Sunday, June 14, 2015

World Doll Day Tag Actual Post


As I mentioned before I was tagged for these fun questions for World Doll Day. Unfortunately with a newborn and, you know, sleep...I was unable to get to this post until the next day. :)

I was tagged by Kewpie83 at Confessions Of A Doll Collectors Daughter and BarbieLea at Barbie Beauties. If you have not checked out their blogs yet, go do it! They have amazing pictures and collections.

The first question was to name 3 favorite dolls that I acquired in the past year. 

1. This girl inspired my love of Ever After High.

The most beautiful Ashlynn Ella. She is my favorite of the Ever After High Dolls (although Ginger Breadhouse and Raven Queen both run a close second!) I bought her almost exactly one year ago when they had a super sale at Target and then I slowly (and at times quickly!) purchased the rest of the first wave. 

2. My first Midge!

I received my very first Midge for Christmas this year. She is the California Dream Midge, a line I absolutely love! I was so excited. Growing up I received a lot of Barbie (because I have blonde hair) and Teresa (because that's my name). I never got a lot of Midge or Ken or Christie or the others. So getting my first Midge was awesome. 

3. This doll was on my dolly wish list for a LONG time.

California Dream Barbie. I was SO excited to get her. I wanted her since I was a kid and now I finally have her! I also received the Teresa doll my parents found at a garage sale. Now I just need Ken and Christie to complete my California Dream set!

Next question is - 3 dolls on my dolly wish list.

1. Another doll that has been on my list for a LONG time.
Dance Club Barbie. I just love her! She is not too expensive, not sure why I haven't picked her up yet. (Oh I know, I spend all my money on EAH dolls!) I think what I like about her is the socks with the pumps. So 80's!

2. I'm a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan. 
Arwen and Aragorn. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I would love to get these someday. Just beautiful. And so accurate!

3. A unique doll but because I can't go to SDCC. 
Cerise Wolf. They seem to be in a trend of releasing a special EAH doll at the San Diego Comic-Con. The one this year is AMAZING but this one I just can't get over. I would love to put her in my collection!

I'm supposed to tag other bloggers but I think at this point they've already been tagged. So what I'm doing is tagging YOU! Let me know in the comments what are the three favorite dolls you acquired this year and three dolls on your dolly wish list. 

New post coming up in a few days! :) See you then!

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