Wednesday, February 28, 2018

We have a baby!

Little Mr. Dean was born 2/15! What a cutie! Both Mommy and baby are happy and healthy!

Posts will be scarce for a while until we get the hang of our new normal. I do have another dolly to show but will be a few until I get around to taking some photos. But I had to share the good news with you all!

See you soon!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Ever After High Collection Finale part 2

Hello again!

It's hard to write about this one when we've been having absolutely gorgeous weather outside! I love how it's in the 60's in February! I am a summer girl but if this is winter, I'll take it! 

Last time I mentioned that there were four more dolls that I needed to get to finish off my Ever After High collection. Well here is one more that I needed to get! 

Unfortunately I waited too long to get her and she went up in price. So I paid a little more than I wanted to but because of this, I couldn't wait to get her any longer. 

Presenting the fabulous Crystal Winter!

I hate how they changed their slogan from "Are you a royal or a rebel?" to "Where princesses are powerful!" It just doesn't sit well with me. The entire premise of Ever After High was centered around the royal or rebel theme. Did you want to follow in the footsteps of your parents and their fairy-tale stories or create your own path? Not powerful princesses. Anyway.....

I think this is cute. Read the caption for "What about your least favorite subject?"

It says "Cooking class. Why do people insist on defrosting frozen food? It royally ruins the texture!" Now THAT is too funny!

Here is the beautiful Crystal!

I love her color scheme and am glad that they did not design her too much like Elsa. There has been enough Elsa in the past few years, am I right?

Crystal identifies as a royal as she wants to follow in her parents footsteps and rule the Snow Kingdom someday. 

She has a pretty face and shimmery pink-toned skin.

She also has an ice crown.

Crystal differs a little from her webisode form. Her crown is more elaborate, she has a necklace and a separate crystal waistband in addition to the crystals that surround the waist of her skirt. She also does not have fur around the arms of her shirt. Other than that the colors and design of her dress are spot on. I love the crystals and snowflakes and glitter!

She has a magic wand that is teal in color. I like this prop but to get it to stay on, you have to squeeze her four fingers in it when it's only supposed to be made for three.

This was a huge beef with a lot of people, the molded on tights. I'm not too particularly fond of them either (I like the knee joints to be hidden) but they are not a deal breaker. At least they got them the correct color! And to be accurate, in some of the webisode pictures I've seen, it looks like Crystal has thigh-high socks, not full on tights. But I like the texture of them honestly.


Crystal naturally wears boots. She is unable to stand on her own. There is nothing too fancy about them. They are iridescent in color and have white fur on the top. The fur around the tops of the boots are supposed to match her collar. They also have little hangy-balls that are supposed to match her tights color.

Her boots are perfect with the design so there is no need for them to have a repaint (except for the hangy-balls.)

Now I think her hair is the best part! It was pretty waxy and needed some trimming but the colors are fabulous!

And it's not only on the top of her hair. She also has some pretty teal color underneath.

There was also a ring for you! It is blue and has a silver rose in the center.

Again, there was not a doll stand with this doll! And no hairbrush but I have PLENTY of those. So I'll have to make a stand for her. There are lots of tutorials online. :)

I know Crystal comes from the Epic Winter collection but I'm not collecting the other dolls. Crystal is a special one and a first issue so that's why I got her. Same with the teenage evil queen that came out during Dragon Games. I didn't get the line but got her. 

Did you pick up Crystal for your collection? Let me know in the comments! 

Another one coming soon! It will be a race to see what gets here first. Amazon shipping is taking FOREVER so baby might be here before my purchases!

Until then!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Ever After High Collection Finale!

Welcome Friends!

I figured since my vintage extravaganza is complete, it was time to start on completing my Ever After High collection! EAH is done and no one even thought that the Back to School dolls would be available (online only on Amazon, not even on the Mattel website and certainly not in stores.) So it's safe to say that this line of dolls is over and done with. There were 4 left that I needed and since they seem to be going up in price, now is the time to get them before I can't anymore. :)

This is one I bought at Target quite some time ago. She was on sale/clearance and I picked her up. Meet the fabulous Gillian Beanstalk!

Gillian is the daughter of Jack in the Beanstalk (obviously!) and she is listed as a rebel although she loves adventure and bravery, traits she gets from her father. 

Gillian's doll stays pretty true to her webisode form which is awesome conisdering some of the dolls are very very different. 

She has an awesome curl and a braid in her hair with a flower "crown"

I love the green accents in her hair. A little smashed from being in the box but it's kept its shape well!

I love her glitter long vest. The shade of green is awesome. The only differences between the webisode and the doll is the pink undershirt has a design on it and the necklace and flower crown is a vine that intertwines with her braid. I can see how that would be problematic in a doll version and you don't see the undershirt anyway so that's fine. 

Check out this ADORABLE purse! With the little bean sprout in it? Just too cute!

And I also love this gauntlet she wears. True to the webisode form!


I love these. Her webisode shoes, the ankle vines are painted lime green like her hair, the fronts are painted dark green like her vest and the rest are gold. But I just love the details on them!

And how about them tights? :)

It would be a pretty difficult repaint. I DID however repaint my Courtly Jester doll but I think for now I'll leave them. I might be inspired later (MUCH later since I have a newborn coming!) 

She is a shorter doll, as tall as the wonderlandians and does NOT come with a doll stand or brush. The brush I don't care about but the stand! Why oh why Mattel did you get rid of the stands! I'm using the stand from Hunter Huntsman, he doesn't need a stand but she sure does! Plus it stands her up a little taller so she matches the other dolls. :)

So friends, what do you think of cutie Jillian? Planning on (or already) added her to your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Another one coming shortly! Until then!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Male Revue

HA! I couldn't resist the title :)

Welcome back! Now that my vintage festival is complete I have some time for a little crafting. While I was searching in my garage, I found a box that I just glanced in when I got it and then promptly forgot about. 

I got this box from my dad (garage sale find) and I got it when we moved out of our first house. Because I got it right when we moved, it got stored in our rental house garage. Not a whole lot of our stuff was unpacked there, we were there for only 10 months while our new house was being built. Now that we are in our new permanent house, I'm getting the chance to look through things. And blog post about them!

In the box was the doll stands that I recovered with fabric for my vintage dolls. And some male dolls! There is one that I for sure don't know who it is. I'm sure you all can help me out with that!

First, a generic Ken!

And then this newer Ken (I think?)

And then another newer Ken (maybe?) Doesn't look like a Ken I've seen

And this one is definitely not a Ken. A plus about him is he's fully articulated including the ankles. Maybe a One Direction doll or something?

There was one lone Female doll in the group. She is from the Dollar Tree and she has such a fair complexion. She's not a terrible looking doll. But her arms are SO skinny!

 And I got a bag of clothes! Some are Genuine Barbie and some are not. 

First we have a Flamenco-Type dress. I searched for some of the Dolls of the World but could not find this exact one. There is no tag but I do love the colors. 

A boa that is that crinkly fabric. Looks to be 80's.

Handmade Hawaiian Shirt. Would be a fun one for Ken.

Polka-Dot dress. I think this one is handmade too. But super cute!

Some type of plastic pants with fringe. Reminds me of chaps but they are full pants.

A yellow frilly dress. Looks like a Halloween style. There was quite a few non-Barbie Halloween props in the clothing bag so i'm thinking it's Halloween.

Purple Arabian pants and some tights. I can always use those!

Ken! Here are a couple of suit jackets and a shirt. 

More suit jackets. The grey and black have a tag that reads "A Genuine Ken Fashion." The black jacket goes with one of our Ken's shown above. 

And orange dress with a Hawaiian print orange skirt. 

Pants and a skirt. The pink ones are a soft satiny material. No tags but look too perfect to be homemade. 

Stiff white satin skirt. This one does have a tag that reads "A Genuine Barbie Fashion."

Couple of tops and a pair of hot pink pants. 

Odds and ends: Shirt, Apron, Striped Capris, Halter Dress

More odds and ends: a jumpsuit, dress, red homemade satin dress and a heart bib.

And some REAL for sure odds and ends! A couple of shoes and a boot that don't have mates, a pair of Ken shoes, a bag of sequins (looks like from a Paint and Dazzle Barbie) a quiver, a red phone receiver and a random Ken head!

I also went to Wal-Mart yesterday looking for some of the new Care Bears fashions. They didn't have any but did have more of the Hello Kitty fashions. They did have more of the Little Twin Stars outfits so I picked up this top.

How cute is this? I'll have to find a cute pair of jeans to go with this one. Love it. 

So friends, have any ideas of who my male dolls are? (Besides the obvious Ken ones?) Or where the clothes are from? Find any new fun fashions lately? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!