Friday, April 12, 2013

Color Change Fun!

Remember back to when you were a kid. Things that changed color or glowed in the dark were the best! I had glow in the dark stars on my ceiling and it was the coolest thing ever. I had a book of constellations and put them up in the exact way the stars were in the night sky. Then when I had to change bedrooms, my mom painted the ceiling in the new room a very pretty darker blue. Then I had 4 packages of sticker glow in the dark stars. Covered the ceiling! It was awesome!

I also went to an honor band once and we got shirts with the festival logo on it. The shirts were PLAIN black and white......

......until you got in the sun.

Fun times!!!

Well, I have a few Barbies that have color change fun!

Let's look at them and how they change shall we? 

One of my first Barbies. This is Wet n' Wild Teresa. I played and played with this Barbie. My friend and I thought we were so awesome because we both had Barbie dolls named after us! (Her name was Kira.) And this Teresa has the beautiful Steffie head mold.

I never ever put this doll in water. I put her suit in water a number of times. But today I will leave it on but never get the hair wet. The hair is so pretty I couldn't bear to put it in water!

Next we have Dance Magic Barbie. I love her little ballet slippers. She has lipstick that changes color!

Now we have Merliah the mermaid. I think her hair, tattoos and toe nails all change color.

Here is Bedtime Barbie. She closes her eyes.

The next three dolls I got last week at the thrift store. First is Ocean Friends Barbie and then Splash and Color Barbie. Both have color changing elements. The third is a Sleeping Beauty doll. She is like Bedtime Barbie and she closes her eyes.

If you'll remember last summer, I got Splash and Color Kira. My mom bought her for me at a yard sale. I was anxious to see if her hair still had the color change effect. Yep! Purple and blue to pink and white. Pretty! So today she will not be in the mix.

Now here they all are eagerly awaiting their turn at the sink.

First up is Ocean Friends Barbie. Her black wetsuit legs change under icy water! No? Doesn't seem to be working very well does it?

There, that's better. WARM water does the trick!

But almost as fast as it disappeared, it started to come back. Maybe she's a bath time toy so the warm bath will keep her wetsuit away.

Let's do Dance Magic Barbie next. She has pretty "Barbie" pink lipstick.

She comes with a human-sized lipstick case that has a washcloth tip. I soaked it in warm water and watched her lips change from Barbie Pink to Pale Pink. Awesome! (I actually like the Pale Pink better!)

I then used the same lipstick on Bedtime Barbie and watched her little eyes shut. So cute.

Sleeping Beauty also went to sleep.

Splash and Color Barbie's hair is not as dramatic as Kira's. Barbie's hair is pink and orange and the warm water changes it to yellow and light pink. Meh.

Teresa is an icy water girl. And from what I've experienced both today and in the past, when it says icy water, they really mean icy water. Here the cold water worked but then I ran an ice cube over her and got the color to change just a smidge more.

Swimsuit goes from light blue and yellow to dark blue and green! I always loved changing this as a kid.

Last but not least is Merliah. I took off her bottoms so we can see her tattoos more clear. And icy water brings out another set of purple tattoos behind the permanent pink ones. Fun!

But her hair did not change color. But watch when I run it under warm water.

It goes away! I also ran her tattoos under warm water and they went away too. So with Merliah, her pink streaks are supposed to appear with icy water. Apparently the ambient air in the house is just cool enough that her pink stays present. I did not see any noticeable change with her toenail color. Just a tad bit of pink but not enough to really even notice!

An ice cube awakened Bedtime Barbie and Sleeping Beauty.

And changed Dance Magic Barbies lips back to Barbie pink as the first picture shows.

Do you have any color change dolls that I don't have here? They are so much fun aren't they?

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

I have splash and colour Skipper (in fact, I have two!) but I have never tried changing their hair colour. I LOVE that Sleeping Beauty. She is as nice with closed eyes as she is with open eyes, and she has a really pretty sculpt. Do you know who made her?

Andrea said...

How great that the color change still works. I love your Wet n' Wild Teresa, you took very good care of her.

I also have some dolls with color change features: Wet n' Wild Barbie, Splash and Color Barbie, Christie, Bedtime Barbie caucasian and AA, Kira and Skipper, Cool Shavin' Ken, Ocean Friends Barbie, Kira and Ken, The Swimming Lesson Little Mermaid that came with a toddler, Salon Surprise Barbie and Teresa, Hair Happenin's Barbie and Teresa. I also couldn't resist the 2010 H20 Design Barbie, her dress has a special fabric and you can paint on a design with water and make it disappear again.

I have a Teresa that I can't identify so far. Her brown hair has hip length and changes to pink, she has a sidepart and little pink globe earrings.

Hi, barbiebeauties. Sleeping Beauty is a 90's Disney Princess by Mattel. I think she may be from one of the first series of Disney dolls Mattel made.

Forestminuet said...

I love Cool Shavin' Ken! I remember when he first came out. I was kind of infatuated with him because he had "real" hair. I love his head mold though for some reason. I may have to see about getting him someday.

The Teresa's hair changes to pink? I would love to see that. She sounds so cute!

Thanks for the ID on the Sleeping Beauty. I didn't know the sculpt but figured she must be from a first generation of dolls by Disney. She does not have the huge eyes and face sculpt that the newer Disney dolls have. She really is pretty. I can't wait to clean her up and fix her hair. I may have to put her down on a fun little bed in a pink dress, and then get my "My First Ken" as her Prince Charming! :)

Side note: He was my first Ken and he is very easy to dress. He is always my guinea pig for Ken outfits because of that fact :)

Andrea said...

Neat idea, putting Sleeping Beauty on a bed. May be she can share the bed with Bedtime Barbie until you can get her on of her own.

This is my unknown Teresa. Judging from her eyes and make-up, I would date her around the Millennium or early 2000's.

Forestminuet said...

Your Teresa is beautiful. Great find! I want to say she is Happenin' Hair Teresa. I've been looking at pictures and some have her with bangs, some have her with both pink AND green hair streaks and some have her that look just like yours. There are so many out there, it's hard to tell sometimes!

Andrea said...

That was my first thought too, Teresa. But they are too different.

My original Hair Happenin's Teresa has a center part, bangs, pink & green color change Hair and green eyes.

My mystery doll has a side part and blueish eyes.

That girl is driving me nuts.