Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy (late) Valentines Day!

Did everyone have a great Valentines day? Did your significant other do something nice for you? My husband brought home dinner then played Monopoly with me (he hates that game, it's my favorite.) So that was surprising to me. He even won the game!

Do any of you have Valentines Day dolls? I have a few so I figured for the holiday, I would post them up here! I apologize but this post was somewhat of an afterthought so these pictures are not my own. All my Valentines dolls are in NRFB condition except for one.

First, 1996 Valentine Barbie. I think I got this one from a guy I was dating! Love the cute dress.
2001 Valentine Wishes Barbie. This is one that my mom picked up at a garage sale for me this summer. I was surprised that she came in her original dress!

I guess I didn't take a full body picture of the doll! Here she is. She is very pretty and I love the sparkle of the dress.
Next, 2002 XO Valentine. I love the candy striped dress.
2003 Valentine Romance Barbie. I love the more dramatic look about her, hence the "romance" in the title. This doll even comes with a necklace for you!
And lastly, 2005 With Love Barbie. This one also comes with a necklace for you! I like how this one also comes with a handbag.
I think that all these dresses are complete winners! And because it's Valentines Day, each one has it's own special gift whether it be a heart or a necklace, or something. I don't have all of them and I might get some more sometime down the road. The ones I usually get every year are the Halloween dolls. But the Valentines ones are so cute.

If you want to take a look, The Fashion Doll Guide has a wonderful page showing all the Valentine dolls through the years. I remember wanting the "Loving You" Barbie from 1983! Check out the page here.

Do you have any Valentine dolls? Or maybe heart or Valentine themed dolls that are not on the Fashion Doll Guide? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


Andrea said...

I hope you had a very romantic Valentines Day, Teresa.

The only Valentines Barbie I have is 2005 With Love Barbie, sadly without her clothes. She was a fleamarket find.

But I have a couple of Heart themed dolls: 1983 Loving You Barbie (fleamarket find, ages ago), 1992 Secret Hearts Barbie & Ken Giftset, 1993 Locket Surprise Barbie (She had a secret compartment in her chest - here is a linkt to a pic

1994 Bob Mackie Queen of Hearts, 1996 Pretty Hearts Barbie. Do Heart Family Dolls count as well?

Forestminuet said...

You are so lucky to have the Bob Mackie Queen of Hearts Barbie! I remember wanting her. This pic I found has the Mackie Sun Goddess doll. Do you remember that one? I remember both of those dolls from a catalog I got years ago.

I love all of those dolls that you have. I remember most of them but I don't remember the 1992 Secret Hearts Barbie and Ken giftset. I love the hearts around her dress.

And yes! Heart Family dolls count too! I love the little kids, so cute. How many of those dolls do you have? :)

Andrea said...

I remember Sun Goddess - the Mackie dolls are all so beautiful. I wish I had them all one day.

I have the first Heart Family dolls, New Arrival Mum, Heart Family Grandma (Grandpa eluded me so far, but I keep looking for him), Kiss & Cuddle Mum (she has the adorable Steffie mold) and I have a whole box of various Heart Family Babies. If I ever get a showcase large enough for the playground playset, they will look so cute.

I forgot the regular playline Secret Hearts Ken. It's funny the regular Secret Hearts Ken has brunette painted hair and the Ken from the giftset has blonde painted hair and a different hairstyle.

Forestminuet said...

That playground playset sounds awesome. It would be very cute to have all the Heart Family kids playing. I hope you get the chance to display them someday.

That is strange about the Ken! I wonder why they did that. More variety? More options so people would buy more dolls? ;)

Andrea said...

Maybe they just changed molds during the production of the dolls. I guess we'll never know for sure.