelled hair. Not "Holiday Barbie hard" like Hunter and Poppy, but still gelled. He has PERFECT hair. Take a look at him from the webisodes.
NOT perfect hair. So there's that. 

And his hair is so gelled you can't get his glasses to stay on!

So for review purposes, he will have crooked glasses.

He does not come with a comb (probably because his crown is tagged to his head) so his only accessory is his Ever After High backpack.

His outfit is very true to the webisode character and has a little crest on the lapel of his jacket.

There is also a wallet chain hanging from the top of his pants. Marked with a "C" for Charming!

And his under shirt is marked with the same logo! 

His jacket is longer in the back which gives an aura of royalty while jeans and sneakers still remark that he's a high school kid. 


Dexter wears simple Converse Chuck Taylor-esque sneakers. And it's cute to have his jeans sitting on top of the shoe rather than being pushed down inside. (Unfortunately for this photo, it appears to be pushed inside...)

With glasses off he makes girls swoon (Especially Cupid.) It's funny to watch it in the webisodes!

Now, I had WAY too much fun with Dexter after I removed him from the box. Of course, if you're a Dexter/Raven fan, you'll appreciate these pics!


This one is my fav.

Because of their angle (and the way I had to get them to stand) it appears that Raven has to stand on her tip-toes to reach to hug him.

If you like the Dexter/Raven story you will LOVE the story in his bookmark. It's so sweet. I had to read it twice and many times I was "Aww, so cute!" :)

But I wasn't ready to put Dexter on the shelf just yet. SOMETHING had to be done about his hair!

So I washed it. :)

At first I just brushed through it thinking the residual gel would allow his hair to stand up and be messy but no dice. The part kept pushing it down to the side. 

So I washed it and then while wet, held a pen around it to give it some kind of a curl. 

*GASP!* Scissors???

Introducing...the new and improved....Dexter Charming!

First, I took some gel and twirled his top hair in fast short twists between my fingers to get it to texture. It worked but it was way too long. So I cut it. Friends, I have never EVER cut a dolls hair before. Well, I did once and that was so a bad haircut would fit under a wig. But never to just leave the doll out in the open! And I did it with a brand new EAH doll! I feel proud. :)

I also wrapped his scarf around a third time to get it more like Dexter's picture that I showed above. And I can get the arms of his glasses in his hair so they are on straight.

Well, what do you think of Dexter Charming? Planning on getting him as soon as you can like I did? :) Do you approve of his new hair-do? Anything I could have done better to achieve the look I wanted? Let me know in the comments!

As I mentioned above, I had to buy another doll to get free shipping at Amazon. Who will she be? I'll post her up as soon as I get her, should be in a few days!

Until next time!