Monday, March 13, 2017

Oh the Suspense!

Welcome again to another fabulous post! I have tons of items to get through just so you know. I won't be running out of posts for a while so keep on comin' back for more dolly fun! :)

Anyone follow My Froggy Stuff on YouTube? You should check them out. They do a daily unboxing of lots of toys (mostly dolls and Barbie) but there are some other items too that I've been introduced to through their channel.

One of those items is My Mini MixieQ's. I've never been the type that has been intrigued by the blind bag/box gimmic. It's just something that's never caught my attention. I've thought about Shopkins a few times but that's a dangerous road, right? 

I want to make a doll video game bedroom (also on My Froggy Stuff) and these would be great props since they are kind of boxy like Minecraft. So I figured I would give them a shot. Besides, you get two in a box and they were on sale for $2 so why not?

Here goes nothing! 

What do you think? My dad was here with me while I was opening these up and we kind of looked at them, then looked at them again.......I think they're kind of cute!

We have a cutie wearing the Union Jack flag and I think she's holding a purse. Then another one with purple hair with a bunny on her shirt.

Both are from the "Smart" collection and are the most common. They are named "London" and "Mod Girl."

One of the reasons they are called MixieQ's is because you can change them up!

Change their hair

Or change their outfits. But how cute are they with their little swimsuits underneath! They're ready for the pool anytime! (or maybe it's just their underwear?....)

I just checked eBay and you can buy almost any character for a couple of bucks a piece. For me, I don't really have my eye on one character so I might pick up another box of these just for kicks. Just got to keep them out of reach of the toddler! 

There are also My Mini MixieQ playsets that fold up into tiny boxes. You could have an entire world of My Mini MixieQ's. These are made by Mattel!

Another "blind" toy that I saw on My Froggy Stuff was L.O.L Surprise! LOL stands for Lil' Outrageous Littles by MGA Entertainment (the company who brought us Bratz!) I had never seen these before but apparently they were so hot during Christmas that people couldn't get them. Every store that I checked at; Wal-Mart, Target, even TRU were out. TRU was even out on the website!

Finally Toys R Us got them back in stock and for $9.99 I picked one up. I was intrigued by these and was itching to get my hands on one. They looked so fun with the seven layers of surprise!

It was fun to watch people try to figure these out. I've watched and read enough reviews that I totally knew what to expect. Even with that I still wanted one.

They come in a plastic ball a little smaller than a softball. 

There are zippers to tell you where to unwrap. The surprise is right where the zipper is so I didn't have any trouble finding it. 

The first layer is a code to help you guess which one's inside. This one was easy to figure out. "Cool Cat." This is also a sticker.

The next sheet helps you to see that your L.O.L can do some pretty cool things! The key word here is "OR" so you feed OR bathe her to see a fun trick. If you bathe her she might change color or when you feed her she might spit, tinkle, or cry. 

She's telling me to keep going "partner"

Now is where we start getting into the stuff for the doll. The cut outs in the plastic ball hold the goods.

They are really eager to get out right?

This is a water bottle for the doll. I believe that there are a couple different ones but most are similar.

My next layer should be "Royally Exciting!"

And I'm getting so close!

The next layer is also stuck in the side of the ball.

This one is little shoes for the doll. (Another thing to keep out of reach of the toddler.)

The last layer. I'm hangin' in there for sure!

Here is a picture of the outside of the ball. Now most would think to just open it up right? But if you know anything about these, you get the code, stickers, water bottle, shoes, outfit, accessory and the doll. If you open it up right now, you'd find the doll and the accessory. Where's the clothes?

Oh, the circle right on top.

It's a little red onesie that says "Baby 01" on it and a track jacket. The clothes are on a plastic bust form and are slit in the back to make it easy to get on the doll.

So here is the rest of it! There is the doll in her pink bag wrapped up in the collectors guide. Then the accessory in the half and there is also a pink "handle" so you can turn the ball into a mini purse to carry your doll in. Now that is a fun feature for little girls!

My accessory is a hat that says "Baby" on it. 

And here she is!

A little AA baby with white cornrows in her hair. With a true Bratz look!

All dressed up!

From the collectors guide, you can see that she is a common character named "M.C. Swag" from the Glee Club category.

I guess her hat is supposed to be on backwards. There we go.

The two halves of the ball are supposed to be a "living space" and a "bathtub." She has a place to sit and put her cup.

I put her in icy water and she did not change so nothing there. I really don't want to put water IN her so I gave her a good once-over. She does not have any holes by her eyes so she doesn't cry. She however, does have a small hole between her legs so I guess she tinkles. Or maybe she spits too? I'm not sure.

I can see how these would be fun but after purchasing one, I'm not that thrilled with it. M.C. Swag is kinda cute but I would rather have another one from the guide. But that's the joy of blind bags. You never know what you're going to get! These at Toys R Us are priced a couple of dollars more than Target or Wal-Mart. I wouldn't pay any more than $10 for one. I don't think they are worth more than that honestly. But like I said, stores are having trouble keeping them in stock and because of that, Amazon has jacked up prices for them. For now, mine is tucked away in the ball and not sure what I'm going to do with it. 

Well friends, do you have the itch to check out My Mini MixieQ's or L.O.L's? Do you have any? Let me know the comments!

Next time, a very special Barbie doll! (or maybe 2!) 

Until then!

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