Sunday, May 7, 2017

Like Mother Like Son

Hello again!

Before I continue with my posts on my Lego escapades, I wanted to show you a doll that my son has taken a liking to!

I can't remember exactly what I was doing (dusting probably) but Jacob motioned that he wanted to see one particular doll that I had on my shelf.

I figured that this would be the 'safest' doll for him to play with as he has molded hair, well, molded everything actually! (except for his vest). I'm not sure why Jacob decided to put his legs in a can koozie. Toddlers!

So Jacob has taken a liking to the fabulous Daring Charming EAH doll! 

I did take a picture of him in the box but I can't seem to locate the photo. It was kind of comical, his crown was falling off his head. I think my photo must have gotten deleted. 

So here is the stock photo of the doll I bought!

Daring has been a very, eagerly awaited doll by almost every EAH fan or collector. Because he was originally Apple's love interest (and her Prince Charming) people thought he would be the second male doll to come out (after Hunter).  But he never came out! We had Dexter and then Darling (which are both wonderfully fabulous dolls) but still no Daring.

Then someone had the idea to put his original release in a 2 pack with the Epic Winter Rosabella Beauty doll. Now, if you know his storyline from Epic Winter, it makes sense but everyone was furious. 

Not wanting to collect the Epic Winter line and have a Rosabella without her counterparts, I decided on this version of Daring. The generic playline doll that I got for $10 at Toys R' Us.

He's not the most perfect doll. I do love that his hair is frozen in place (since he's so concerned about his hair anyway) and I do love his face sculpt. He is not articulated. His pants, shoes, and undershirt are molded. I like his vest but it's not the one that he wears in the webisodes. I figure I can make an argyle vest for him and am looking to buy his coat from a stripped down Epic Winter Daring doll. Only problem is it has fur around the collar but I'm sure I can remove that. 

Anyway, just had to share those pictures of my cutie playing with my dolls!

What do you think of this Daring Charming doll? Love him or hate him?

Next Lego post coming up soon!


Mel Frizell said...

Well... he looks better than most Kens... I don't like molded clothes though...
Plus I only have 1 EAH and have never seen the series... so who am I to say?

Now as to the darling holding Daring... he is definitely a keeper!

Andrea said...

Jacob is the real Prince Charming here, so handsome.

Darings face is cute, but I also don't care much for dolls with permanent clothes.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

It's nice that you can "share" dolls with your son! I was disappointed when Daring came out, but for a play doll he's great. And your son looks like a young prince himself! :)

Teresa Brown said...

Thank you all! He is my Prince Charming, so cute.

I don't like molded clothes either. The fun of a doll is to dress and undress, am I right? I think I would have liked Daring much more had he been articulated, even with molded clothes. His stick straight arms are not working for me. But I do like his face and it's one Jacob can play with so it makes it worth it :)