Thursday, March 20, 2014

Barbie Vay-Cay!

It's vacation time! (Boy, do I need it!) We are on our way to the beautiful island of Hawaii where we will spend time swimming with turtles, dolphins (for real!) and visiting the awesome volcanoes and waterfalls.

But before I leave, the Barbie's had a mini-vacation of their own! They too visited "Hawaii" and enjoyed their stay. There are some great pictures of their trip!

Skipper enjoys her time in the sun by the water. Getting a little tan there!

Wet 'n Wild Skipper and Wet 'n Wild Teresa enjoy the sand and water playing with their new beach ball.

Sun Sensations Jazzie loves laying on the warm sand.

Glitter Hair Barbie, Splash 'n Color Kira, and Cali Girl Christie have some fun girl talk on the beach during sunset.

Princess Merliah never turns down an invitation to explore under the water and visit her deep sea friends!

Beach Fun Barbie and Palm Beach Teresa never miss a day of sunbathing.

Generation Girl Tori and Barbie (wearing "Casual Wear Fashions") love cruising around the island checking out the great waterfalls.

Original Twist 'n Turn Barbie waves to a surfer dude.

Glitter Hair Barbie loves the beautiful sunsets and enjoys this one on her last night in the islands.

There are two dolls who went on vacation that have not been featured on this blog before. Know who they are? One will be featured when I get back the 1st of April and the other one shortly after that.

So until then! Have fun and I'll be seeing you April 1st!


Andrea said...

I guess it's the Glitter Hair Barbies.

Great pictures. It looks as if they were really on location.

Anonymous said...

Lovely :) you have some great dolls there, I particularly envy you your beautiful TnT ... I love that Splash and Colour Kira too, fantastic hair ... have a great trip :)

Fefe Mae said...

I love that TnT Barbie! So vintage and pretty! The dolls look like they are having a great time at the beach! I really like your blog, could you check out mine? It is called Glittabomb FeFe.
Here is the link:

Teresa Brown said...

Thank you all! The TnT is my favourite FOR SURE! :)

Fefe, I sure will check out your blog! I love checking out other dolly sites.