Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Project Begins!

PROJECT UPDATE: After I wrote this post, I got right to work on the project and whoops! Sewing machine is broken!! :( Sad times. I am taking it into a repair shop Monday. Hopefully I'll be back next week with better news (like, a working sewing machine and part of the project completed!) I'll let you know how it goes!

Well friends, winter is upon us. Perfect time to stay inside and work on my project for Barbie!

First, I mentioned that I found a doll at the thrift store. (I found a few dolls but I have to be picky and choosy about what I buy. I have a ton!!)

I think that I might use this one for my courier. She has longer hair and toned down makeup. However she doesn't have articulated arms or legs. She might have to be a rebodied doll.

I mainly bought her for the dress. We love this dress right?

Bummer because the sleeves have been cut off and no pink stole. But other than that, the dress is in GREAT condition.

Not the original doll. She has a little pink crown. Who is she?

Love this dress.

Here is Benny! The doll for my newest project. He is wearing some Ken clothes. They seem to be a little small for him.

And since I have this pink Ken jacket, I am going to take it apart to make the clothes for "Benny."

(Why they came out with this outfit for Ken I don't know. I think the pink jacket is a little much....)
Here are the fabrics I have picked out for Benny. Gray pants and that unmistakable black and white check fabric.

So I started by marking which panels were which.

And I also took lots and lots of pictures of the sewing detail. How do they get those tiny seam allowances?

All taken apart!

And pressed!

Since these pictures, I have traced around the parts of the jacket for patterns and made them 3/4" larger. I had to freehand a lot of those so I'm not sure if the larger sizes in the pattern will work (my sketching might be a little off.) But I have lots of the check fabric so we shall see!

Project is underway!

I took these pictures of clothes that I got a while ago but never posted them for ID's! Any clue? (love the white jacket on the left by the way.)

Pretty wedding gown

White dress, fur jacket, and plaid skirt.

Fur cape. Pretty!

Swimsuits and other miscellaneous unmentionables :)

Misc veils and a hair piece.

And a Jewel Secrets Ken tux! (A little distressed)

Just got to looking at the 1986 Jewel Secrets dolls. Whitney is beautiful! Steffie head mold!
I will keep you all updated on the project as I start to finish it. Until next time!!


ChampangeBarbie said...

I cant wait to see your finished project. I cant sew so I admire those who can and make lovely outfits for their dolls!
I really like reading your blog. Do you have a follow button where I can follow your blog and it'll show up on my mainpage reading list on blogger?


Forestminuet said...

Hi Christine! I am glad you visit my blog!

You know, funny but I hardly ever sew. I kind of got the sewing bug one day when I decided I wanted to make a sun dress for Hawaii last spring. Then I got really inspired when my mother in law made clothes for her Barbie back in the 60's. So now I try and if doesn't turn out right I know who I can call for help!

I think you should get some Barbie patterns and try. You might have a talent and not even realize it! I'm really hoping this project turns out. I think making your own clothes is more fun sometimes. Then you can make them exactly how you want them. :)

There are definitely a few ways to subscribe to my blog. I added a widget to the right hand side of the page. You can subscribe to posts, comments, or both. Just click on the box and choose "Atom". It will bring you to a page where you can add where you would like your subscription to be added (Like Blogger or email to name a couple.) Also at the very bottom of the page is an easy way to subscribe via rss feed so the blog comes directly to your email inbox. Whichever way you prefer!

Let me know if that works and thanks for visiting my blog! Nice to meet you!


Lady Lilith BloodCrave said...

Nice dolls. You did a really good job. I know what you mean about being choosey. I am also when it comes to what I get.

skippercollector said...

The yellow swimsuit with the orange insert is for 1991 Hawaiian Fun Skipper.

Forestminuet said...

@Lady Lilith BloodCrave: Yeah, I have just so many dolls, especially the newer ones that I'm starting to run out of places to put them! :) But any time I see the old body style, I for sure get them as I have many older fashions that I would love to display!

@skippercollector: Thank you very much! I love when I get Skipper Clothes because I don't have very many. It's awful when you have a nude doll and no clothes that fit her! :)

Bambuc said...

You have a very nice collection of barbie dolls! Congratulation! This one is a Rapunzel barbie doll from 2001. I have the same doll too:-)

Forestminuet said...

Thank you Bambuc! Yay, now I know who she is. I should have guessed Rapunzel with that long of hair. :) Thanks for the ID and hope you'll stop by the blog again!!

Bambuc said...

You welcome:-)
I have a doll blog too. This is the link, If you have a time for looking. Unfortunately it's hungarian blog.

Andrea said...

Sorry for being MIA, but this time of the year is just too busy in my family.

Congrats on your finds. I'm with you on being picky, especially on the newer Barbies. Am I the only one, who thinks, that the new blond dolls more or less look all the same?

The white jacket belongs to 2007 Fashion Fever Nikki.$T2eC16RHJIkE9qU3kWtOBR,H54HnT!~~60_35.JPG

The pink dress/top belongs to 2011 "Barbie in a Fairy Secret"

The pink dress with the striped top belongs to this "I Can Be" Barbie. Don't know what year she was released, though.

The pink top with the flower sequins is from this doll plus fashions set:

I didn' find anything on the evening dress, but I think it is a recent Barbie fashion either single or from a closet.

I'm so curious, how your project works out and I keep my fingers crossed for you.

Forestminuet said...

Welcome back Andrea! No need to be sorry. It's definitely a busy time of year for all.

As always thanks for the ID's! In the doll + fashions set, I have the dress she is wearing and the plaid skirt. :) I might have to dress one of my AA dolls as Fashion Fever Nikki. I love the all white ensemble. So pretty!