Friday, April 4, 2014

February Fools?

Hi Friends,

I had thought about this post for April Fool's day but already had my Glitter Hair Barbie post all ready on the docket. (Do you all love her as much as I do? Isnt' she fabulous....) Anyway, today's topic will be about...

Dun Dun Dunnnnnnn

The Barbie and Ken Breakup.

When I heard about this back in 2004 I was like "No way. Barbie and Ken have always been a couple! What in the world!"

She had apparently left him for Blaine, a fresh young sufer-dude from the Land Down Under. There are many interesting news articles describing the breakup that you can search for online.

Now there were a lot of theories going around about why the couple split. I think the most surprising one was that Ken was gay. Others were things such as Ken didn't like playing second-fiddle to Barbie and that they were just tired of each other.

Funny that this happened the day before valentines day? Any ladies or men out there been dumped on or just before valentines day? It SUCKS. However there was no dumping here, apparently it was an amicable split and both chose to go their separate ways.

A while later we were confronted with this. C+S

Because I was out of the dolly scene for a while back then I never heard that they got back together or released this "She said Yes" gift set.
And this set was ONLY $5! Why did I not see this back then?

So Barbie and Ken got back together, she wears a black and white swimsuit that tries to match her original suit and all is happy.

So why all the hub-bub with the breakup? I think it was marketing tactics by Mattel. Trying to put Barbie back in the spotlight. Any of you have the same theory?

And do any of you have the special "She said Yes" gift set? I think it's cute to be honest. I know some collectors were disappointed that it was not a "quality" gift set (as in there were some doll imperfections) but for $5, that's what you get. And anyone have the Blaine doll? I have never seen one.

So readers what do you think? Tell me in the comments!

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Kaitlyn said...

I know that Barbie and Ken got back together either on or around Valentine's Day in two thousand eleven. The funny thing is, I have found a while back, that Barbie dumped Ken because she was sick of waiting for him to ask her to marry him. I guess, who wouldn't though? If they have been together that long, and nothing has yet been announced, it makes sense for Barbie to take off like that.

Blaine on the other hand is Summer's brother. I knew that from the get-go. He only dated Barbie for one year. So, it was just two thousand five and then split.

It is just fascinating to find out all this stuff. It is like a whole other world when finding this stuff out. I love it!

Andrea said...

I had to have that "She Said Yes" giftset, the lipstick kiss on his cheek looks so cute.

I don't think it was planned from the start, to bring Barbie and Ken back together - if it was, they sure planned a long way ahead. Blaine became Barbies new guy in 2004 and they got back together again in 2011.

With the Introduction of the Cali Girls line in 2004 there was an online voting who should be the new guy for Barbie and Blaine got the most votes. Blaine seemed to be loved by collectors for his more masculin face sculpt, but I don't feel he was a big hit with the children. I often find Blaines on the fleamarkets and most of them have been barely touched by their owners. Most of them are still in their original clothing and have the "goo" still in their hair.

There were still Ken dolls available outside the Cali Girls line. And Ken was also included in the first Barbie Family line of dolls in 2009.

I think it was more meant as a way of drawing more attention to Ken, who also had his 50th anniversary in 2011, in order to boost sales.

Fefe Mae said...

I knew that they broke up... but 2 dolls for $5? How in the world did I miss this???? Ha! I haven't seen the Blaine doll. I have to go look this up!

Teresa Brown said...

I agree, the kiss on the cheek is a cute addition.

I didn't hear about the voting. Was I living under a rock? Yeah, if you find Blaine's in that good of condition he really must have not been popular.

I never thought of it the other way around, boosting Ken sales. 50th in 2011, makes perfect sense.

I also did not know that Blaine was Summer's brother! Wow, this has definitely been a learning experience for me!

Anonymous said...

I love this set and I wish I had got it at the time ... that said, I much prefer Blaine to Ken (sorry Ken!) so I don't blame Barbie for straying :) I have a little collection of Blaine-faced dolls, of course he was used in the Generation Girl range too, and his face was used on plenty of other male dolls (including a Barbie Basic not so long ago!)