Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ever After High Collection Finale Part 3

Greetings Friends!

Thanks for being patient with me as I work through life with two kids! It's been a challenge for sure but my mom has been here helping me for the past week. It's going to be hard to see her leave for home tomorrow! But with her here and now that the kiddos are in bed, I get a short chance to throw up a post for you all!

Where I left off before I had my little Dean was I was finishing my Ever After High Collection. Since there are no more dolls coming out, I'm purchasing the last few girls before their prices sky rocket. The next one I had to get was this one. 

Meeshell Mermaid!

On Amazon they have her listed as Meeshell L'Mer. Not sure why. 

I liked Meeshell but at first sight, wasn't too thrilled with her outfit. Even in these photos that I took it doesn't look great but in person it does look better, trust me on this one! 

She does come with a little seashell crown and I love the stars and glitter on her face!

She has pink and purple hair. YES! Pink hair! It was very ratty coming out of the box so it got a good brush.

Her bodice is actually true to the webisode version. It's all gold with a little red coral at the top. If I wasn't such a stickler for having my dolls exactly like the webisode characters, I would totally give this one a repaint. She also comes with a cute blue seashell purse.  

She also wears a gauntlet of seashells.

Her skirt is unique and has the appearance of scales and fins. The fins are glittery but her skirt is exactly like the one she wears in the webisode. Even with the solid fabric on the back of the skirt!


Now these are cool!

These shoes are a pearly white with a seashell on the inside of the heel and a starfish with a string of pearls on the outside. The heel itself is a fish fin and there is a cluster of shells on the inside side of the shoe.

The promo photos show that the fish fin heel is painted blue so I might do that someday. I could also have a lot of fun painting those shells. So much painting potential with this one!

I also got another doll today from my dad. This is the Barbie Careers Pop Star!

This is my first ever curvy Barbie!

I like her face mold and the freckles!

She comes with a pink guitar with a clear purple strap and a shiny aqua dress. The dress is the same fabric all the way around!

She also wears silver heels. 

Her hair has really nice curls. It was obviously matted as it came out of the box but because of the hardness of the curls, it seemed easy to shake it out a little and make it look decent. And I love that pink streak!

So friends, what do you think of Meeshell Mermaid and Barbie Pop Star? Do you have these in your collection? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time!


Anonymous said...

Wow, the shoes of both dolls are awesome (I'm a shoe addict, so that's a detail I appreciate so much in dolls :-) ). Those fish tale heels are awesome :-).
The dolls are lovely too of course lol!
I've not been up to date with the MH range lately, in our shops they don't sell many MH dolls anymore, unfortunately.

discodiva1979 said...

Actually it's disappointing Mattel does not have the Curvy Barbie articulated. To me they are going backwards with these new releases. Makes no sense

Teresa Brown said...

Hi Millicent! I know right? The shoes are always so awesome. I always wished that some of the MH and EAH shoes would be made for people. Katy Perry has some unique shoes though that totally could pass for doll shoes. All the MH dolls I saw at the store today were generic dolls with molded on tops. Nothing unique.

Hi discodiva! I agree, articulation would have been awesome on this doll. And yes, some of the new fashionistas are not even articulated. All the old fashionistas had all the joints. They know we all love them!

Mel Frizell said...

Howdy Teresa!
I like the carer girl. Her face reminds me of Midge.
I hope you and your littles are having some fun!
I have acquired several blog posts of dolls since my last post.
I am packing for a trip now, perhaps things will slow down next week and I can actually get some work done!